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Hello Ward 1 friends and neighbours!
Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy Thanksgiving this year and like many holidays during this pandemic, we must make the best of our own situations. The next occasion will be Halloween and we are receiving many inquiries about safety concerns with regards to the way this special occasion typically operates. We have included some guidelines in this newsletter for you that have been suggested by our Regional Medical Officer of Health. Please use precautions that have been suggested and I would encourage you to try something different this year with your family that is virtual.

As a Region, we have so far avoided the Province moving us into a modified stage 2, but we are very cautious as our new Covid 19 case numbers may push them to the decision at any moment. The modified stage 2 would require restaurants to close indoor dining again and all fitness centers to close amongst some other non-essential businesses. Many of our neigbouring Regions have been moved into stage 2 due to their increasing Covid 19 numbers. We have made some decisions as a City and Region in the past week to both assist us in reducing transmissions of Covid 19 and show the Province that we can reduce our numbers independently of their influence. Please do your part by listening to the advise of our Medical Officer of Health. We do not want to close more businesses and put more strain on our already fragile economy at this time.

We recently voted on approving the Official Plan at City Council. This was a long 10-year process that is still not complete until the Region approves our Plan. The Region needs to review the Plan and ensure that it conforms to all Regional and Provincial policy before approval can be granted. There would then be an appeal period for those that object to the proposal and this would delay its approval but allow certain sections of the Plan to be in force. I am thankful for this work to be complete so that our policy team at the City of Burlington can get back to work on some issues that really affect Ward 1 such as the completion of the Major Transit Station Area plan ( Aldershot Go Station ). With applications and land assemblies currently happening surrounding the Go Stations, we need to ensure that there is a good plan for complete communities as has been the City’s vision for these important growth areas.  

Lastly, Remembrance Day is approaching and the city has decided, based on veterans' input that all celebrations be held virtually. As many veterans are in the most vulnerable age category with Covid 19 we do not wish to risk the transmission of the virus to these special people. Please consider additional methods to show your support to veterans by displaying poppies in your windows of your home, and perhaps a standing moment of silence from your porches or homes. Here is a link to a downloadable poppy colouring page to get you started: https://www.veterans.gc.ca/images/activities/poppy.pdf

** PLEASE NOTE, I and my staff are working remotely - we are online every weekday and ready to take your questions and concerns. If you are unable to reach me, you can contact my assistant Tara at tara.thorp@burlington.ca or for service requests such as potholes or street light maintenance etc, you can contact city@burlington.ca

There is much information in this newsletter but if you feel that I have missed something or you would like an update on anything else in Ward 1, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

If you would like to stay up to date on news from both at City Hall and in and around Burlington, be sure to Like our Facebook Page, Follow on Twitter or Instagram.
Kelvin Galbraith
Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor
City Of Burlington
City of Burlington Council, Senior Management and Communications are updating the city's COVID-19 webpage daily. Many answers can be found regarding city services and outside resources. Residents are highly encouraged to visit and subscribe to this page to receive updates: https://www.burlington.ca/en/your-city/corona-virus.asp

Residents may visit the Community resource page which provides links to many resources from volunteering, donations, where to get support, applying for grants, mental health supports, and community resource mapping. Rather than repeat all of this information here, we encourage you to visit the page to find links to organizations that can help you:
To access this page and discover these many resource links, please visit https://www.burlington.ca/en/your-city/covid-19-community-resources.asp

If your issues are not addressed on the above page, please visit the City's COVID-19 FAQ page which addresses many of the other questions we have received during the course of the shutdown https://www.burlington.ca/en/your-city/coronavirus-covid-19-faqs.asp

