Ward 1 News from Councillor Kelvin Galbraith
August 2019
  • Greetings from Councillor Galbraith
  • Ward 1's Next Drop In Meeting
  • Burlington Ranked Best Community in Canada
  • Retail Cannabis in Burlington
  • City of Burlington Budget Survey
  • Leash-Free Areas in Burlington
  • City-Wide Private Tree Bylaw - Citizen Action Labs & Online Survey
  • La Salle Park Marina Wave Break Project Update
  • Joseph Brant Museum Grand Opening
  • Customer Relationship Management Project (CRM)
  • Ward 1 Development
  • Ward 1 Construction
  • FAQ's from Ward 1
  • News from City Hall
  • Community Spotlight
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Dear friends and neighbours, welcome to the August edition of Ward 1 News!

As expected, August was a slower month than most in terms of events and city business. I was able to get away for a few needed weeks of vacation with my family, followed by the AMO Conference for all politicians in Ontario which was held in Ottawa. 

There were also many community events that I attended including a few Party on Plains events that were organized by the Aldershot BIA, the classic car show get together, held at Tim Horton's on Plains road every Thursday evening, and several local businesses and Love my Hood events. 

Summer is a great time for neighborhood social events while enjoying our warm weather. The events continue into the fall season with many more in September and October. Please refer to the last section in my newsletter for what's happening in Ward 1. If anyone is hosting an event or Love my Hood neighborhood function, please send them to me and I can help to promote them.

There is much information in this newsletter but if you feel that I have missed something or you would like an update on anything else in Ward 1, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at ward1@burlington.ca

What I've been up to this month:
  • Meetings with BEDC staff to discuss future opportunities
  • Aldershot BIA Task Force Meetings
  • Meetings with residents to discuss ward concerns
  • Breakfast with Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion
  • Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Conference
  • Official Plan Engagement Sessions
  • Meetings with RBG Board members to discuss future opportunities
  • Party on Plains
  • Aldershot BIA Market
  • Mini Messy Makers at Aldershot Library
  • Unsworth Avenue Traffic Calming Public Information Session

If you would like to stay up to date on events both at City Hall and in and around Burlington, be sure to Like our Facebook Page , Follow on Twitter or Instagram .

As always, you can contact my office with Ward 1 related issues. We'd be happy to help.

Kelvin Galbraith
Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor
City Of Burlington

Assistant: Tara at ward1@burlington.ca
Ward 1 Next Drop In - Please join me!
Please join me at my upcoming Ward Drop In meeting at Tim Horton's, 29 Plains Road West.

Residents are invited to stop in, enjoy some snacks and chat over coffee with me about any Ward 1 issues and concerns they may have. I will be meeting with residents in 15 minute time slots.

If you would like to pre-submit questions for consideration, please email me at ward1@burlington.ca and note "Drop In Session" in the subject line.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Date: September 25
Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00pm
Location: 29 Plains Road W, Burlington (Plains and Waterdown Road)
Burlington Ranked Best Community in Canada
On August 8, Maclean's Magazine released their report ranking Burlington as the Best Community in Canada AND the Best City in Canada to Raise a Family.

From the accompanying article:
" Burlington’s hybrid location—sometimes grouped in with the Hamilton-Niagara region, sometimes considered part of the Greater Toronto Area—worked to its advantage. Residents have the option of commuting to either area or working within Burlington itself, which is home to many major manufacturing employers. And the city also offers access to the natural environment, something that can be hard to come by without spending hours in the car in other parts of the GTA.

The city is part of the Halton region, which has some of the lowest crime in the country. It’s got great weather—at least when you compare it to the rest of Canada—with relatively warm and dry winters and summers. And residents enjoy great access to health care and the amenities of the big city, including entertainment options."

I am very proud to be a part of City Council of Burlington during this time of being recognized as the best community in Canada to live and raise a family. I have always considered this city the best place that I have ever lived but I have limited experience. It’s comforting to know that a national magazine in Maclean’s has done its own research and concluded what we in Burlington already know- that this is truly a wonderful city to live in. Our work doesn’t end here however as we must continue to manage growth and change as our city evolves in a growing region. 

To read the full article, featuring input from Mayor Meed-Ward, please visit https://www.macleans.ca/economy/canadas-best-communities-to-live-2019/

I look forward to continuing to make this Canada's Best Community this term!
Retail Cannabis in Burlington - Ward 1
Pioneer Cannabis Corp. (“Pioneer Cannabis”), a national cannabis retail service provider, with Guruveer Sangha as owner/operator announced the opening of the first Pioneer Cannabis Co branded store earlier this month.

