Ward 1 News from Councillor Kelvin Galbraith
June 2019
  • Greetings from Councillor Galbraith
  • Ward 1's Next Drop In Meeting
  • Ward 1 Tyandaga Neighbourhood Meeting - RECAP
  • Burlassic Park
  • Electric Vehicle
  • City of Burlington's new City Manager - Tim Commisso
  • Customer Relationship Management Project (CRM)
  • Ward 1 Development
  • Ward 1 Construction
  • FAQ's from Ward 1 - new!
  • News from City Hall
  • Community Events, News & Links
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Dear friends and neighbours, welcome to the June edition of Ward 1 News!

I think summer is finally here! As you can see by my latest newsletter, I have been out in the community at several events and grand openings of businesses. Spring time and nice weather tends to bring out these wonderful opportunities in this great city. Most of my spring events were dampened by the relentless rain that we endured. All except for the tree planting event where Tree Canada planted over 100 trees at La Salle park under the rain – a perfect storm for their growth starting in the park!
Thankfully, all of the city parks are now fully open, many with splash pads and/or new equipment ready for use by all. My family and I are frequent users of many Ward 1 facilities and have enjoyed the new playground at La Salle park and the refreshing splash park in Hidden Valley. The Tyandaga golf course is open for business but has had a rough start to the season – as have many golf courses, with all the rain and soft ground. Please consider playing there this year to support our only local city owned course – and in Ward 1.
Please make sure to say Hi or introduce yourself to me if you see me at an event or city park or playground!

There is much information in this newsletter but if you feel that I have missed something or you would like an update on anything else in Ward 1, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at ward1@burlington.ca

What I've been up to this month:
  • Aldershot Community Honour Roll
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference
  • Pride Month Flag Raising
  • Council & Committee meetings
  • Burlington Chamber of Commerce Event
  • Partnering Aldershot meeting
  • Ward 1 Tyandaga Community Meeting
  • Glenview Public School Fun Fair
  • RBC Charity BBQ
  • Men's Mental Health Breakfast
  • Halton Regional Council
  • Aldershot BIA meetings
  • HDSB Trustee Meeting
  • RBG Board Meeting
  • ECOB Tale of Two Cities Event (?)
  • Ward 1 & 2 Community Bike Ride
  • Burlington Sound of Music Festival
  • Special Meeting of Council
  • Joseph Brant Hospital Annual General Meeting
  • Georgian Court Proposed Development Site Tour
  • Home Hardware Grand Opening
  • City of Burlington Staff Appreciation Event
  • 8 Mayors from Ghana Delegation Visit
  • Aldershot Business Grand Opening
  • Burlington Cycling Advisory Committee
  • Meetings with Community members to discuss ward issues

If you would like to stay up to date on events both at City Hall and in and around Burlington, be sure to Like our Facebook Page , Follow on Twitter or Instagram .

As always, you can contact my office with Ward 1 related issues. We'd be happy to help.

Kelvin Galbraith
Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor
City Of Burlington

Assistant: Tara at ward1@burlington.ca
Ward 1 Drop In - Please join me!
Please join me at my upcoming Ward Drop In meeting at Shoppers Drug on Plains Road.

Residents are invited to stop in, enjoy some Seniors' Day deals and chat with me about any Ward 1 issues and concerns they may have. I will be meeting with residents in 15 minute time slots.

If you would like to pre-submit questions for consideration, please email me at ward1@burlington.ca and note "Drop In Session" in the subject line.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Date: June 27, 2019
Time: 1:00-3:00 just inside the store entrance
Location: Shoppers Drug Mart 503 Plains Rd E, Burlington, ON L7T 2E2
Ward 1 Tyandaga Neighbourhood Meeting - RECAP
I would like to thank all of those who were able to attend our recent Ward 1 Tyandaga Community meeting. In addition to our planned topics of City View Park improvements; Tyandaga-area Development news; Tyandaga-area Construction projects; Meridian Quarry updates and General Ward One news, we were able to hold a question and answer period which included inquiries about the following topics:

  • 2100 Brant Street
  • Traffic impacts due to Hamilton development
  • Synchronized traffic lights
  • Stop Amalgamation Signs
  • Kerns Road Closure
  • Speedbumps
  • Burlington’s Official Plan
  • Halton Region’s Official Plan
  • Road Safety Sign Campaign
  • Traffic Calming measures
  • Aldershot Mobility Hub
  • Community Groups & Newsletter

I would be pleased to speak to residents futher about any of these topics. Please contact me at ward1@burlington.ca.