Due to the daily updates from the provincial and federal government, information is constantly changing - if you cannot find the answers you are seeking, please contact City Hall at city@burlington.ca and staff will endeavour to get information for you.
(numbers above are as at 9:00am October 23, 2020)
Current situation
Halton Region is firmly in a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. As cases continue to rise across the province and in Halton, it is more important than ever to follow public health direction and take personal responsibility to protect yourself and others. Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a community effort and what we do today is critical to what we all experience two to three weeks from now.
As the situation continues to evolve and actions are taken, residents are asked to check the provincial website, ontario.ca/coronavirus regularly for updates.
For the latest information on COVID-19 in Halton region please read below:
  • Halton Regional Council update from Dr. Meghani: On October 21, 2020, Dr. Hamidah Meghani, Halton Region’s Medical Officer of Health, provided an update to Regional Council on the current COVID-19 situation, including information on recent data and trends. Watch the full presentation
  • Letter from Dr. Meghani to the Halton Community: On October 19, 2020, Dr. Hamidah Meghani, Halton Region’s Medical Officer of Health, released a letter to the community urging residents limit close contact to people within their households and limit non-essential activities. The letter also includes new recommendations for higher risk situations and settings such as sports, indoor fitness facilities, restaurants and bars. Read the letter and learn more about how you can help stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Testing at Pharmacies: On October 14, 2020, the Provincial Government announced additional pharmacy locations offering COVID-19 testing, including new locations in Halton region. Please note that pharmacies offer testing to individuals without symptoms and who meet the provincial testing criteria by appointment only. To learn more, visit COVID-19 testing locations page and refer to the Assessment and Testing section on this page.
  • Testing: The Province sets the criteria for COVID-19 testing and local hospitals and select pharmacies are responsible for administering testing. The situation on testing continues to evolve, so please check the province’s website regularly for the latest testing criteria and testing locations . To learn more, please see the Assessment and Testing section on this page.
  • Class Order: In response to rising cases and to align with Provincial requirements, Halton Region’s Medical Officer of Health has made important amendments to the Class Order under Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Effective October 5, the amendments revise and clarify the self-isolation requirements and other legal obligations of those who are cases of COVID-19. To learn more, please read the Class Order, Class Order Fact Sheet or our recent media release.
  • Social gatherings: On October 2, 2020, the Provincial Government announced that social circles will be ‘paused’. While limits on private, social gatherings continue to be no more than 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors, it is recommended to only have close contact with people living in your own household. Residents should maintain two metres physical distancing from others outside of their household. Read the Province’s news release for more information.
  • Mask by-law: Halton Regional Council passed By-law 47-20, making it mandatory to wear a non-medical mask or face covering in certain indoor public places. On September 16, 2020, Halton Regional Council approved amendments to the by-law. The amended by-law takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on September 23, 2020. Details of the amendments are outlined in Halton Region’s September 22 media release. Some individuals may be exempt from the by-law. Please be kind and support each other. To learn more, please visit the Reopening Halton Region page.

Getting tested
Do I need a test?
The Province sets the criteria for testing. Please refer to the Ontario website for the latest testing criteria and review carefully.
Please note that testing is strongly recommended for people who are symptomatic (showing symptoms of COVID-19) or have had symptoms in the past 10 days.
Asymptomatic testing or testing for low-risk exposures is not recommended at this time. Please refer to the provincial testing criteria for more information.

How do I get a test?
Local hospitals are responsible for administering COVID-19 assessment and testing for those individuals who meet the province’s eligibility criteria
To maintain physical distancing and avoid crowding, testing is by appointment only. At this time, there are no “walk-in” testing sites in Halton region.
The Province has introduced a plan to provide testing through pharmacies by appointment for people with no symptoms of COVID-19. At this time, there are no participating pharmacies in Halton region. The province has a plan to roll out more locations across Ontario in the coming days.
Please check this page link (see above) regularly for updates on testing locations in Halton region.

I am a resident of Burlington: 

I would still like a test. How can I get assessed to determine if I should be tested?
Other options for assessment:

If you are experiencing severe symptoms, please go to your nearest Emergency Department or call 911.

If you have any questions, please email accesshalton@halton.ca or call 311.

For further COVID-19 information, please visit Halton Region Public Health at https://www.halton.ca/For-Residents/Immunizations-Preventable-Disease/Diseases-Infections/New-Coronavirus
The Province of Ontario is providing daily updates to residents to help them navigate through these unique times. Please visit https://covid-19.ontario.ca
Ontario Cases:
Canadian Cases:
If you are looking for links to the federal benefits and services that are available to Canadians, please visit: https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/corporate/notices/coronavirus.html