The store is located at 1200 Brant Street and was scheduled to open at 10:00 am on August 2 nd , 2019.

For additional information and updates, visit the Pioneer website  www.pioneercannabis.com .

At the City Council meeting held on May 27, 2019, Council approved a City Manager’s Office report on Cannabis Retail Store Guidelines ( see here ).

As expected when Council voted to allow retail cannabis stores in Burlington, we are seeing our second location in the city and first in Ward 1. Cannabis has been a legal product in Canada since October 2018 and available online through government production facilities. The retail operations have strict guidelines and may only purchase from government regulated growers thus ensuring a consistent product. It was estimated that Burlington could have up to 20 such retail outlets at capacity. 

I would be pleased to speak to residents further about any of this topic. Please contact me at ward1@burlington.ca.
City of Burlington Budget Survey
Work has begun to prepare for Burlington’s 2020 budget. Through the budget process, choices are made to ensure the City services provided to residents align with the priorities in Burlington’s  2018-2022 strategic work plan, From Vision to Focus. 

In planning the 2020 budget, the City also wants to hear from residents to learn more about how municipal services are valued and which ones are a priority for residents.

To share input on which services matter, residents can complete an online survey at  www.getinvolvedburlington.ca . All the feedback captured through the survey will be shared with Burlington City Council. The survey will remain open until Sept. 20, 2019.  

Proposed meeting dates for the 2020 budget include: 
Nov. 4, 2019
Meeting of Committee of the Whole: Budget overview report
Nov. 19, 2019
2020 Budget Telephone Town Hall
Dec. 10 and 12, 2019
Meeting of Committee of the Whole: Budget review and approval
Dec. 16, 2019
Meeting of Burlington City Council: City Council to consider approval of proposed 2020 budget

Follow  Getinvolvedburlington.ca  for updates and discussion about the 2020 budget.

For more information on the budget, visit  Burlington.ca/budget .  

If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to contact ward1@burlington.ca
Leash Free Areas in Burlington
The City of Burlington wants to hear from residents about the current Leash-Free Area Criteria and the availability of Leash-Free Areas across the City.

It has been several years since the City has reviewed the criteria that help staff identify parks that are suitable for a Leash-Free Area. The current Leash-Free Area Criteria set out guidelines for:
  • Where Leash-Free Areas can be located
  • Minimum size requirements for leash-free areas
  • How the Leash-Free Areas are built

The City currently  has three Leash-Free Areas located north of the QEW  and a bylaw that requires all dogs be kept on-leash outside of designated Leash-Free Areas.

We invite you to visit the Get Involved page to take part in a survey regarding the leash free park criteria. Your responses will be included when considering amendments to this policy. Please visit GetInvolvedBurlington.ca/LeashFree

If you have further questions or concerns about this topic, please email ward1@burlington.ca
City-Wide Private Tree Bylaw - Citizen Action Labs & Online Survey
A newly-adopted Pilot Private Tree Bylaw is currently in effect in south Burlington, within the Roseland Community.

Due to much received input on this topic, the City of Burlington is looking for feedback as to whether the Bylaw should be made to be city-wide, as well as if there should be any amendments made to the bylaw. To read more about the bylaw as it exists today, please visit Burlington.ca/PrivateTree

Citizen Action Labs
Citizen Action Labs are an opportunity for citizens to work together in small, welcoming groups to engage, discuss, share and explore new ideas.
Residents are encouraged to take part in the one remaining Action Lab, as well as the online survey to share their thoughts.

The Action Lab # 3 takes place Thursday August 29, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Tansley Woods Community Centre Rooms 1&2. To register for this session, please visit here

To take part in the online survey, please visit here

Summary of the current Private Tree Bylaw Pilot within Roseland Community:

Within the Roseland Community, no person can injure, destroy, cause or permit the injury or destruction of a tree with a diameter of 30cm (size of a dinner plate) or greater or of a tree of significance (historic or rare).

Examples of exemptions include:
  • Trees with a diameter of less than 30cm
  • For the purpose of pruning in accordance with Good Arboricultural Practices
  • For emergency work
  • The tree is at high-risk of falling onto something or someone, as determined an arborist
  • If the tree is dead, as confirmed by the Manager of Urban Forestry, or designate
  • If the tree is an ash tree (due to the Emerald Ash Borer), as confirmed by the Manager of Urban Forestry, or designate
  • If a tree is within two metres of an occupied building

A person wanting to remove a tree with a diameter larger than 30 cm or of significance can apply for a permit online by visiting  Burlington.ca/privatetree

Minimum fine is $500. Maximum fine is $100,000.