Our next Ward meeting will be in the fall, details to follow.
Burlassic Park - Toronto Raptors
The City of Burlington and we as a council were so proud to announce that the downtown Civic Square, Central Park and eventually Spencer Smith Park would become ‘ Burlassic Park ’ as the City and Sound Of Music Festival hosted a free viewing party for Games 1 through 6 of the NBA Finals.

Civic Square was packed with basketball fans of all ages, to cheer on our Toronto Raptors as they took on the Golden State Warriors. Weather was not always the best but spirits were high and this event was a great community-building success. It is estimated that well over 2000 people came out to cheer on the teams and to eventually celebrate the historic win by the Raptors on June 13, 2019.

We thank all those who were able to join in and cheer on our team! (Maybe next up will be the Toronto Maple Leafs?)
Electric Vehicle
Burlington Hydro has given the Burlington City Councillors the opportunity to witness firsthand the experience of commuting in an Electric Vehicle.

For the most part, early adopters of electric vehicles have done so as part of a broader commitment to the environment and contributing to a cleaner, greener community.
In 2015, Burlington Electricity Services (BESI), Burlington Hydro’s sister company, purchased two BMW i3 electric vehicles. The idea was to help promote the EV driving experience by sharing the vehicles and allowing drivers the opportunity to experience all aspects of EV ownership – from charging the vehicle through to the excitement of driving the car. With that in mind, both of the BMW i3 EVs have been lent out to local councillors, as well as invited industry and community members. The program has proved to be very popular and has allowed community leaders to better understand the benefits and thrill of driving an EV.

Burlington Hydro anticipates a time when Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations will work in tandem with advanced behind-the-meter technology to automate the interaction between EVs and the electricity grid. It represents a further transition towards smart grid technologies, with benefits for both Burlington Hydro and its customers. In addition to residential and multi-residential charging stations, Burlington Electricity Services (Burlington Hydro’s sister company) is pursuing a variety of public charging station installation opportunities with the City. The environmental stewardship and ‘smart community’ reputation that this collaboration continues to demonstrate is consistent and in line with the objectives of the City.

Find out more at: https://futuregrid.ca/

Fast Facts:
·          The only greenhouse gas emissions associated with an electric car are from the generation of electricity. The average Canadian driver can reduce their car’s greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%.
·          The average Canadian driver, travelling 20,000 km per year, can save as much as $2,000 per year on fuel alone.
·          The Federal Government offers a purchase incentive of up to $5,000 for electric vehicle purchases. https://www.plugndrive.ca/electric-vehicle-incentives/
·          Electric motors have one moving part and do not require oil changes, coolant flushes, mufflers or exhaust systems, saving you hundreds of dollars per year on maintenance.
·          Electric cars come in all shapes and sizes from compact to midsize to SUV. With 40+ makes and models available from different auto manufacturers.
I would like to thank Burlington Hydro for allowing me to use this wonderful electric vehicle for the month of June. It was truly an education for me to learn about the electric infrastructure in this city as it pertains to electric vehicle usage. Charging stations are very easy to find through an app and it feels really good to not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions on your daily commutes. It has been almost one month since I have had to visit a gas station which is much different than driving my Dodge Ram.  We as a family are now seriously considering alternative options for our next vehicle purchase. 

If you have further questions or concerns about this initiative, please email ward1@burlington.ca and note "Electric Vehicle" in the subject line.
City of Burlington's new City Manager - Tim Commisso
Burlington City Council is pleased to announce that after an extensive search and recruitment process it has appointed Tim Commisso as City Manager effective July 1, 2019. Tim has been Interim City Manager since January 2019.

