Ward 1 News from Councillor Kelvin Galbraith
March/April 2019
  • Greetings from Councillor Galbraith
  • Ward 1's First Drop In Meeting - April 11
  • Interim Control Bylaw
  • Jefferson Salamanders - on the move
  • Red Tape Red Carpet Task Force - Update
  • City of Burlington Budget
  • Winter Control Considerations 2019-2020
  • Customer Relationship Management Project (CRM)
  • Ward 1 Development
  • Ward 1 Construction
  • News from City Hall
  • Community Events, News & Links
  • Local Boards and Community Involvement
  • Get Involved
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Dear friends and neighbours, welcome to the 4th edition of Ward 1 News!

March was a very busy month. As we reflect back on a rough winter in terms of snow and ice on our roads, we welcome the spring with the sun shining and clear sidewalks and roadways. I would like to congratulate staff on doing an excellent job working with snow crews in very tough conditions. Council has committed to doing an even better job next year with many improvements being studied throughout the off season of winter.
In addition, I attended many board meetings, events and resident group meetings to keep engaged with my constituents and interest groups. Meetings included:
  • Aldershot Village BIA - AGM
  • Partnering Aldershot Board meeting
  • Top Chef - Gift of Giving Back event
  • Engaged Citizens of Burlington (ECOB) Ward 1 meeting
  • Tourism Burlington Board meeting
  • Burlington Cycling Committee meeting
  • Royal Botanical Gardens Board meeting
  • Burlington Economic Development Corporation - Bus tour of employment sites in our city
  • Cities in Action - Climate Change Summit
  • Red Tape Red Carpet - Town Hall
  • City Council meeting

If you would like to stay up to date on events both at City Hall and in and around Burlington, be sure to Like our Facebook Page , Follow on Twitter or Instagram .

As always, you can contact my office with Ward 1 related issues. We'd be happy to help.

Kelvin Galbraith
Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor
City Of Burlington

Assistant: Tara at ward1@burlington.ca
Ward 1 Drop In - Have Your Say - April 11 6:00
We look forward to seeing you at our first ever Ward 1 drop-in session, taking place at Mapleview Centre on April 11, 2019 6:00pm - 8:00pm. My table will be located near Dairy Queen.

I will be meeting with residents for 15 minutes at a time to formally greet, take note of any concerns, and to offer suggestions. Anything I can't answer at the drop in will get a follow up in the coming days, and I will post any questions raised on a new FAQ section of my newsletter.

I will be announcing my next ward neighbourhood meeting shortly, but in the meantime would like to take this opportunity to meet with you one on one.

If you have any questions you would like to send me in advance, please do not hesitate to contact me at ward1@burlington.ca
Interim Control Bylaw
On March 5th at a Special Meeting of Council, Burlington City Council voted 5-1 in favour of a staff report recommending an interim control bylaw (ICBL)

The bylaw restricts any development within the boundaries of the Downtown Urban Growth Centre and lands in proximity to the Burlington GO station, for a period of at least one year.

During this freeze, Staff will complete a land-use study so that they can assess the role and function of the downtown bus terminal and the Burlington Go station on Fairview Street as Major Transit Station Areas, examine the planning structure, landuse mix identified in the study area, and update the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw regulations as needed for the lands identified in the study area.

Developments within the boundaries that are exempt include 490-492 Brock Avenue, 374 Martha Street, 421 Brant Street and 442 Pearl Street.

Ward 1 impacts include the Amica proposal at 1157-1171 Northshore Boulevard - this development will not go forward at this time as it was not exempted from the Urban Growth Centre Boundaries.

I did not vote to support the staff report. Should you wish to discuss this, please contact me directly.

I will keep Ward 1 residents updated as I hear more.
Jefferson Salamanders - on the move!
The annual closure of King Road to allow for the safe passage of the endangered Jefferson salamanders during their breeding migration began on Monday, March 18. King Road will be closed from the base of the Niagara Escarpment to Mountain Brow Road for approximately four weeks.

Since 2012, the City of Burlington has closed the same section of road for the salamanders which are a nationally and provincially protected endangered species.

In Canada, the Jefferson salamander is found in Southern Ontario in select areas of deciduous forest, mostly along the Niagara Escarpment.

Jefferson salamanders spend the majority of their lives underground. As the weather warms up and the spring rains begin, the salamanders emerge and migrate to breed in temporary ponds formed by run-off, laying their eggs in clumps attached to underwater vegetation. Adults leave the ponds after breeding. By late summer, the larvae lose their gills, become air-breathing and leave the pond to head into the surrounding forests.