If you have further questions or concerns about this topic, please email ward1@burlington.ca
La Salle Park Marina Wave Break Project Update
The LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA) is a non-profit organization that has operated the Marina at LaSalle Park since 1981 under an agreement with the City of Burlington. The agreement provides LPMA with the authority to utilize the Marina and outlines their responsibilities related to the maintenance, operation and renewal of all Marina assets.  

The Burlington Sailing and Boating Club and the Able Sail program offer sailing programs at the Marina and in addition, the City has a public boat launch at the Marina.  

The Marina has 219 slips and is protected by a floating wave break. The floating wave break has reached its end of life and needs to be replaced. Initially, LPMA approached the City with the concept of installing a permanent rock wall estimated to cost $14M to protect the Marina but financing to support this initiative never materialized.

The City and LPMA then discussed the option of installing a floating wave break that could be kept in place year round. At its meeting on July 15, 2019, Council approved the tender to purchase a new floating wave break at a cost of $4M. In September staff will be reporting to Council on the preferred operating model for the Marina along with a repayment schedule that will result in the Marina operator committing to pay in excess of $2M over a 25 year period for the new floating wave break.

Joseph Brant Museum Opening
The re-opening of the Joseph Brant Museum in Burlington will take place with a community celebration and free admission on September 15, 12 noon to 4 pm.

Joseph Brant Museum is Burlington’s community museum. With the replica of the original homestead of Joseph Brant ‘Thayendanegea’ (1742-1807), serving as a beacon, the transformed facility features three galleries, space for travelling exhibitions and a dedicated programming area for school groups and education programs. The Museum presents Burlington’s history as well as providing interactive experiences for visitors of all ages.

This museum will be a great addition to our cultural offerings here in Burlington. Travelling exhibitions will tour through this 10000 square foot facility attracting many visitors for the surrounding region. I look forward to its opening and supporting the business of the region model. 

For more information on this event and the museum itself, please visit https://museumsofburlington.ca/
Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Conference
It was a long drive to Ottawa but a great conference was had by all of Burlington Council and staff. 

We had the opportunity to engage with many of our Provincial Ministers on topics that were of concern or interest to Burlington. 

Building relationships with our provincial counterparts is very important to provide an open door to address issues affecting our municipality now and into the future. 

Having recently been ranked as the NUMBER 1 city in Canada in which to live and raise a family, I certainly walked around with a sense of pride that I am fortunate enough to live in Burlington and represent this great city. I was quick to introduce myself to others as a Councillor of the number 1 city in Canada!  
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The City of Burlington is always committed to providing excellent customer service.

The City has launched a new Customer Contact Centre and has implemented a new piece of technology to improve our level of customer service. By implementing a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), staff are able to capture customer information and what they are requesting. This allows staff to track these requests and get back to customers more efficiently and ensures staff are closing the loop. 

Residents who provide their contact information will be emailed a CRM case number. 

As part of this new system, residents are asked to use the following email addresses when contacting the city regarding service requests: city@burlington.ca ; ward1@burlington.ca or mayor@burlington.ca . These emails are monitored during regular business hours and customers can expect notification that their email has been received and in some instances a case number may be assigned to help track your request.
Ward 1 Development
Francis Road Bike Path
Work is progressing on the Francis Road Trail, with expected completion this fall.

As a reminder, the renewed trail will include:
  • a four metre-wide paved surface,
  • more gradual slopes - less than 4 per cent,
  • benches every 150 metres,
  • garbage cans,
  • bollards and curb ramps at intersections and
  • trailhead signs.

A rendering of what the path will look like can be seen here

This project is partially funded by the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program

For more information, please contact Ingrid Vanderbrug at 905-335-7600, ext. 7832 or ingrid.vanderbrug@burlington.ca
Maplehurst Public School Park Improvements
Construction is underway at Maplehurst Public School on Plains Rd. The new playground and swings are now installed and plan to have the remaining works complete by the end of August.

Work to be completed:
  • Safety surfacing
  • Asphalt path 
  • Bench
  • Playground inspection

For more information, please email ward1@burlington.ca
City View Park, Public Art Commission
Request for Expressions of Interest
Deadline: Friday October 11, 2019
Budget: Budget: $120,000 CAD

The City of Burlington invites professional artists to submit Expressions of Interest to create an exterior public art installation for a new pavilion being constructed at City View Park (2500 Kerns Road, Burlington).

