Lori McNee is a professional artist and Royal Talens Artist Ambassador who specializes in landscape, still life and oil paintings. Lori shares valuable art tips and marketing advice on her popular blog, FineArtTips.com. In this article, Lori shares her tips for getting successful impasto and glazing results using Cobra. Read more.
Cobra (named for the artist group CoBrA, an abbreviation of Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, the cities from which the artists originated), is a true oil color, with pigment and drying oils (linseed, or for a few whites – safflower oil).  Using a plant-based emulsifier, the paint accepts water instead of solvent as a means to thin and clean up.  There is no water in the paint, it is an oil paint, not an acrylic and not a watercolor. Read more.
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There is nothing like the feel of taking a brush and moving Cobra oils across a freshly primed canvas.  As a matter of fact, I sometimes forget about the image and just watch the paint as it glides gently across the substrate, blending with the other colours so effortlessly.  It so happens that my experience with oils wasn't always that way. Read more.
Since ancient times ochre has been used all over the world for various purposes. Diverse shades of the colour can be seen in, for example, prehistoric cave paintings as old as 350,000 years. Read more.
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