Summer 2014
Welcome to Summer 2014


As we enjoy the summer of 2014, I am quietly reminded of one of my favorite sights and sounds of the season (or any season for that matter) and that is water.  Here in New Jersey we are very fortunate to be so close to many types of water.  We hear the roar of the second largest ocean on earth, including the beautiful coast line and inter-coastal waterways associated with it.  Our state is freckled with lakes of all shapes and sizes which offer many types of recreational activities.  We are bordered by not only one, but two grand rivers and the state is crisscrossed with smaller rivers and streams running in all directions.  Finally, waterfalls can be found throughout our state, but our home in the northwest has some of the prettiest.


Summer reminds me of how enjoyable it is to be around water, and although it can be visually beautiful and a lot of fun to play in (or on) there is truly nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than the sound of running water.  Think about how often people speak about the "crashing of the waves", the "lapping of the current", the "thunder of the water" or the "gurgling of the brook".  This sound is even used as a sleep aide for babies and adults alike, for the simple reason that it helps us to relax.


But water also helps us to have fun.  Whether it is going for a relaxing swim, splashing around with your kids, or just letting your feet soak, not too many things are better.  At our Cedarwood office we have a great little water feature outside our front door and I run my hand through it when walking by to help cool my mind as well as my body.  I also have a small waterfall on my patio at home, just off my deck.  I see it (sometimes) but listen to it (always) as the sound permeates throughout the back of my house.  The sights and sounds these water features generate remind me to take a breather and slow down.  What could be better?


If you would like some ideas and suggestions on installing a water feature, please stop by our office any time to view our fountain, or give me a call and we can meet to view my waterfall.  It is a decision that will be great for you and your garden!


Have a great summer,

J. Scott Mortensen, APLD


PS:  If you are interested in seeing a great show about a true water expert check out "Pool Master" on Animal Planet with host Anthony Archer Wills.  His creations are magnificent and his outlook is the best.  I was fortunate to sit in on a training seminar with him last year and he is the real deal.  Check it out, I promise you will not be disappointed!








Ceramic Bubbler 



Tiered Fountain


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 Rock Formation




A fire feature is a great addition to your landscape, easily becoming a focal point for friends and family to gather together and enjoy every season under the stars! 


Outdoor Fireplace




We design outdoor lighting systems that are extremely efficient, with many styles to choose from.  Enjoy and expand your outdoor living spaces and provide added security while spending more time outside!  Feel free to inquire about the different options which can be customized for your property.





We are making every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our service and that all your needs are being met.  If we have not done so already, in the near future you will be receiving a courtesy call or email from us, to confirm all is well. Please keep us informed of any concerns that you may have, and please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or comments as we truly appreciate your feedback. As always, thank you for your patronage!


During the summer, it is important to remember that your plants, for the most part, prefer the soil to remain moist but not wet, as roots require air as well as water. 


For new plantings, 1 inch per week is the average amount needed during the growing season. A helpful tool to measure precipitation amounts is a rain gauge. When watering, remember that four to ten in the morning is the best time to water, and try your best to avoid watering late in the day, as fungus loves it when you do so. The general rule is 1 hour for overhead sprinklers, less for drip irrigation and 45 minutes for a hose trickle, which can be used on your larger plants.


Additionally, maintaining an adequate mulch depth of 1-3" helps keep moisture in the ground as well as moderate soil temperatures.  Remember, it takes about three years for a plant to become established so keep them happy!


We will be announcing the winner of our Cedarwood Tote Bag Contest during the upcoming fall season ... the lucky winner will be awarded with a special gift for their landscape!

"One of the most delightful things about a garden
is the anticipation it provides."  
W. E. Johns


Note:  If you stop by Beverly Hills Auto Resort in Basking Ridge ... let them know that Cedarwood Landscaping sent you and receive a special offer!


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