Other resources to contact:
  • Government of Ontario: www.ontario.ca/coronavirus
  • Government of Canada: www.canada.ca/coronavirus
  • World Health Organization: www.who.int
  • For information on Ontario's social, health, community and government services: 211.ca
  • For those whose second language is English, the province has provided COVID-19 information in multiple languages - see the link in the Help Stop The Spread Section of https://www.ontario.ca/page/2019-novel-coronavirus
  • COVID-19 Information (Municipal, Regional, Provincial, Federal) https://halton.cioc.ca/record/OAK0003
  • COVID-19 Community Support (Food Banks, Community Outreach, Mental Health) https://halton.cioc.ca/record/OAK0007
  • COVID-19 Financial Relief  https://halton.cioc.ca/record/OAK0083
  • COVID-19 Family Isolation Resources https://halton.cioc.ca/record/OAK0006
  • Halton Women's Place: Continue to provide shelter for those seeking assistance and counselling for those who need it online. If you or someone you know need assistance please visit their website. Their shelters are currently at capacity and they are in need of more resources to support their hundreds of clients. If you can, please donate here.
  • SAVIS of Halton: All counselling and programming is online - Resources are still needed, to donate please click here. For those who need immediate help please call their emergency line: 905-875-1555 or visit their website.
  • Halton Distress Centre: Still operating all services online and over the phone. Please visit their website for more information.
  • Oakville: 905-849-4541
  • Burlington: 905-681-1488
  • North Halton: 905-877-1211
  • Blood Services - Many people are still in need of blood at this time. To book an appointment to donate please visit their website or call (1-888-236-6283)
  • Kids Help Phone - Remains open and accessible to all Canadians – youth, in particular – 24/7 via phone and text uninterrupted. Have increased texting services to manage the bulk of the volume increase. Many volunteers are still needed, if you would like to volunteer your time please click here. If you are in need of their support please call: 1-800-668-6868 or visit their website for more information. 
  • Centre for Addiction And Mental Health Foundation - Creating a knowledge hub that will answer all common COVID-19 concerns and questions as well as tops for coping with stress and anxiety. Once this knowledge hub is launched we will be sure to share with you the link to access it. Please contact CAMH if you need help coping with anxiety while in isolation or quarantine here
The City of Burlington’s revamped loose-leaf collection program starts on Monday, November 9, 2020. Residents are encouraged to check the leaf collection schedule and rake leaves to the curb or edge of pavement if there are no curbs before their pickup date. Each collection zone will have only one pick-up. (see schedule below)

Residents planning on using the service are reminded that this program is weather dependent. Freezing rain or snow can cause delays or even cancel the program. Always be prepared to bag your leaves for Halton Region’s Yard Waste Pick-up or mulch them to help your lawns and gardens grow.

New for this year is the Leaf Collection Hotline. As of October 15, residents can call 905-335-7600, ext. 6129 for updates. If the collection is delayed or cancelled, the hotline will be updated and messages will be posted on burlington.ca/leafcollection as well as the City’s social media channels, as well as shared by my office

To ensure the safety of collection crews and avoid damaging equipment, please keep the loose-leaf piles free of debris and sticks. Leaves mixed with debris and waste will not be collected. Please help prevent flooding by keeping catch basins and ditches clear of leaves.

  • Please have your leaves to the curb by the collection date.
  • Leaves placed to the curb after that date will not get collected in the city’s Loose-Leaf Collection
  • If you miss your date, you will need to bag your leaves for Halton Region’s Yard Waste pick-up. Know your collection dates and avoid raking leaves to the road too early. Ensure your leaves are at the curb at the start of your collection date
  • Make sure loose leaves are not covering catch basins or in the ditches to prevent flooding.
  • Please make sure leaves do not contain branches or other debris. Leaves mixed with other waste will not be collected.
  • Remove all sports equipment, including basketball nets, parked vehicles and other obstructions from the road to allow city crews clear access to leaf piles.
  • Place leaves up to the edge of the curb or roadway in a loose pile so city equipment can reach them.
  • Avoid placing leaves on sidewalks and walkways.
  • Do not place garbage bags, garbage bins, Blue Boxes or GreenCarts on top of loose-leaf piles.

