Ward 1 News from Councillor Kelvin Galbraith
July 2019
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Dear friends and neighbours, welcome to the July edition of Ward 1 News!

Summer is now upon us and we aim to take a break from city meetings and council work. Our jobs do not end however and I still plan to be at many events around our great community this summer. With summer comes hot sunny days and the human desire to find a way to cool off. Ward 1 has many such facilities to assist with this desire. Splash pads at Hidden Valley, La Salle park and water access at the Burlington beach (if it has returned yet) are all available to keep you refreshed and cool during hot summer days. We have had some extremely high water levels this year, similar to the 2017 levels that created closures of parts of the Burlington Beachway and La Salle park. Please check your areas and be cautious around the high water levels as pathways that were once walkable and beach areas that were available for beach activities are simply not there this year. 

I am a firm believer in the benefits of fitness and the summer time offers the best time of year to get outside and enjoy activities that help with your fitness level. We have many great parks with trails in Ward 1 including Kerncliffe Park, Hidden Valley Park, La Salle Park and The Royal Botanical Gardens. We also have the Bruce Trail right here in Ward 1 which extends all the way up to the Bruce peninsula. Walking, running and cycling on these trails provides some fresh air and beautiful views of our city and region while also providing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

Please be safe and enjoy the summer here in Ward 1.  

There is much information in this newsletter but if you feel that I have missed something or you would like an update on anything else in Ward 1, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at ward1@burlington.ca

What I've been up to this month:
  • Aldershot BIA Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Ward 1 Drop In at Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Itibashi Delegation Welcome
  • Freeman Station Open House
  • Cogeco Studios for Ward 1 Update
  • RBG Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Halton Regional Council
  • Burlington Committee & Council meetings
  • Meetings with Community members to discuss ward issues

If you would like to stay up to date on events both at City Hall and in and around Burlington, be sure to Like our Facebook Page , Follow on Twitter or Instagram .

As always, you can contact my office with Ward 1 related issues. We'd be happy to help.

Kelvin Galbraith
Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor
City Of Burlington

Assistant: Tara at ward1@burlington.ca
Ward 1 Drop In -RECAP
I'd like to thank all those who dropped by to speak with me at my recent Ward 1 drop-in session held at Shoppers Drug Mart on Plains Road.

I heard from residents on a variety of topics including:
  • Pipelines running through our Region
  • bus shelters needed in Aldershot
  • where to get replacement recycling bins
  • Aldershot Honour Roll
  • need for an Aldershot Seniors Centre
  • Stormwater drainage issues
  • Aldershot Go Station Parking issues
  • Interim Control Bylaw

I am committed to continuing to find ways to connect with you. If you have any Ward 1 related questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at ward1@burlington.ca

Details on my next Ward 1 public meeting will follow shortly.
McMaster Innovation Park & University Tour
I was fortunate enough to have been invited on a tour of the McMaster Innovation Park and University in Hamilton this past month. 

It was amazing to see the business success stories that have emerged from the park and the continued investment into their facilities and operations. Integrating students into the research of electrifying automobiles and testing the durability of these engines, will help Canada lead the world in terms of converting our gas engines to electric. 

The City of Burlington and Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) looks forward to a great business relationship with the McMaster Innovation Park in the future
Unsworth Avenue - Traffic Calming
Staff have determined that traffic calming measures are warranted for Unsworth Avenue between Plains Road West and Bellflower Drive.

Accordingly, staff has completed a detailed review and has created a proposed traffic calming plan, as shown on the map above. The proposed traffic calming plan consists of installing flexible delineator treatments and pavement marking enhancements near the multi-use pathway crossing.

Residents are invited to attend a drop in Public Information Centre scheduled for August 27, 2019 at the Aldershot Arena from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

There is no formal presentation at this meeting. Residents will have an opportunity to discuss the proposed traffic calming plan with staff to answer any questions and provide comments.  If you have any further questions related to this project, please email my office at ward1@burlington.ca
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The City of Burlington is always committed to providing excellent customer service.