The search for a permanent City Manager began in the new year and was an open and transparent process led by the city’s Director of Human Resources and Legacy Partners Executive Search, with all members of Council acting as the Selection Committee. Tim was the successful candidate among all the applicants and the decision was supported by all members of Council.

Prior to his role as the Interim City Manager Tim was a Senior Advisor at MNP, a national accounting, tax and business consulting firm.

Having served ten councils and eight mayors, Tim has extensive knowledge and experience in municipal government, strategy development, organizational effectiveness and performance, economic development and change management. Tim holds a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Wilfrid Laurier University.

I am very excited to be continuing our work with Tim Commisso. He is the only City Manager that I have ever known and I value the leadership and patience that his has shown this new council thus far. I look forward to working with him for the next several years to come.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The City of Burlington is always committed to providing excellent customer service.

The City has launched a new Customer Contact Centre and has implemented a new piece of technology to improve our level of customer service. By implementing a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), staff are able to capture customer information and what they are requesting. This allows staff to track these requests and get back to customers more efficiently and ensures staff are closing the loop. 

Residents who provide their contact information will be emailed a CRM case number. 

As part of this new system, residents are asked to use the following email addresses when contacting the city regarding service requests: city@burlington.ca ; ward1@burlington.ca or mayor@burlington.ca . These emails are monitored during regular business hours and customers can expect notification that their email has been received and in some instances a case number may be assigned to help track your request.
Ward 1 Development
1085 Clearview Avenue
As you may remember from previous Notice letters that were mailed in February and March 2019, the City of Burlington has received applications from MHBC Planning on behalf of LIV Communities to re-designate and rezone the property located at 1085 Clearview Ave., and 1082, 1086, and 1090 St. Matthew’s Ave.

Burlington City Building staff have reviewed these applications along with the comments
received from the public and technical agencies to date. Staff will be recommending refusal of the proposed amendments to the City’s Planning and Development Committee of Council.

Public Meeting Information
You are invited to attend a Public Meeting to consider the recommendation report to refuse the above-mentioned applications. This meeting will take place on:
Date: July 9, 2019
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Location: 426 Brant Street, Council Chambers, Level 2

Additional information about this development application can be found at http://www.burlington.ca/1085Clearview

For any further questions about this development, please contact Lauren Vraets, Planner II 905-335-7600 x7536 or lauren.vraets@burlington.ca
Francis Road Bike Path
Construction will begin shortly on the Francis Road Trail, and the current path will be completely closed during construction (July to September 2019). This will allow for many improvements along the bikeway. This will serve to improve accessibility, safety, connectivity and Active Transportation - all of which are important to our city.

The renewed trail will include:
  • a four metre-wide paved surface,
  • more gradual slopes - less than 4 per cent,
  • benches every 150 metres,
  • garbage cans,
  • bollards and curb ramps at intersections and
  • trailhead signs.

A rendering of what the path will look like can be seen here

This project is partially funded by the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program

For more information, please contact Ingrid Vanderbrug at 905-335-7600, ext. 7832 or ingrid.vanderbrug@burlington.ca
To view all Ward One development projects, please visit here
Ward 1 Construction
Maple Avenue Area Minor Reconstruction
Work on this project is ongoing, and Maple Avenue area residents can stay up to date on this initiative by visiting and subscribing to the project page here.

The tentative construction timeline is from February 2019 to September 2019 (weather permitting). Area residents may experience disruption in access, parking, water services, and mail. More information on the project and the possible impacts to residents can be found here. Your patience is greatly appreciated as you navigate your way through this construction zone.

For day to day construction inquiries regarding road, curb, storm sewer and other general inquiries, please contact Ryan Stoneman, Contract Administrator 905-335-7600 x7818 ryan.stoneman@burlington.ca.

