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Market News

The Windrose Flowers team and their lupines. Photo courtesy of Tania Cubberly. 
This week marks the return of Iron Creek who will be bringing strawberries and other goodies from their farm in LePorte, Indiana.
Windrose Flowers also returns with armloads of fresh-cut lupines. 

Popping up this weekend is Froehlich's, a baker y in Three Oaks, Michigan that offers up homegrown canned goods, sauces and spreads. Don't miss their Sunday appearance, as it will be one of only a few times they v end with us this summer! 
Photo by Mandalyn Rael Photography

Mandalyn Rael Photography  stopped by our market last Sunday  and snapped some lovely pictures of our vendors' wares. I'll leave you with a few of them to whet your appetite for this Sundays' shopping!

See you then, 
Rachel Fletcher

Market Manager

Photo by Mandalyn Rael Photography
Music at the Market:

The Infamous Banjolele Bandit
( 10am-12:30pm)  
The  Infamous   Banjolele   Bandit  and His Acoustic Accomplices one man band does tin pan alley jug band style renditions of an eclectic mix of pop tunes that are fun, upbeat, quirky entertainment for all ages.  

More at the Market:
Community Tent
Harmony House
for Cats

Volunteers from Harmony House For Cats will be talking about the Shelter and their upcoming event, the Kitty Summer Social Fundraiser.  


Join them for upcycled arts and crafts from local artists (art made from recycled and re-purposed materials), art by our "Paw Painting" Kitties, a plant sale, raffles, tours of our LEED Certified Platinum building at  2 and 2:30 pm , and of course, all the cats and kittens to visit!  Free Admission. Sorry, your pet cannot attend this event. Sunday, June 7th, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Harmony House For Cats. 2917 N. Elston Av.


Commercial Tent


We help the people of Chicagoland clear out their clutter and pound down their piles of paper.  We sort it out for you! We'll be demonstrating how to set up paper filing systems and how to stop those piles of paper from taking over your kitchen counters, desks, and basement shelves.

Community Class
Yoga on the Grass by Tula Yoga Studio 
Free community yoga class by our friends and neighbors at Tula Yoga Studio. Be sure to bring your own mat! More info at:


A  Last  Word
Thumbs up at the Market!
Dear Neighbors,

This week I wanted to spend a little time talking about the neighborhood instead of about the Farmers Market.

You know that the Market is a project of the Chamber of Commerce, and last Thursday was the Chamber's Annual Lunch.  We had it at the Radler on Milwaukee Avenue (the same Radler whose menu you can sample at their Market stall any Sunday), and the topic of the day was Logan Square in 2018, the Bicentennial Year of Illinois Statehood.

There were 80 or so people at the Lunch, including Aldermen Moreno, Santiago, Waguespack, Mell and Rosa, each of whom represents a part of Logan Square.  I was fortunate enough to be able to present the group with the six points of the Chamber's Vision For Our Neighborhood in 2018.  Now, here they are for you, as well.

We think that for 2018 we need to try our best to see that:

1.  The physical infrastructure of the neighborhood--streets, buildings, public facilities and utilities--is refurbished and upgraded for another century of use.

2.  More residents move in to the neighborhood to make up for the 10,000+ drop in our population since 2000.  More residents mean more customers and opportunities for existing and new businesses, particularly retail stores and services, to grow and prosper.

3.  Our schools, public and private, continue to improve, so that families with children are attracted to and then stay in Logan Square because quality education is available close to home.

4.  The number of jobs available in the neighborhood grows, by expanding existing and introducing new employers, both large and small.

5.  Logan Square continues to be a safe neighborhood, particularly with its public spaces and places perceived as such.

6.  The institutions, enterprises and facilities that contribute to a good quality of life, such as libraries, churches, parks, community centers, art, music and cultural venues remain widely and easily accessible to residents. 

At the Lunch, we all spent an hour or so exchanging comments and generally agreeing with the Vision.  You are getting this message because you're involved with the Farmers Market, which (I think) is a significant contributor to the good quality of life in Logan Square, and so I'm curious to hear about your vision for our neighborhood.  Let me know, please.  I'm pretty easy to reach, and if nothing else, likely...

I'll see you at the Market!

Paul Levin, Executive Director
Logan Square Chamber of Commerce