This competition is open to all Canadian and International professional artists* and/or artist-led teams.

*A professional artist is an individual who has specialized skills and/or training in his/her artistic discipline (not necessarily in academic institutions), has a history of public presentation and is critically recognized as an artist.

For more information please visit https://burlingtonpublicart.com/calls-for-artists/
To view all Ward One development projects, please visit here
Ward 1 Construction
Construction in Your Neighbourhood
We have launched a new webpage which includes construction projects by both Halton Region and City of Burlington staff, frequently asked construction related questions, and a Permit Applications Online Map.

Also included are links to all current development and construction projects across the city, as well as a map of city projects in the 2019 Capital Budget.

For more information, please visit:
Brant Street Road Resurfacing
Maple Avenue Area Minor Reconstruction
Work on this project is ongoing, and Maple Avenue area residents can stay up to date on this initiative by visiting and subscribing to the project page here.

The tentative construction timeline is from February 2019 to September 2019 (weather permitting). Area residents may experience disruption in access, parking, water services, and mail. More information on the project and the possible impacts to residents can be found here. Your patience is greatly appreciated as you navigate your way through this construction zone.

For day to day construction inquiries regarding road, curb, storm sewer and other general inquiries, please contact Jeff Thompson, Project Manager 905-335-7600 x7669 jeff.thompson@burlington.ca

For day to day construction inquiries regarding watermain and water service replacement, please contact Imtiaz Ahmad, Project Manager 905-825-6000 3226 imtiaz.ahmad@halton.ca

We will continue to share information as it becomes available
Ester Drive Area Minor Reconstruction
This project is now fully underway. The project map, included with this update, outlines which streets are included. This is a two-year project.

More information about this project can be found here

For day to day construction inquiries, please contact Rob Stuart, Project Manager 905-335-7600 x7519 robert.stuart@burlington.ca
FAQ'a from Ward 1

We are on a small street and people constantly use our road as a parking lot. How can we get No Parking signs put up on at least one side of our street?

All requests for changes in designated parking areas are received and reviewed by the transportation department. It is best to contact them directly to explain your case and ask for a review of the current parking situation at traffic@burlington.ca. A petition from your neighbours may be suggested as well. To report parking infractions, please contact the parking department at parking@burlington.ca.

There is an overgrown city tree on my property that is causing issues with wires/sight lines - how do I get this fixed?

You can easily report an overgrown tree to our forestry department by emailing rpf@burlington.ca or by emailing ward1@burlington.ca. A case will be submitted through our CRM system and you will receive a notification including a case number. To follow up on your request, you can contact the city and cite your case number for reference.

If you have a question that you would like to see appear in this section, please email ward1@burlington.ca and note "FAQ Section" in the subject line.
News From City Hall
Scoped Re-Examination of the Adopted Official Plan for Downtown

At Council’s direction, the City Building Department is re-examining the downtown policies in Burlington’s adopted Official Plan. 

By March 2020, Burlington City Council will vote to endorse changes to the policies in Burlington’s adopted Official Plan that guide development in the downtown until 2031, including the height and density of buildings.

The downtown belongs to all of us and the City is committed to leading an open and transparent public engagement process to ensure the voices of people from every corner of the city are heard and valued.

Visit https://www.getinvolvedburlington.ca/official-plan-2019 to learn more and share your feedback on what matters most about Downtown Burlington.

Aldershot Village BIA Strategic Plan

The Aldershot Village BIA has been very busy over the summer working on creating a strategic plan to focus the work plan of the BIA over the next 3 years. 

The draft plan will focus on membership engagement, the organizational effectiveness of the Board and BIA as well as increasing the community advocacy role of the BIA. Stay tuned for engagement and learning opportunities this fall and winter.           
Community Spotlight - Aldershot Lions Club

The Aldershot Lions have a long established history beginning in 1956. Lion Reg Bullock, life-long Aldershot resident and entrepreneur has been an active member for over 50 years. Another member, George Bolus who lived in Warwick Court Apartments was a hard working person and Lion who never gave up on a community initiative. He gained support for developing near-by land that is now known as The George Bolus Park. We now join other community groups in the September Alderfest celebration at the Bolus Park at Francis and Plains Road E.

Thirteen active members came up with the idea of an “indoor garage sale. What better idea to chase away the winter blues than a “year-round garage sale”. A big “thank you” to National Homes in providing a storefront facility and community support to help make this possible.  

We opened for business February 2018 at the Bingo Connection Plaza, 484 Plains Road East, Aldershot –operating monthly, Saturday September 21st, Saturday, October 19th and Saturday November 23rd 8am-2pm.