Leaf Disposal Alternatives
If you do not wish to use Burlington's loose leaf collection service, other disposal options are possible:
  • Mulch leaves to use in gardens, flowerbeds, or leave them on your yard.
  • Compost leaves in your backyard composter.
  • Deliver leaves to the Halton Waste Management Site in paper bags or in bulk for composting.
Registration period is Oct. 14 to Nov. 6, 2020. See below for updated process for last year's registrants
Windrow is the pile of snow that is left at the bottom of driveways by roadway plows. The City of Burlington offers a windrow clearing program for persons with disabilities.
How the program works:
  • Windrow clearing contractors are dispatched after the completion of all roadway plowing
  • Residents can expect windrows to be cleared within 40-hours after the snow stops and within 16-hours of the completion of all road plowing
  • Plowing services will run from Nov. 15, 2020 until March 31, 2021
  • This service does not include windrows left by sidewalk plows
  • A non-refundable fee of $58.29 per driveway entrance for the entire season must be paid in full
  • The program is limited to 175 spots.
  • New registrants for the season can call 905-335-7738 to begin the registration process with staff. You can also leave a message, or email us at liveandplay@burlington.ca and staff will get back to you the following business day. There is no in-person registration this season.
The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for small businesses who need to adapt quickly to public health guidelines. Burlington’s business support organizations, known as Team Burlington (Burlington Economic Development, Burlington Chamber of Commerce, Burlington Downtown Business Association, Aldershot Village BIA and Tourism Burlington), heard about these challenges and took decisive action in partnering with the City of Burlington and POST Promise to launch the Burlington Safe Restart COVID-19 Business Relief Grant on September 29. 

The response to the program has been extremely positive, with more than 95 applications received in the two-week application window that closed on October 13th. 
Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward was joined by the Honourable Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria, Ontario’s Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction, Jane McKenna, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development and Member of Provincial Parliament for Burlington to announce the Burlington businesses that will receive a grant in the first round of funding.

Through the grant, $124,689 in funding will be released across 59 businesses. These businesses fall across a broad range of industries including hospitality, retail, health, wellness & sports.

The Burlington Safe Restart COVID-19 Business Relief Grant is an innovative municipal program that aims to support businesses through a one-time grant of up to $2500 that can be used towards related COVID-19 costs such as PPE and renovations to physical space to allow businesses to properly adhere to public health guidelines. As part of the eligibility requirements, recipients are also required to make the POST Promise, a private sector-led initiative that provides essential information on how to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Another round of Burlington Safe Restart grant opportunities will begin on October 26, open until November 9th. For more information, please visit http://bedc.ca/covid19/

Ward 1 Grant Recipients Include:
  • Aldershot Dental Hygiene
  • Eye Focus
  • Eyes Childcare Burlington
  • Healthview Chiropractic Wellness
  • Lifestyles for Life
  • Pedlar Dentistry Professional Corporation (Dental Life)
  • Pluckers
  • The Olive Oil Dispensary Inc.
  • The Platter Company Inc.
  • Ye Olde Squire

I would like to congratulate all of the Ward 1 businesses who qualified and received this grant and sincerely hope that this helps with some of the additional expenses that this pandemic has caused your business. If you did not receive a grant from this round please ensure that you apply for the next round.
The City of Burlington would like to know what recreational ideas residents have to further enhance what already exists at Tyandaga. We want to know what residents value about this expansive greenspace and explore ideas to make it even more vibrant. The City is looking for ideas related to the golf program and ideas related to the year-round park space. 
April to November, the green space is used as an 18-hole golf course. From November to March, it is enjoyed by residents for tobogganing, cross-country skiing, dog walking and more.

Virtual Town Halls
Join us for a virtual town hall and submit your questions. Share your ideas for us to consider ways to enhance the green space at Tyandaga for recreational uses. These sessions will be recorded. The link to the sessions can be found at  getinvolvedburlington.ca/tyandaga.
  • City-wide: October 27, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
  • Tyandaga Residents: November 4, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Online Survey
Residents, golfers and the Tyandaga community are encouraged to also complete the online survey found at getinvolvedburlington.ca/tyandaga. The short survey is open now until Nov. 6, 2020.

Questions or comments can be sent to Rebecca Holmes, Recreation Planner, 905-335-7600, ext. 7351 or Rebecca.holmes@burlington.ca.
(update shared from https://mariannemeedward.ca/environment/update-coming-in-december-on-meridian-quarry-initiatives/)

Staff and the Mayor’s Office are planning to provide an update at the December Community Planning Regulation & Mobility Committee on initiatives related to the Meridian Quarry.
The update was initially scheduled for earlier this year, but work was delayed due to focusing efforts on COVID19, and then beginning to work through the significant backlog of many other matters that had also been put on pause temporarily.