The City has launched a new Customer Contact Centre and has implemented a new piece of technology to improve our level of customer service. By implementing a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), staff are able to capture customer information and what they are requesting. This allows staff to track these requests and get back to customers more efficiently and ensures staff are closing the loop. 

Residents who provide their contact information will be emailed a CRM case number. 

As part of this new system, residents are asked to use the following email addresses when contacting the city regarding service requests: city@burlington.ca ; ward1@burlington.ca or mayor@burlington.ca . These emails are monitored during regular business hours and customers can expect notification that their email has been received and in some instances a case number may be assigned to help track your request.
Tourism Burlington helps you discover your city!
This summer holiday season, many people have told me that along with travelling to cottages and beaches, they will be enjoying a "staycation", right here in our great city.

If you are looking for ideas for local activities to do with your friends and family, look no further that the Tourism Burlington website www.tourismburlington.com

You can also visit the Discover Burlington Blog for an in-depth look at all there is to see and do, and subscribe to be kept up to date each week! From music to movies to festivals and fitness, there are so many opportunities right here in your own backyard.
Ward 1 Development
1085 Clearview Avenue
On July 9 at a Planning and Development Committee meeting, staff presented a recommendation to refuse the above mentioned application.

As you may already be aware, council voted in favour of the staff recommendation to refuse the application for this 6 story development on Masonary Court in Aldershot. This property faces the Aldershot Go station and backs onto a residential nieghbourhood where I reside and thus I had to declare a conflict of interest on this project and abstained from the vote. 

I will keep you all posted on what transpires with a new submission or application for that property.

Additional information about this development application can be found at http://www.burlington.ca/1085Clearview

For any further questions about this development, please contact Lauren Vraets, Planner II 905-335-7600 x7536 or lauren.vraets@burlington.ca
Francis Road Bike Path
Construction is ongoing on the Francis Road Trail, and the current path is completely closed to public use.

The renewed trail will include:
  • a four metre-wide paved surface,
  • more gradual slopes - less than 4 per cent,
  • benches every 150 metres,
  • garbage cans,
  • bollards and curb ramps at intersections and
  • trailhead signs.

A rendering of what the path will look like can be seen here

This project is partially funded by the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program

For more information, please contact Ingrid Vanderbrug at 905-335-7600, ext. 7832 or ingrid.vanderbrug@burlington.ca
To view all Ward One development projects, please visit here
Ward 1 Construction
Environmental Assessment (EA) Study Commencement - Unsworth Avenue to Sumac Drive
The City of Burlington, through their consultant Ecosystem Recovery Inc., is undertaking a
Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to address significant erosion concerns for Grindstone Creek, between Unsworth Avenue and Sumac Drive in the City of Burlington.

Alternative erosion mitigation strategies will be investigated, which will include channel
restoration and stabilization of Grindstone Creek. Opportunities for natural channel design and native restoration practices will be looked at.

The Process
The Study will be carried out under Schedule ‘B’ in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA), Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for Municipal Projects. The Study process includes public and stakeholder consultation and identification of measures to mitigate adverse impacts. Public consultation is a key component of this study. The Project Team invites public input and comments and will incorporate them into the planning and design of this project. A Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held as part of the process to provide an opportunity for the public to review and comment on the study findings. Notice of the PIC will be provided to the public and agencies as the study progresses.

Public Interaction
The City wishes to ensure that anyone with an interest in this study has the opportunity to provide input on the study alternatives. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record. To provide your comments, request
additional information concerning this project or to join the study mailing list, please contact either of the Project Team members:

Arif Shahzad, M.Eng., P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager
Tel: 905-335-7600 ext. 7486

Wolfgang Wolter
Senior Project Manager
Tel: 519-621-1500
Maple Avenue Area Minor Reconstruction
Work on this project is ongoing, and Maple Avenue area residents can stay up to date on this initiative by visiting and subscribing to the project page here.

