Welcome to the 2023 Spring Semester

"Change is only another word for growth, another synonym for learning." – Charles Handy

The near-constant news of ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has thrown the world as we know it for a loop, especially within the education sector, with its ability to construct scripts, essays, and even entire novels!

CELT is launching a new series, ChatGPT Teaching Talks. Faculty members from diverse disciplines will discuss their strategies while teaching in the new educational landscape of ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence that uses machine learning to generate human-like text in response to users' prompts. 

First in the series:

Pallbearer for the Term Paper: Beyond ChatGPT

Michael Bugeja

January 30, 2 p.m., Virtual via Zoom

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As our University prepares to address the impact this will have on teaching and learning, here is some ChatGPT advice academics can use now.

Look for more events in the series coming soon.

Three people working on a mind map

Important Information


Our offices have moved to 2624 Howe Hall. Please visit us in our new space!


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Congratulations to Dr. Olga Mesropova

Congratulations to Dr. Olga Mesropova on her Quality Matters (QM) certification, of course, RUS 375, Russia Today, which was certified in December of 2022.

Methods to Engage Students

As the spring 2023 semester begins, take a moment to consider these ideas for engaging students that may prove to be helpful for encouraging participation in different modalities and scenarios. 

  • Engagement with Course Content: Improve your course accessibility to ensure that your content is accessible to all.

  • Engagement with Instructor: Maintain a daily presence in your course by providing introductory videos or using video/audio feedback with these interactive feedback and grading tips.

More information and suggestions can be found on our CELT website.

We are looking forward to a great spring 2023 semester with you!

Top Hat 1.3 Offers More Robust Integration

Top Hat is an interactive platform that leverages students’ mobile devices to increase in-class engagement and get real-time feedback. Following a test pilot in the fall of 2022, the existing Top Hat connection in Canvas was replaced with a more robust integration. Instructors using Top Hat should enable the “Top Hat 1.3” link in their Canvas course navigation. With this change comes several benefits for instructors

and students:

  • No risk of external users joining via the join code.

  • The student roster is automatically synced each day.

  • Individual Top Hat items can be linked to a Canvas module.

  • Top Hat assignments can be directed to Canvas Assignments page, enabling due dates to show on the Canvas calendar.

  • Scores are automatically synced to Canvas after Top Hat assignments’ grades are published.

If you need help with the new integration, please contact celt-help@iastate.edu.

One Remaining Online Synchronous

Annual Inclusive Classroom Training

As we prepare for the spring 2023 semester, we wanted to remind you of the work we accomplished this past fall with the ISU Annual Inclusive Classroom Training (AY22-23) focus, “Supporting our students through a mindful and learner-centered syllabus.” One activity from the training was how to “make your syllabus matter,” where we discussed in small groups what was new, what works overall, and what works from page 2 in CELT’s Mindful and learner-centered syllabus toolkit (PDF). The overarching takeaway is not only to talk about the syllabus on the first day but continually refer to it as a guide for students to succeed in your course. You can find the recap here.

One faculty member shared this insight, “To make the syllabus a living document,” in their post-workshop reflection.

As a reminder, CELT is offering the online synchronous version of the Annual Inclusive Classroom Training (AY22-23) for: 

  • Faculty who could not attend one of the scheduled departmental training sessions in F2022

  • Faculty and staff who would like to extend their learning by discussing a different scenario from their departmental training

Our remaining online synchronous CELT-facilitated program will feature one AY22-23 Student-Centered Scenario to be discussed during small-group work. To attend, select and sign up using one of the corresponding Zoom forms below:

Scenario 4: Supporting Neurodivergent Students

January 25, 2:10 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Register for Scenario 4

Seeking support with instructional design?

Help is available for instructional design and learning technologies (Canvas, New Quizzes, and Top Hat) on demand. Send your request to celt-help@iastate.edu, and a team member will be in contact shortly.

24/7 Canvas Support

As always, Canvas support is available 24/7 for assistance while our offices are closed. Follow the "? Help" icon in your left navigation bar in Canvas for all the support options available.

Prefer a print version? Click below to view our Teaching Tip as a printable pdf.

CELT Teaching Tip for JANUARY 19, 2023

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