For reference, in December 2019 council approved a report from the Mayor's office, MO-17-19, developed in collaboration with Councillor Kelvin Galbraith, directing the following actions:
  1. Direct the Executive Director of Community Planning, Regulation and Mobility to investigate the Air Quality Bylaw for Oakville and report back to council with a recommendation for a similar bylaw for Burlington by Q2 2020; and
  2. Direct the Executive Director of Legal Services and Corporation Counsel to retain an environmental lawyer to advise on the municipal role in the Aldershot Quarry, the potential air quality bylaw and any other matters arising; and
  3. Direct the Executive Director of Community Planning, Regulation and Mobility to review and report back on the peer reviews of the studies done by Meridian/Aldershot Quarry and requirements for ongoing monitoring and potential impacts on human health. As part of the review, report back on the cost and process to conduct an independent peer review of studies conducted to date; and
  4. Direct the Director of Roads, Parks and Forestry to review the forestry plan for phased removal and replacement of trees at the Aldershot Quarry, and report back with an assessment to council in Q2 2020; and
  5. Direct the Mayor to:
  • write to the three local MPPs for Burlington, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, and the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry to request a meeting to discuss the conditions of the site plan and their oversight and due diligence in ongoing monitoring and studies conducted on the air quality impacts of the quarry activities to ensure the quarry is operating within provincial regulations.
  • establish a Community Council Liaison Committee with representation from Meridian/Aldershot Quarry, local citizens, provincial ministries, city staff and council, and other stakeholders (as identified below), to provide regular communication among stakeholders, renew monitoring studies, and discuss quarry activities and any emerging/new issues.

Staff will report to committee on Items 1-4.

In terms of actions from the Mayor’s office, Item 5:
Regarding Item 5.1: "I did have an opportunity to meet with the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, and the Parliamentary Assistant for the Minister of Natural Resources & Forestry to discuss the Meridian Quarry (among other issues) this summer during the virtual Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference. My staff are in the process of scheduling further meetings to discuss the matters outlined above." Details of our AMO meetings are here: AMO 2020 delegations

Regarding Item 5.2: "In coming weeks, my office, along with the Ward 1 Councillor, will be putting together the details for the Liaison Committee together.

We will report further progress on both items during the December meeting.

The update report from staff on their initiatives, and a separate report on Mayor’s office initiatives, are scheduled to be presented at the Community Planning Regulation & Mobility Committee, Tues. Dec 8, beginning at 9:30 am. Agendas and reports are typically posted online about 10 days in advance of committee week, and should be publicly available by Friday Nov. 27.

Reports will be posted on the Burlington Calendar of meetings under the Committee date. Residents can attend this meeting and register to speak. Meetings are currently being held virtually.

For further information:
Meridian Brick community information page: AldershotQuarry.ca
Residents group Tyandaga Environmental Coalition: TECBurlington.com

"We thank the community for their patience and look forward to further discussions and progress in coming weeks and months."
My office has received many questions regarding Route 4 transit through Aldershot. This route change took effect September of last year, and has received evenly mixed support by residents since then.

Many have asked for an update on the route. I recently engaged in discussions with our transit team and can share the following:

Route 4 facts:
  • Prior to March 29,2020, the Route 4 ran every 30 minutes. 
  • On March 29, 2020 Burlington Transit activated the Modified COVID-19 bus schedule which reduced the frequency of several routes, including the route 4 to every hour.
  • On August 23, 2020, Burlington Transit launched a new schedule that increased service and frequency on several routes across the City. However, the Route 4 continues to run every hour.  
  • The Route 4 is one of the only routes in Burlington that spans the entire City, going between Appleby GO in the East to Aldershot GO in the West. The Route 4 begins operating at 5:38am and continues to run until 8:28pm.

Burlington Transit will be investigating On-Demand Transit and would consider using this alternative approach to areas that have low ridership. An RFP will be issued in the coming weeks to select a technology solution for this type of service.

An overview of Burlington Transit Service can be found:

COVID-19 has drastically impacted ridership on all Burlington Transit routes and the team continues to monitor and adjust service and schedules when warranted.

If you have any questions or would like to provide input on this or other transit-related issues, please email contactbt@burlington.ca
Ward 1 Construction Updates
For more information about Regional improvement projects:
• Visit halton.ca
• Email accesshalton@halton.ca or call 311
Canterbury Drive Area & Green Meadow Drive Minor Reconstruction
Project Update

The City of Burlington awarded this project to Dufferin Construction Company.
COVID-19 Information
The Government of Ontario has declared this construction essential:
Construction projects and services that are required to ensure safe and reliable operations of, or to provide new capacity in, critical provincial infrastructure, including transit and transportation sectors beyond day-to-day maintenance.
Ward 1 Development Updates
1085 Clearview - LPAT
(Update shared from https://mariannemeedward.ca/development/lpat-hearing-nov-30-for-clearview-application-parking-remains-an-issue/)