Adult salamanders migrate to their breeding ponds during wet rainy nights. They show a strong affinity for the pond in which they hatched and can be very determined to reach it, sometimes requiring them to cross busy roads.

The Jefferson salamander is protected at both the provincial and national levels. It was added to Ontario’s endangered species list in 2011. Jefferson salamanders have a grey or brown-coloured back, with lighter under-parts. Blue flecks may be present on the sides and limbs. 

Adult Jefferson salamanders are 12 to 20 cm long. The long tail makes up half this length.

Unlike most small animals, Jefferson salamanders can live a very long time; up to 30 years of age. 

We are happy to support this migration effort, and wish safe travels to our salamander friends!
Red Tape Red Carpet Task Force - Update
Many thanks go to the business leaders, developers, and staff who attended the Red Tape Red Carpet Task Force Town Hall at Waterfront Hotel on March 28.

Along with Mayor Marianne Meed-Ward, I heard great input on the issues facing those interested in doing business here in Burlington. This is one of the first steps in reducing "red tape" barriers and bureaucratic delays.

In the coming weeks, it is our goal that some tangible steps are identified, which can be fully fleshed out in order to provide recommendations to Council and beyond.

I will continue to keep you posted on this important initiative through newsletter and social media. For more information on the Red Tape Red Carpet Task Force, please visit Mayor Meed Ward's post here
2019 City Of Burlington Budget
At City Council meeting on February 25th, Burlington City Council approved the Capital Budget, and on March 25th the Operating Budget, with an overall increase of 2.99%

Some highlights to this new budget include:
  • An 18-month pilot program that provides free transit service for seniors, Monday-Friday between 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.;
  • Free transit for residents who qualify for Halton Region’s Subsidized Passes for Low Income Transit (SPLIT) program;
  • Approved funding for six additional bus operators and one additional Handi-Van driver;
  • Additional funding for sidewalk snow plowing maintenance;
  • Two additional municipal bylaw enforcement officers;
  • Additional staffing for more seniors programming;
  • Increased maintenance at the recently renewed Burloak Regional Waterfront Park;
  • 1-year pilot to conduct new city-wide home fire safety program.

I would once again like to thank everyone who took part in the engagement process in the lead up to budget discussions.

If you would like to discuss the impact of the new budget, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office at ward1@burlington.ca
Retail Cannabis in Burlington
THIS JUST IN: Burlington has received another application for a cannabis retail store. The applicant is Pioneer Cannabis Co., located at 1200 Brant Street, Unit B-004. Updates will be provided shortly.

As previously shared, a license has been granted to Burlington's first legal cannabis retail store.

RELM Cannabis Co., at 103-4031 Fairview St., is the only area store to meet the April 1 deadline for Ontario's first 25 legal operators to set up shop.

RELM opened its doors early on Monday to accommodate the predicted crowds. It will normally operate daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Council passed a motion to create a Cannabis Retail Task Force to address specific cannabis issues. I will update with any news arising from this group as it is made available.

I will continue to share updates on this important issue as they arise - be sure to follow on social media for the most current information.
Winter Control Considerations for 2019-2020
Each spring, Council reviews resident feedback received regarding winter control measures and uses this to provide comment on the Winter Control Plan for the upcoming winter season.

Taking into consideration how difficult this winter has been in terms of fluctuating temperatures and weather systems, Council would like to make suggestions to staff at Roads, Parks and Forestry in order to better serve their constituents. This is where residents have a unique opportunity to provide specific feed back that could result in positive change.

If you have feedback, photos etc to share regarding the 2018-2019 Winter control measures taken in your neighbourhood, please provide them to me at ward1@burlington.ca.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The City is updating how we deliver, track and prioritize customer requests to optimize customer service delivery and improve your experience. Callers will be asked to provide their name, contact numbers and address. This information is only used for the purpose of fulfilling your request and will not be shared without your consent. Should you wish to remain anonymous, or withhold certain information, you are free to do so.

