Newsletter for the Taylor Prairie School Community
August 12, 2019

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Student Information Day - August 15th
Please drop by Taylor Prairie between 2:00 and 5:30 p.m. to:
  • Pick up your child's fall packet which includes their teacher assignment and Back to School Night information
  • Pick up your child's school kit if you ordered one from PTO last spring.
  • Verify your child's transportation route if you requested a bus.  Nelson Bus will be available to answer questions.
  • Visit information tables:  PTO, Parks and Rec and more
Calendar/Important Dates

Please check all upcoming events by clicking on this Calendar Icon.  
How do I know what's going on at Taylor Prairie?  
Monthly newsletters  - Please read your monthly "Eaglet Extra" and messages you receive from us via Infinite Campus.  These modes of communication are how we let let you know of important deadlines and upcoming events. 

Teacher newsletters:   be sure to read written communication from your child's teacher for specific classroom news and events.

Taylor Prairie Website:   check out the Taylor Prairie  website here.

Monona Grove Website :  you will find everything you need to know about the District on this website:   Information about Board of Education meetings, district policies, etc.  
Student Handbook

The student handbook will be located on the Taylor Prairie website and has a wealth of information.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with Taylor Prairie and District policies and procedures.  If you would like a printed copy, please call the office.  You can read the handbook here.
Back to School Night

Come to meet your teacher and drop off your school supplies!
August 28

4K Sessions 

4K AM, Last names A-K  3:00-3:30
4K AM, Last names L-Z  3:35-4:05

4K PM, Last names A-K  4:25-4:55
4K PM, Last names L-Z   5:00-5:30
Kindergarten & 1st Grade Sessions

Last names A-K   3:00-4:00
Last names L-Z   4:30-5:30
Volunteer Background Checks
If you are planning to help in the classroom or accompany your child on a field trip, you must complete the on-line form  HERE.
The background check form must be completed every three years.
What's for snack and lunch?
You will find menus listed on the main page of the Monona Grove website:

Menus and general information about the school nutrition program are located here:

F ree and reduced meal application forms:  a new form must be completed each year.  You can download the application form here.  You can drop off your completed form at the School Nutrition table during student information day on August 15th.

A tip from the lunch supervisors:  If you pack your child's lunch, ask them to bring home the lunch items they do not eat.  Typically, if you pack candy or treats, most times it's the only item your child will eat during lunch.

Please wait until October to schedule a lunch date with your child, as we like everyone to get into their lunchroom routines.  Thanks.
Daily Schedule

7:20 Supervision begins on the playground
7:40 First bell rings, students enter school
7:45 Final bell rings, students seated in their classrooms
10:55 Red Wing Lunch
11:20-11:40 Red Wing Recess
11:35 Blue/Yellow Wing Lunch
12:00-12:20 Blue/Yellow Wing Recess
1:20 to 1:35 Kindergarten & First Grade Recess

4K AM Class:  7:45-10:35
     PM Class:  11:45-2:35
Car drop off & pick up
Here's a handy video you can watch with your child to review Taylor Prairie procedures  click here .  
Written procedures are here.  
4K AM pickup are here.

What can I do to make the drop off and pick-up run smooth?
A  Great question!  Pull all of the way to the end of the line, have your child unbuckled from their car seat, kisses goodbye, and backpack in their hands before the supervisor opens your car door!  Your child will then be ready to rock and roll!  This same procedures apply to car pick up - pick your child up, and pull all of the way to the end of the curb to buckle your child in their seat.

Q  I am expecting a very important phone call, should I answer?
A  Please refrain from using your phone while in the entire Taylor Prairie parking lot.  We are looking out for the safety of our employees and your children.

My dog really likes to ride in the car.  Can I bring her along?
A  At times, our great greeting and dismissal supervisors are nervous about your furry passenger.  You may know them well, however, at times dogs are surprised and can be territorial when someone enters their domain.  We prefer you leave your pet at home when dropping off/picking up your student.

Q What happens if I need to change my child's transportation?
A  Typically, you know of these changes ahead of time - you should send a written note to your child's teacher.  Please specify whether your child should take the bus, be in the car pickup line, or the walking line.  In the event an emergency or unplanned event happens during the day, call the office 839-8515 to let us know of the change by 2:10pm.  Please do not use these changes for events such as nice weather, grandpa or grandma are in town, or your child would like to hear their name over the loudspeaker.

Q  What if my child has changes to their schedule every week?
A  We suggest that routine is best for your child.  To make going home a routine, and avoid misunderstandings, it is helpful to have one drop-off spot.  For example, if your child takes the bus to a childcare center 3 days a week, and you would like to pick them up by car 2 days a week, it would help if your child took the bus to their childcare center and you pick them up there.  That way, there is no question on which day to send your child on the bus, or when they are getting picked up by car.
Top Ten Tips from the Office Ladies

10.  Make mornings routine, layout clothes & pack backpacks the night before school.

 9.  You will receive a call if your child was seen in the health room with a head bump.  Typically, all children are fine.  However, a bump might not appear until later in the day, therefore, we want to inform you that your child did bump their head at school. 

 8.  Lost something?  E-mail the teacher, or call the office and we'll look for it.

 7.  If your child will be absent, please call the office before 8:00 a.m.  Call the attendance line anytime of day or night:  839-8515, ext. 1.  We will make sure your child's teacher knows.

6.  Please keep an extra set of clean clothes in your child's backpack.  It is certain that they will get dirty or have an accident sometime during the school year.

5.  Please label your child's belongings, including jackets, hats, lunchbox, etc.

4.  If you're having a rough morning, you know your child isn't sick and they don't want to come to school, feel free to bring them in their jammies - they can change into their clothes in the office health room.  

 3.  4K teachers typically meet the first Monday of each month.  When you see NO SCHOOL FOR 4K Students on the calendar, it means that 4K students do not attend school that day - however, Kindergartners and 1st Graders DO attend. 

 2.  If your child has a temp, is vomiting, has diarrhea, has a rash you do not know the cause of, or has a communicable disease (such as pink eye) do not send them to school - keep them home.

 1.  Keep your information on Infinite Campus up to date - your phone number(s), emergency contacts and their phone numbers, etc.

We are here to help you!  Feel free to call us anytime!  We are open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 pm.

The fall festival is scheduled to be held Saturday, 
October 19th.  We'd love your help!  You can e-mail us at  Look for more information!

Spirit Wear

 Coming Soon !!!!
 Be on the lookout for information to order 
Taylor Prairie Spirit Wear!!!
Bridging Brighter Smiles
Bridging Brighter Smiles provides quality preventative dental care for students 4K-12th grade at school.  Forward Health (BadgerCare) cards accepted!  Please get enrollment information English here.; Spanish here.
General Information & Resources
Taylor Prairie Website
Monona Public Library