At its meeting of September 28, 2020, Burlington City Council considered Confidential Legal Report L-11- 20. Following this meeting, the City notified the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal that based on the revised plan submitted by LIV Communities/1085 Clearview Limited Partnership, only two issues remained in dispute between the City and the appellant. (Update here: https://www.burlington.ca/en/services-for-you/1085-clearview-ave.asp)

Those issues are:
  • Does the proposal provide for an appropriate number of resident and visitor parking spaces?
  • In the event that the Tribunal allows the appeals, what is the appropriate form and content of the Official Plan amendment and Zoning By-law amendment instruments?

Burlington City Council has also directed that the planning analysis attached as Appendix ‘B’ to L-11-20 be released publicly and posted on the City’s webpage under Planning and Development Applications for Ward 1, while retaining solicitor/client privilege over the balance of this matter in its entirety.

The revised development concept proposes 164 units in two seven-storey buildings, separated by a recessed one-storey lobby, whereas the previous concept proposed one six-storey building with a length of 113 metres. The revised development concept proposes 181 parking spaces to accommodate the 164 units, whereas the City requires that 207 parking spaces be provided in accordance with the parking rates identified in the City Wide Parking Standards Review.

A copy of the planning analysis and revised development concept are located on the development application webpage. https://www.burlington.ca/en/services-for-you/1085-clearview-ave.asp

On Oct. 9, 2020, the LPAT issued an Order confirming the scheduling of the hearing of the appeal to commence on November 30,2020.

NOTE: As this development is only 50 meters from my personal residence, I had to declare a conflict of interest on the file and could not participate in council discussion or vote on the matter. The local community will not be entirely satisfied with this result as the issues that remain were not of the communities main concern. LPAT will ultimately decide on the approval and final decisions on this file. I do plan on assisting with this file moving forward in terms of a construction management plan that is satisfactory to the local residents and changing the address to Masonry Court so as not to have future traffic directed to the Clearview/St Mathews neighbourhoods.  
To review all current Ward 1 development projects, including an option to subscribe to the page for updates, please visit https://www.burlington.ca/en/services-for-you/ward-one.asp
If there is a particular project you are interested and would like to receive updates on that development, please visit the individual development page and choose Subscribe
Q: Can the city put a bus shelter or a bench at the LaSalle and North Shore bus stop for seniors to use while waiting for the bus?
A: This question was asked to our office, and was relayed to Burlington Transit team who responded very quickly! The bench has now been installed, with a shelter to be erected in 2021. For any other transit-related questions or requests, please email contactbt@burlington.ca

Q: I went to a fast food restaurant and they didn't have any sanitizer or way to wash your hands - don't they have to provide that?
A: A concerned resident contacted our office with this question. We reached out to our colleagues at Halton Region Health for advice. In response, Region staff visited the site to provide education and support to the business, and now patrons will have access to hand sanitizing as they enter. For any similar questions, please contact accesshalton@halton.ca

Q: Can we get some more benches along the pathways at City View Park? I walk my dog there frequently and there is a lot of distance between rest stops
A: After consideration of this request, staff have advised that they are planning to add a few benches along the City View Park trails at south end of the park, along the Escarpment. These will not be on the Bruce Trail, as the City does not have permission to install benches along this portion.

Q: Will the City of Burlington be cancelling Halloween 2020?
A: The City of Burlington doesn't have the authority to cancel Halloween , however, we encourage you to follow Halton Region's guidelines and 'Stay Safe and Follow Public Health Advice This Halloween'
  • Only go out with members of your household;
  • Only trick or treat outside;
  • Both trick or treaters and people handing out candy should wear a face covering. A costume mask is not a substitute for a face covering and should not be worn over a face covering as it may make it difficult to breathe;
  • Do not congregate or linger at doorsteps and remember to line up two metres apart if waiting. Avoid high-touch surfaces and objects;
  • Whether collecting or handing out treats, wash your hands often and thoroughly, or use hand sanitizer; and
  • Do not leave treats in a bucket or bowl for children to grab and consider using tongs or other similar tools to hand out treats.