For day to day construction inquiries regarding watermain and water service replacement, please contact Imtiaz Ahmad, Project Manager 905-825-6000 3226 imtiaz.ahmad@halton.ca

We will continue to share information as it becomes available
Ester Drive Area Minor Reconstruction
This project is now fully underway. The project map, included with this update, outlines which streets are included. This is a two-year project.

More information about this project can be found here

For day to day construction inquiries, please contact Dave Hill Construction Inspector 289-983-5003. For Construction and watermain inquiries, please contact Rod McFarlane Construction Inspector 647-290-5893.

For all other inquiries, please contact Rob Stuart, Project Manager 905-335-7600 x7519 robert.stuart@burlington.c a
FAQ'a from Ward 1

My recycle bin is broken/misplaced - how do I get a new one?
Halton residents may pick up one free Blue Box each year from any of the locations listed below. Broken Blue Boxes and Green Carts are recycled into new containers and may be returned and exchanged for free. 

Halton Waste Management Site
Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Halton Regional Centre
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Robert C. Austin Operations Centre
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
For more information on Recycling and Waste removal in Halton, please visit https://www.halton.ca/For-Residents/Recycling-Waste/Waste-Recycling-Sorting-Guide

What is the city doing about long grass?
I continue to get emails and telephone calls regarding long grass, both on private property and public. This spring’s high amount of rain and cool temperatures has created the ideal environment for growing grass at a fast pace but has also created conditions that make it very difficult for the City to service the parks, primarily cutting the grass.
In some park areas, the ground is too wet for the equipment to cut the grass without sinking into the soil, creating issues with rutting and equipment getting stuck.

Once the grass is long, it does take extra time to cut in order to prevent damage to the equipment from overheating.

City staff will continue to focus time and effort to catch up on grass cutting and will return to wet areas when conditions allow for cutting to be completed.

We will continue to forward these concerns on to Roads, Parks and Forestry Staff.
For long grass on private property, a lot maintenance request can be submitted to our bylaw department by emailing building@burlington.ca or ward1@burlington.ca.

How do I get a yellow Please Slow Down lawn safety sign?
Residents are encouraged to post a ‘Please Slow Down’ lawn sign produced by the City to encourage safe driving habits and lower vehicle operating speeds on neighbourhood streets. These signs are available free of cost to residents who are interested.

To obtain a lawn sign :
Fill out the  online request form
Visit the Service Burlington Counter at City Hall, 426 Brant St, weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

For more information please visit https://www.burlington.ca/en/services-for-you/road-safety.asp If you would like your sign delivered, please fill in the online form and ALSO contact my office at ward1@burlington.ca

If you have a question that you would like to see appear in this section, please email ward1@burlington.ca and note "FAQ Section" in the subject line.
News From City Hall
  • Celebrate Canada's Birthday at Spencer Smith Park! For more info please visit https://bit.ly/2xaLHzx
  • Burlington to celebrate 30 years of twinning with official delegation from Itabashi, Japan! For more info please visit https://bit.ly/2X8q0zC
  • Introducing Burlington FIre Department's new Home Visit Program. For more info please visit https://bit.ly/2X2otWT
  • City of Burlington Reports Online Fraud. For more info please visit https://bit.ly/2XuJ4Yh
The Burlington-Apeldoorn Youth Exchange Returns for 2019 -2020 School Year!