The tentative construction timeline is from February 2019 to September 2019 (weather permitting). Area residents may experience disruption in access, parking, water services, and mail. More information on the project and the possible impacts to residents can be found here. Your patience is greatly appreciated as you navigate your way through this construction zone.

For day to day construction inquiries regarding road, curb, storm sewer and other general inquiries, please contact Jeff Thompson, Contract Administrator 905-335-7600 x7669 jeff.thompson@burlington.ca

For day to day construction inquiries regarding watermain and water service replacement, please contact Imtiaz Ahmad, Project Manager 905-825-6000 3226 imtiaz.ahmad@halton.ca

We will continue to share information as it becomes available
Ester Drive Area Minor Reconstruction
This project is now fully underway. The project map, included with this update, outlines which streets are included. This is a two-year project.

Staff have advised that work will continue until the end of November, and commencing once again in the spring of 2020 to install the top coat of asphalt and complete the restoration works.

They have also reached out to Canada Post regarding the relocation of "superboxes" to Westbury, and will continue to monitor the mail delivery situation, with hopes of resuming door to door delivery this year.

More information about this project can be found here

For day to day construction inquiries, please contact Dave Hill Construction Inspector 289-983-5003. For Construction and watermain inquiries, please contact Rod McFarlane Construction Inspector 647-290-5893.

For all other inquiries, please contact Rob Stuart, Project Manager 905-335-7600 x7519 robert.stuart@burlington.c a
FAQ'a from Ward 1

There is dirt on the road outside of the quarry. This dirt gets all over our vehicles and is carried to our properties. What can be done about this?
As with any major construction or quarrying operation, trucks moving on/offsite will no doubt bring dirt along with them. We have been contacted by some residents who felt the amount of dirt on the road was exceeding acceptable levels.

I reached out to Meridian staff and they advised that a sweeper would be dispatched immediately. The road was cleaned completely, and they advise that they will monitor this situation closely, and request sweeping within the same day.

Should you have any further concerns about dirt levels on King Road, please contact my office at 905-335-7600 x7587 or ward1@burlington.ca

A neighbour has an offensive sign in his tree. How can we get this removed?
Our office was contacted a few times regarding a sign that had been placed in a tree. The residents were concerned that the material on the sign was offensive and asked how this could be removed.

In consulting with bylaw staff, I have been informed that though the content is not appealing, the sign itself is not a violation and therefore they cannot enforce its removal. We have encountered similar complaints with regards to protesters and are unable to prosecute because of freedom of speech laws. I am open to discussing this further with any residents who would like to share their thoughts. Please send an email to ward1@burlington.ca

There are a number of trees in our neighbourhood with orange fencing around them. What is the purpose of the fencing?
The orange fencing is called tree protection hoarding, and it is erected on sites that are under construction or have upcoming construction to protect the tree from damage.

The distance from the trunk is determined by the size of the tree and aims to protect a portion of the root system from excavation and compaction.

There are black marks on the splash pad at Hidden Valley Park - who can we call?
Over the holiday weekend, our office was contacted via social media regarding black marks on Hidden Valley Splash pad. Staff were notified immediately as the original requester thought it could be a fungus of some kind.

Roads Parks and Forestry Staff immediately attended the splashpad and determined that it was not fungal in nature, but endeavoured to clean it. They were completely successful and the facility was available for kids of all ages to enjoy all weekend.

Note: the Councillor's office is not staffed on weekends or holidays, and emails to my personal email address may go unanswered until the next day. For any during-business-hours service requests such as potholes, speedbumps, long grass, please email ward1@burlington.ca, and for any after hours service requests, please contact the department you require directly.

Departments contacted most frequently:
Park Maintenance: rpf@burlington.ca
Speeding/Traffic: traffic@burlington.ca

We have discovered a teen hang out location on RBG ground that is now littered with garbage and miscellaneous items. How can we get this cleaned up?
Our office was contacted earlier this month to report a gathering spot had been created just off a residential road, on Royal Botanical Gardens property. The hangout included garbage and items left behind by its visitors.
This type of meeting spot is definitely not encouraged and so we reached out to RBG staff who had it taken care of immediately. Should you encounter a similar site elsewhere in the ward, please let our office know at ward1@burlington.ca and we will work with staff and/or outside agencies to have it removed.