For faster service when contacting the city regarding service requests, please use city@burlington.ca ; ward1@burlington.ca or mayor@burlington.ca . These emails are monitored during regular business hours and customers can expect notification that their email has been received and in some instances a case number may be assigned to help track your request.
Ward 1 Development
1157-1171 Northshore Boulevard
As previously mentioned, as a result of the City Council 5-1 vote to support an interim control bylaw, the development will not be moving ahead at this time. I continue to have dialogue with residents regarding this development and the ICBL. If you would like to share your thoughts, please email me at kelvin.galbraith@burlington.ca

Please forward comments to Rosalind Minaji, rosalind.minaji@burlington.ca a nd forward a copy of comments to Curt Benson curt.benson@halton.ca

For more information on this development, please visit here
"Georgian Court" - 610, 611 Surrey Lane; 865 King Road; 615, 699 Marley Road; 847, 871, 894, 917 Warwick Drive
You are invited to attend a Statutory Public Meeting to consider the proposed Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law amendment and plan of subdivision application for the above noted property. The meeting will take place on April 2, 2019, 6:30pm at Burlington City Hall in Council Chambers.

Since this is a statutory public meeting, you do not have to register in advance in order to speak. However, if you wish to arrange in advance to speak at the statutory public meeting, please register online at www.burlington.ca/delegation or contact Jo-Anne Rudy, Committee Clerk at (905) 335-7600 Ext. 7413 or Jo-Anne.Rudy@burlington.ca. Speakers are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes each and are webcasted online.
Also, if you have presentation materials, they must be submitted to Ms. Rudy by noon the day before the meeting to allow for their distribution and review by all members of the Committee. Please note the content of all submissions is considered to be public and will be posted to the city’s website

NOTE: No decisions about this application have been made at this time. A recommendation report will be presented to the Planning and Development Committee in the future.

The response deadline for comments on this resubmission is April 29, 2019. Please forward comments to Rosalind Minaji, rosalind.minaji@burlington.ca and forward a copy of comments to Curt Benson curt.benson@halton.ca

For more information on this development, please visit here
1085 Clearview Avenue ( 1085 Clearview Ave., 1082, 1086 & 1090 St. Matthews Ave.)
You are invited to attend a Statutory Public Meeting to discuss and consider the proposed Official Plan Amendment, and Zoning By-law Amendment application for 1085 Clearview.

Application has been submitted to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law for the subject lands.
A 6 storey, 160 unit residential apartment building is proposed. 203 parking spaces are proposed, with 154 spaces located in a below-grade parking structure, and 49 spaces provided at grade.
Two vehicle entrances are proposed for the site, located on the east and west sides of the proposed residential building. The building is proposed to have two main resident entrances, one fronting onto Masonry Court, and the other from the rear of the building.
Speaking at the meeting:

Registration in advance is not required to speak at the meeting. If you wish to register, please visit www.burlington.ca/delegation or contact Jo-Anne Rudy at Jo-Anne.Rudy@burlington.ca or call 905-335-7600 Ext. 7413
1663 Waterdown Road & 66 Horning Road ("Paletta Lands"), 48 Flatt Road ("Taylor Lands")
A Request for Comments has been distributed for the above noted properties, also known as "Eagle Heights".

Paletta International Corporation, represented by Penta Properties Inc. has resubmitted their applications to amend the Official Plan, amend the Zoning Bylaw and create a draft Plan of Subdivision in order to facilitate the development of 914 residential units and associated park, storm water management, open space and buffer blocks.

The applicant has submitted a revised set of technical reports, along with a revised development concept requesting a total of 914 residential units on the Paletta and Taylor lands. The proposed changes reflect the results of the technical studies, and request increases to the proposed number of units and the impervious surface cover per lot.

The response deadline for comments on this resubmission is April 29, 2019. Please forward comments to Rosalind Minaji, rosalind.minaji@burlington.ca and forward a copy of comments to Curt Benson curt.benson@halton.ca

For more information on this development, please visit here
Ward 1 Construction
Maplehurst Public School Playground Improvements
Summer of 2019 will bring an improved playspace at Maplehurst Public School at 481 Plains Road East.

Improvements will include
  • The removal of existing playground equipment
  • The removal of pea gravel safety surfaces and plastic perimeter curbing
  • The installation of concrete perimeter curbs with transition curbs for accessibility
  • The installation of new playground equipment and swings
  • The placement of engineered wood fibre safety surfacing at playground and swings
  • The installation of an accessible pathway to the playground, swings and new bench

Construction is expected to begin in July 2019,. and will take 6-8 weeks to complete (weather permitting)

New playground equipment (rendering above) is scheduled to be installed in August 2019. The playground area will be closed during construction for safety purposes.

For more information on these improvements, including the Love My Playground! Study previously conducted, please visit here.

For questions on this project, please contact Kim Napier, Landscape Architect kim.napier@burlington.ca or 905-335-7600 x7900
Beaufort Drive Area
Halton Region has mailed a NOTICE OF CONSTRUCTION UPDATE to Beaufort Drive residents, informing them of ongoing construction works for the Beaufort Pumping Station and Reservoir Expansion.

