Volume 1, Issue 1
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The Trucker Tax Letter
"We don't just "do" your taxes, we CUT them"

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"We're happy to announce that we will once again send a man to space. We're even happier to announce that that man is Justin Bieber"



Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of The Trucker Tax LetterTM!


For more than 20 years, the Team here at eTruckerTax and E. Dennis Bridges, CPA have focused on helping drivers keep more of their hard-earned money.

While we concentrate on cutting your taxes, we also want to hit other areas where you can save money to use as you see fit.

We want this to be one email that you actually look forward to getting. 

Keeping Sane - And Thankful 
____________________ __ 
I've consistently encouraged my clients and friends to be extremely careful about what sort of information and attitudes they consume ... and this year seems to have produced a heavy diet of fear and gloom.

Not that much of this fear isn't justified ... I'm a big advocate of preparation for any kind of financial or family circumstance 
(be it a market crash or an ebola crisis), and have written about it plenty in the past. 
The Road Best
A queen had a great highway built for her kingdom. Before it was opened, she decided to have a contest. She told her people that whoever traveled a mile on the highway the best would get a box of gold. 
On the day of the contest, many subjects showed up. Some drove fine chariots, others rode their most handsome horses, and some walked in their best shoes. 


IRS Breathing Down Your Neck?


I'll use the cleaner version:

       -- Stuff Happens!


When bad things happen to good people like you, it can frequently result in getting behind in filing or paying your income taxes.


If life has dealt you a bad hand recently, it's not your fault. But the pain and upset are just as real.


Let us take the weight of an IRS problem off your shoulders. Call Kristin today at 770-984-8008.


Through December 5, tell her you saw this in The Trucker Tax Letter, and she'll take $100.00 off your fee to get started! If you call after hours, leave a message and she'll get back with you the next day. Call Kristin at 770-984-8008!


From Your Friend, Dennis Bridges
No Annoying Tax Lingo... Just Straight, Easy-To-Follow Expert Advice!
Clients Who Are "All Treat, No Tricks" 
We're so honored by our clients who graciously refer their friends, fellow drivers and family our way so they, too, can save money on taxes in 2014-15. During this economy, we each need all the money we can preserve from the IRS! Do You Have Friends That Want To Save on Taxes? 
Memorable Thoughts For November
The law of work seems unfair, but nothing can change it; the more enjoyment you get out of your work, the more money you will make. -Mark Twain

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.
-Bill Gates

REAL November
Events and Facts:
(...aside from the obvious of course...)
2: Nat'l Deviled Egg Day
6: Nat'l Men Make Dinner Day
7: Hug-A-Bear Day
8: International Tongue Twister Day
14: Nat'l Clean Out Your
Refrigerator Day
15: Nat'l Bundt (Pan) Day
17: Take A Hike Day
21: World Hello Day
27: Thanksgiving
28: Flossing Day
30: Stay At Home
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