We are very appreciative of donations received from local residents –many of whom are down-sizing. Persons interested in donating may call Lion Jack Arno, 905 335-9335.

Revenue is shared with the Halton Compassion Society, area schools, community events and BBQs, Lions Guide Dog program, Lions Resort Camp Dorset for dialysis patients & families, and Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation. In the past 12 months, we served over 2,500 hot dogs and hamburgers to various groups.

All that we do is accomplished with the committed effort of our dedicated Lions. Club meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of the month. For more information and membership, call Lion Jack Arno, 905 335-9335. 

Here is your chance to help make a difference in our Aldershot community.
Ward 1 Community News & Events
Just to name a few ... bouncy castle, obstacle course, inflatable arcade games for youth, Museums of Burlington, Royal Botanical Gardens angels, craft making, Lego type fun, imagination playground, splash pad, kickboxing demonstration, Live Music, the girl guides, Aldershot Library and a seniors area!

Free BBQ, snacks, fruit and much more!

Saturday, September 14th Bolus Gardens Parkette
Food for Feedback - Community Engagement BBQ

T he City of Burlington will be hosting Food for Feedback, a community engagement BBQ. Join us on Saturday September 14 from 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. at Central Park Bandshell, 2311 New Street.

Attendees will receive a free lunch from a food truck, in exchange for providing feedback to the City on projects and initiatives. This is an opportunity to connect with city staff, become engaged in your community and provide your input.

To be discussed are topics such as:
• The Official Plan – taking a closer look at the downtown
• 2020 Budget
• Leash Free Parks
• Integrated Mobility Plan
• Climate Action Plan
• and more!

Note : in case of inclement weather, the event will be held indoors at the Seniors' Centre Auditorium, 2285 New Street.
Saturday September 21, 2019
Start time - 8:00am
La Salle Park, Burlington

The Ontario Tree Climbing Championship provides a regional platform to showcase arborists’ proficiencies in tree climbing while simulating working conditions of arborists in the field, based on judging criteria established from industry best practices and safety standards. The competition is also an opportunity to introduce the latest climbing techniques and innovations in equipment, in a controlled, safe environment where it can be judged by a panel of experts.

Competitive tree climbing introduces the public to the skills professional climbing arborists must use for safe, professional tree work. The OTCC is a fantastic spectator event and is free to the public! 
Ward 1 Community Links
Local Boards & Community Involvement
In addition to serving as Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor, I have the opportunity to sit on a few other local boards and committees:
Royal Botanical Gardens Board
As a member of the Board of Directors for Ward 1's own Royal Botanical Gardens, I meet with a team of ## dedicated individuals, aimed at serving Burlington and beyond.
We meet roughly every 3 months, with the Annual General Meeting occurring in June.
For more information on the Royal Botanical Gardens, please visit www.rbg.ca
Tourism Burlington Board
Tourism Burlington is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent various sectors of the Tourism, Industry and Business sectors in the City of Burlington. The Board meets September to November and February to May on the 3rd Thursday of the month, with the Annual General Meeting held in May of each year.
For more information on Tourism Burlington, please visit www.tourismburlington.com
Aldershot Village BIA (Business Improvement Area)
The Aldershot Village BIA identifies Aldershot as a distinct community for shopping, dining and for doing business. The BIA contributes to a variety of initiatives including the completion of a full interchange at Waterdown Road and revitalization and development along the Plains Road corridor.
The BIA partners with several other Aldershot groups including the Aldershot Community Honour Roll, Plains Road Village Vision Group, Partnering Aldershot, Alderfest Community Festival and others to build support for approximately 250 retailers and service professionals.
For more information on Aldershot Village BIA, please visit www.aldershotbia.com
Stay Connected
I have committed to sharing frequent updates via social media channels. I would love to connect with you there to be able to share day to day information. If there are specific items you would like me to address, send me a note!
You can find me at the links below. If you would like to pick up a paper copy of this newsletter, copies are available at The Fitness Firm, 15 Plains Rd. West, or Aldershot BIA office 193 Plains Rd E Unit 6. We can also mail a copy to you - to request please call my office at 905-335-7600 x7863 or email ward1@burlington.ca
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Please add kelvin.galbraith@burlington.ca to your address book so that this correspondence will be sure to arrive in your inbox.
As always, you can contact my office at any time through email, telephone, social media or by attending neighbourhood and public open house meetings.
City of Burlington & Region of Halton
Ward 1 Councillor
905-335-7600 x7587
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