If you have ward 1 questions, please continue to forward these to tara.thorp@burlington.ca
News From City Hall
Following the recommendation of Halton Region’s Medical Officer of Health and emerging evidence indicating cases from physical activity settings and contact sports are on the rise, the City of Burlington is taking further action to help reduce COVID-19 transmission.
At Burlington City Council on Monday, Oct. 19, the next steps for the proposed Nelson Quarry Expansion were outlined. An extension of the Burlington Nelson Quarry would require Provincial, Regional and City approval.
Brock University is coming to the City of Burlington. 
The University has announced it will relocate its current Hamilton campus to a more accessible location in Burlington, to better serve students and the broader community. 
The 2020 Remembrance Day ceremony is going virtual and will be live-streamed at burlingtonlegion.com, beginning at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11. Please do not go to the Burlington Cenotaph.
The City of Burlington is creating its first Integrated Mobility Plan (IMP) to guide how people and goods move in and through our community for years to come. Anyone who lives in Burlington, or travels to or through Burlington are asked to complete a survey to help set the vision and values for the IMP.
Burlington City Council endorsed the modifications to the adopted Official Plan at the Council meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 7. The Official plan will now go to Halton Region for final approval.
At the Sept. 28 Burlington City Council meeting, staff’s proposal to work with the Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk College to develop a deep energy retrofit program was approved. Implementation of a deep energy retrofit (DER) program can help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their home, reduce their carbon footprint and increase home comfort.
The City of Burlington is commissioning an Ontario-based Indigenous artist to create a permanent public art piece for the outside of Joseph Brant Museum. Residents are invited to share their thoughts on two finalists chosen by an independent jury. The two proposed designs can be viewed and commented on by logging into or joining the City’s engagement platform: GetInvolvedBurlington.ca
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Ward 1 Community News & Resources
Burlington Food Bank update with Robin Bailey – October 15
The Tim Hortons 2020 Smile Cookie Campaign was a HUGE success this year! Burlington Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners collectively raised $69,249 for the Burlington Food Bank in just one week.

Recently many of the store owners gathered together at Cameron Robins’ store on Plains Rd to present the Burlington Food Bank with the cheque. Cameron thanked all of the Burlington owners and their behalf, he recognized and thanked all of their staff and their customers for an incredibly successful Smile Cookie week!

It’s such a wonderful way to give back, everyone gets a cookie that the staff have decorated and the entire proceeds go directly to the food bank to feed families in our Burlington community. This donation comes at an excellent time while we are seeing the usage increasing. We are able to purchase healthy nutritious food and produce to help balance our client’s needs. We would especially like to thank the Tim Hortons staff for all the hard work they put in during Smile Cookie week and thanks to the generous people here in our city that participated.

To see videos of donation, please visit https://youtu.be/7s5d7tqR8Q0 (All Owners) and https://youtu.be/rExD4EEMC30 (Cameron Robins)

To learn more about the Burlington Food Bank – https://youtu.be/L9T-RrpL6C4. To donate, please visit https://www.burlingtonfoodbank.ca/donate/

Please be advised that upcoming Aldershot Lions Club Garage Sales will be:
  • October 31
  • November 14
  • November 28
  • December 12
10:00 am to 2:00 pm, 484 Plains Road East
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Local Boards & Community Involvement
In addition to serving as Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor, I have the opportunity to sit on a few other local boards and committees:
Royal Botanical Gardens Board
As a member of the Board of Directors for Ward 1's own Royal Botanical Gardens, I meet with a team of dedicated individuals, aimed at serving Burlington and beyond.
We meet roughly every 3 months, with the Annual General Meeting occurring in June.
For more information on the Royal Botanical Gardens, please visit www.rbg.ca
Tourism Burlington Board
Tourism Burlington is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent various sectors of the Tourism, Industry and Business sectors in the City of Burlington. The Board meets September to November and February to May on the 3rd Thursday of the month, with the Annual General Meeting held in May of each year.
For more information on Tourism Burlington, please visit www.tourismburlington.com
Aldershot Village BIA (Business Improvement Area)

The Aldershot Business Improvement Area (ABIA) acts as a voice for Aldershot business while providing a professional approach to improving business opportunities for its members, enhancing its commercial profile and relationships with the community and the City of Burlington while building a strong local economic engine for Aldershot.

The ABIA identifies Aldershot as a distinct community for shopping, dining and doing business. Established in December 2004, we continue to partner with other Aldershot groups - The Aldershot Community Honour Roll, Partnering Aldershot, Alderfest Community Festival and others to build support for approximately 250 retailers and service professionals.
For more information on Aldershot Village BIA, please visit www.aldershotbia.com
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