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 July 2017 Issue
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Welcome to Sustainable Cannabis 
Tips and Tools 

Welcome to the first issue of Sustainable Cannabis Tips and Tools.   This is a free service provided by 3EStrategies' Cannabis Industry Services
This newsletter includes strategies, best practices and resources to help cannabis businesses make money in an environmentally sound and socially beneficial manner. 
The cannabis industry has tremendous potential to benefit society and develop an important and lucrative niche in the Conscious Consumerism market.  It may surprise you to know that Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) is already a massive and growing trend, with an estimated 30% of U.S. consumers reporting they are committed to purchasing environmentally responsible products and supporting companies that provide a social benefit - and they will pay more for those products.  This trend is growing steadily stronger as Millennials become a larger economic driver. 
Unfortunately, at its current level of development the cannabis industry is responsible for significant environmental impacts (energy and water consumption and chemical usage) and has not yet developed its ability to support significant investments in community development and social benefit strategies. 
Cannabis companies that get out ahead of the curve establishing their brand and business as a leader in social responsibility will have a competitive and marketing advantage.  And, our entire industry will benefit from proactively adopting sustainable practices to make more onerous regulations unnecessary. 
3EStrategies has nearly twenty years experience providing sustainability and social enterprise expertise.  We've consulted for projects from airports to aquatic centers and energy companies to government agencies.  We are now one of the forerunners empowering cannabis entrepreneurs in establishing themselves as effective social enterprises.  This includes everything from building energy efficient facilities to establishing corporate giving programs and then strengthening your brand and customer loyalty by telling that story.  You can find a menu of our services here .  

NOTE:  If you are a cannabis entrepreneur who is committed to helping shape your industry as a force for good we'd love to work with you.  For a free consultation please send an email to
Also, if you have any information or resources about sustainability in the cannabis industry please send that to  Finally, please feel free to forward this newsletter to others you think may find it useful. 
Thanks so much,
Cylvia Hayes,
Founder and CEO
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Cannabis Industry Sustainability Events


Hosted by the Cannabis Certification Council and Denver Environmental Health. This event is intended to educate attendees on the latest tools, techniques and technologies for efficient and safe cannabis production.  The Symposium is also an opportunity for networking and developing new collaborative opportunities to further sustainability initiatives in 2018 and beyond.

As part of the big CannaBizSummit in Oakland last month, the Cannabis Conservancy hosted a full-day workshop that presented some of the challenges and potential solutions to energy consumption, water recapture and pesticide use/alternatives.  The workshop also addressed opportunities for strengthening local communities through sustainable cannabis cultivation.  The Cannabis Conservancy is providing important sustainability resources to growers.   

Articles and Information

Organic Weed? Marijuana Growers Go GreenNational Geographic.  June 2017.

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