Volume VI| September 2018
The Next Chapter
Welcome to my new newsletter -- The Next Chapter!

September is always such an invigorating month. The lazy days of summer are over and it feels like a new year -- time to get started and get moving. I've made some more progress on downsizing -- took all the used aerosols and fertilizers to the SWALCO event last week. The kitchen got painted this week and it looks fantastic. Going to start opening and getting rid of "stuff" from closed cabinets... Always something to do with downsizing!

Enjoy these glorious days of September!

Multigenerational Living
Before creating a multigenerational home, do your research and consider a “house prenup” for finances and an “exit strategy” in case somebody decides to move out.

Upcoming Event
The ChangingAging Tour
Wed, October 10, 2:30pm
Oak Park, IL
The ChangingAging Tour is a non-fiction theater experience barnstorming the country in a rock n’ roll tour bus to bring communities together around a new and highly disruptive understanding of aging. Join Dr. Bill Thomas and friends for a day of inspiration, music and education.
Consign your "stuff"
I've been looking into consignment lately. One reader mentioned a place in Evanston. A favorite spot is Secret Treasures.

My new favorite online spot is The Real Real. I wrote about it on my blog.
Listing of Interest
23 E. Woodland, Lake Bluff

My colleague, Daria Andrews has a wonderful listing for sale in East Lake Bluff -- terrific location. You will love the clean lines and open concept floor plan of this spot on Mid Century Modern home that was renovated to perfection. 

Fun Read
"...Everyone is growing older, but most people don’t want to be called old or perceived as old, which makes finding an acceptable term difficult..."

Let's Talk
I'd like to keep this newsletter fresh with guest authors and YOUR ideas for topics of discussion. If you'd like to contribute or provide information about an event, service provider, etc. Please give me a call at 847-691-1111 or email me!
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