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It makes us happy that you chose The Healing Tree! We are an A+ BBB rated business and appreciate your trust in our innovative services. Theresa Ellis, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), is a Certified AO Scan Technician with many years of health and wellness experience to facilitate your progress.

The Whole Body AO Scan can help to further educate in a personal and exclusive way your future health choices or to monitor progress with highly accurate biofeedback Scans.

If you have taken the Introductory AO Scan for Inner Voice I am so glad you have taken a pause to do something that can enhance your mental and physical health picture.

The AO Scan is "A" (Greek Alpha for the beginning) and "O" (Greek Omega for the end) or the whole body is scanned at all health levels. The current health status scan is for Detection, and scanned again to Optimize for balance and betterment. The Inner Voice is the only scan of all 14 Whole Body Scans that you have to actually listen to your results for Optimizing. Scan results are emailed directly to you.

The recommendation for the Whole Body Scan is to complete all scan Visits 1&2 within a six week time frame.  

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The AO Inner Voice Scan

This one program is a bit different than the other scans included with the Whole Body Sessions. It merits more explanation. It measures frequency (Hz) and the amplitude (graph 0-100) of your recorded voice to capture moods, emotional conflict, mental stressors and trauma from the past that may affect physical health conditions.

In order to be Optimized with this scan you are encouraged to spend some time (with a goal of at least once daily) to listen to your specially assembled frequency tones that come with each of the four Mp3 music clips sent to you. They come in order in your email, the first 3 are unbalanced and the 4th or last one being the suppressed example (12 minutes total listening). Put the music clips in a place easily accessed, and for best results in receiving the balance tones use a headset not speakers. The good news is in your hands as a means to merely listen to gain rewards of better physical and emotional health.

Read Theresa's editorial from a professional musician's point of view about listening to the resulting AO Inner Voice music clips, and what it does.

Theresa's Editorial  Inner Voice scroll to bottom

All 14 sessions included in the AO Whole Body Scan are:

AO Inner Voice - Visit 1 only

AO Vitals Scan - Visit 1 & Visit 2 for Physical Function, Toxicities, Gastrointestinal, Blood, Meridians, Chakras, Nutritional Analysis, etc.

AO Comprehensive Scan - Visit 1 & Visit 2 for Body Organs, Connective Tissues, Human Cell, Nerves, Muscles, Skeleton, Arteries, Veins, Lymphatic System. 

AO Comprehensive - Visit 2 includes 2 extra Scans for HomeoEnergetix support for frequency imprint (such as a tincture for everyday use at home) and an in-depth Analysis print-out for high causes cited in specific areas and for approximately how many years of causes. 

AO Dental Scan - Visit 2 only for all 32 teeth (even missing ones), neck muscles, jaw, and TMJ status.

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