If you have a question that you would like to see appear in this section, please email ward1@burlington.ca and note "FAQ Section" in the subject line.
News From City Hall

Burlington’s Adopted Official Plan: Re-examining the Downtown
Burlington City Council has directed City staff to re-examine the downtown policies in Burlington’s adopted Official Plan, including the height and density of buildings.

By March 2020, Burlington City Council will vote to approve changes to the policies that will guide development in the downtown until 2031.

To assist Council in making their decision, the City will be hosting a series of public engagement sessions in August and October. These will be open conversations, where the community and the City work together to identify what matters most about downtown Burlington.
  • Learn more about the work Burlington is doing to ex-examine the downtown policies in the city adopted Official Plan
  • Read the engagement and communication plan for this project
  • Subscribe to receive project updates.

The first public engagement opportunities will occur beginning in mid-August. Stay tuned to www.GetInvolvedBurlington.ca for details!

Your input will directly influence a recommendation that will be presented to Burlington City Council in March 2020. Let’s work together to make the core of our city the best it can be.
Community Spotlight - Our Community Cares (OCC)
Our Community Cares (OCC), located at 702 Surrey Lane, is a non-profit organization that meets the varying needs of the community through their many programs and services.

OCC's desire is to provide free/affordable programming that strengthens the community by connecting families and individuals to each other and other valuable resources. 

They offer after-school care, life and social skills groups, recreational camps, adult social programs, and family fun days. OCC also provides general services like food and clothing and other assistance as needed.

For more information on how to donate, volunteer or register for one of their programs, please check out our website https://rockonline.ca/our-community-cares-occ/ or call 905-681-2777.
Ward 1 Community News & Events
Ward 1 Community Links
Local Boards & Community Involvement
In addition to serving as Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor, I have the opportunity to sit on a few other local boards and committees:
Royal Botanical Gardens Board
As a member of the Board of Directors for Ward 1's own Royal Botanical Gardens, I meet with a team of ## dedicated individuals, aimed at serving Burlington and beyond.
We meet roughly every 3 months, with the Annual General Meeting occurring in June.
For more information on the Royal Botanical Gardens, please visit www.rbg.ca
Tourism Burlington Board
Tourism Burlington is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent various sectors of the Tourism, Industry and Business sectors in the City of Burlington. The Board meets September to November and February to May on the 3rd Thursday of the month, with the Annual General Meeting held in May of each year.
For more information on Tourism Burlington, please visit www.tourismburlington.com
Aldershot Village BIA (Business Improvement Area)
The Aldershot Village BIA identifies Aldershot as a distinct community for shopping, dining and for doing business. The BIA contributes to a variety of initiatives including the completion of a full interchange at Waterdown Road and revitalization and development along the Plains Road corridor.
The BIA partners with several other Aldershot groups including the Aldershot Community Honour Roll, Plains Road Village Vision Group, Partnering Aldershot, Alderfest Community Festival and others to build support for approximately 250 retailers and service professionals.
For more information on Aldershot Village BIA, please visit www.aldershotbia.com
Stay Connected
I have committed to sharing frequent updates via social media channels. I would love to connect with you there to be able to share day to day information. If there are specific items you would like me to address, send me a note!
You can find me at the links below. If you would like to pick up a paper copy of this newsletter, copies are available at The Fitness Firm, 15 Plains Rd. West, or Aldershot BIA office 193 Plains Rd E Unit 6. We can also mail a copy to you - to request please call my office at 905-335-7600 x7863 or email ward1@burlington.ca
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As always, you can contact my office at any time through email, telephone, social media or by attending neighbourhood and public open house meetings.
City of Burlington & Region of Halton
Ward 1 Councillor
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