The Apeldoorn Committee is happy to announce that the Burlington-Apeldoorn (Netherlands) Youth Exchange will make its return for the 2019-2020 school year. Five students will be selected to participate in a once in a lifetime cultural exchange. This exchange is extra special as it will be the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands by the allied forces in May, 2020. “Having never gone to the Netherlands before, my eyes were opened to a new and amazing culture. I was proud to share a bit of Canada with my partner and we are still great friends to this day!” said Will K, a former Burlington participant.
All Burlington High School Students starting Grade 10 or 11 next September are invited to apply for the program. The successful candidates will be paired with a visiting student from Apeldoorn and should be prepared to host them in October 2019 for 10 days. Program participants will join their Dutch partner in exploring all the wonderful sites Burlington and the broader region have to offer, as well as their daily school life during the school visit.
“Incredibly deep bonds were created through this experience, not only for my son and his exchange partner but for our and their entire immediate and extended family,” shared Kelly Sherhols, parent of a past Burlington exchange student. “It is almost impossible to touch on and express just how much of a positive and incredibly memorable experience this was for all. To this day, not only is my son still in contact frequently with his partner, but we too are still in contact with the parents and family members, we are now blessed to call friends.”
In May 2020, the selected Burlington students will explore the Dutch life as they travel and stay in their exchange partner’s home. Students will experience Dutch family and school life and a variety of cultural highlights. In 2020, they will also participate in Liberation ceremonies for the 75th anniversary.
“Since the official twinning in 2005, Burlington has sought to create connections with our friends in Apeldoorn. This youth exchange enriches our community and continues the long standing relationship between Canada and the Netherlands,” said Judith Genis, one of the coordinators of this exchange. 
A special information session will be held in  Room 247 at Burlington City Hall on Thursday, June 27, 2019 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm for those interested in learning more about the program. Register to attend here. Please contact Judith Genis at  BAYouthExchange@gmail.com
For more information about the twinning of Burlington and Apeldoorn, please visit Burlington.ca
Community Spotlight - Compassion Society
Compassion Society, located on Plains Road in Ward 1 meets many of the needs of the community by tirelessly providing food, clothing, everyday household objects and referrals to local resources.

The Society has implemented a program of new donations every month since October 2018, in addition to free food, clothing, service booths and free household items for all registered families.

This way it is ensured that everyone gets a fair chance of getting high end donations and not depending upon the time of the day or week they come in.

The Society holds an open house at the end of the year in December where we open doors and invite the community to celebrate their support and generosity and thank them. Anyone is welcome to join. For more information on how to donate, volunteer or register with the society, please visit www.compassionsocietyofhalton.com
Ward 1 Community News & Events
Ward 1 Community Links
Local Boards & Community Involvement
In addition to serving as Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor, I have the opportunity to sit on a few other local boards and committees:
Royal Botanical Gardens Board
As a member of the Board of Directors for Ward 1's own Royal Botanical Gardens, I meet with a team of ## dedicated individuals, aimed at serving Burlington and beyond.
We meet roughly every 3 months, with the Annual General Meeting occurring in June.
For more information on the Royal Botanical Gardens, please visit www.rbg.ca
Tourism Burlington Board
Tourism Burlington is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent various sectors of the Tourism, Industry and Business sectors in the City of Burlington. The Board meets September to November and February to May on the 3rd Thursday of the month, with the Annual General Meeting held in May of each year.
For more information on Tourism Burlington, please visit www.tourismburlington.com
Aldershot Village BIA (Business Improvement Area)
The Aldershot Village BIA identifies Aldershot as a distinct community for shopping, dining and for doing business. The BIA contributes to a variety of initiatives including the completion of a full interchange at Waterdown Road and revitalization and development along the Plains Road corridor.
The BIA partners with several other Aldershot groups including the Aldershot Community Honour Roll, Plains Road Village Vision Group, Partnering Aldershot, Alderfest Community Festival and others to build support for approximately 250 retailers and service professionals.
For more information on Aldershot Village BIA, please visit www.aldershotbia.com
Stay Connected
I have committed to sharing frequent updates via social media channels. I would love to connect with you there to be able to share day to day information. If there are specific items you would like me to address, send me a note!
You can find me at the links below. If you would like to pick up a paper copy of this newsletter, copies are available at The Fitness Firm, 15 Plains Rd. West, or Aldershot BIA office 193 Plains Rd E Unit 6. We can also mail a copy to you - to request please call my office at 905-335-7600 x7863 or email ward1@burlington.ca
Let's Keep In Touch
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Please add kelvin.galbraith@burlington.ca to your address book so that this correspondence will be sure to arrive in your inbox.
As always, you can contact my office at any time through email, telephone, social media or by attending neighbourhood and public open house meetings.
City of Burlington & Region of Halton
Ward 1 Councillor
905-335-7600 x7587
fax: 905-335-7881