While this project was expected to have been complete in 2018, unforeseen challenges have presented a delay. These challenges have now been resolved and the contractor is in the process of commissioning the new pumping station and reservoir, with an anticipated completion in the spring of 2019.

Once the commissioning is complete, the existing pumping station and reservoir will be demolished, followed by a final restoration of the site. This work is expected to be complete by the summer of 2019.

If you have any questions or require further information on this project, you can dial 311 or contact David Olsen, Senior Project Advisor at 905-825-6000 x7433 or david.olsen@halton.ca

Maple Avenue Area Minor Reconstruction
City of Burlington has mailed a PROJECT UPDATE to Maple Avenue residents, informing them of continuing watermain work on Maple Avenue.
The tentative construction timeline is from February 2019 to September 2019 (weather permitting). Area residents may experience disruption in access, parking, water services, and mail. More information on the project and the possible impacts to residents can be found here

For day to day construction inquiries regarding road, curb, storm sewer and other general inquiries, please contact Ryan Stoneman, Contract Administrator 905-335-7600 x7818 ryan.stoneman@burlington.ca.

For day to day construction inquiries regarding watermain and water service replacement, please contact Bilal Sherazi, Project Manager 905-825-6000 x7931 bilal.sherazi@halton.ca
Ester Drive Area Minor Reconstruction
City of Burlington and Halton Region are together making improvements to Ester Drive, Janina Boulevard and Humphrey's Crescent.

The proposed construction will include:

Ester Drive
  • New watermain and water services
  • New wastewater main and services
  • Full depth asphalt roadway replacement
  • Curb and gutter replacement
  • Spot sidewalk replacement
Janina Boulevard
  • New watermain and water services
  • New wastewater main and services
  • Full depth asphalt roadway replacement
  • Curb and gutter replacement
  • Spot sidewalk replacement
  • Tree removal
Humphrey's Crescent
  • New watermain and water services
  • New wastewater main and services
  • Full depth asphalt roadway replacement
  • Curb and gutter replacement

This is anticipated to be a two-year project, completed in 2020. Once a contractor has been selected, an updated schedule will be provided.

More information about this project can be found here

For day to day construction inquiries regarding road construction, please contact Rob Stuart, Project Manager 905-335-7600 x7519 robert.stuart@burlington.ca

For day to day construction inquiries regarding watermain and wastewater service please contact Tomas Ycas, Project Manager 905-825-6000 x3168 tomas.ycas@halton.ca
News From City Hall
Ward 1 Community News & Events
For the 46th year, Burlington Runners are pleased to present the springtime classic
Good Friday Road Race Friday April 19th, 2019 - Aldershot High School; Burlington, Ontario
Specific Events
  • 1 km Bunny Hop Kids Race
  • 5 km Race
  • 10 km Race 
Event Overview
This is the premier family running event in the province. 'Feet' down. The day kicks off with the 1 km Bunny Hop race where many of the area's kids get their first experience racing. Over the 1 km, you'll see every emotion, feel every step, and usually be amazed by (and envious of) the speed of some of these kids. Once that wraps up, the big races get underway and they are packed with talent. Some of the area's best runners and running teams kick off their season with this race so spectators get an eye full as these runners glide through this race. It all done and wrapped up by lunch time, just in time to head home and start getting your Easter dinner ready or get in the car and head off to the family event.
For more info, please visit here
Aldershot Community Honour Roll
Celebrating over 10 years of outstanding citizens of Aldershot!
Nominations are now closed. For more information on this celebration, please visit achr.ca

Aldershot Community Business Award
The Aldershot BIA is pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the Aldershot Community Business Award to recognize a business that has supported and fostered community engagement in the Aldershot community.
If you know of a business that fits this description, please contact judy@aldershotbia.com for more information. Nomination deadline for this award is April 30, 2019.

Celebration date May 29, 2019, 7:00 - 9:00pm at LaSalle Park Pavillion
For more information or to sign up for this wonderful initiative please visit here
Aldershot Lions Club Garage Sale
Ward 1 Community Links
Local Boards & Community Involvement
In addition to serving as Ward 1 City and Regional Councillor, I have the opportunity to sit on a few other local boards and committees:
Royal Botanical Gardens Board
As a member of the Board of Directors for Ward 1's own Royal Botanical Gardens, I meet with a team of ## dedicated individuals, aimed at serving Burlington and beyond.
We meet roughly every 3 months, with the Annual General Meeting occurring in June.
For more information on the Royal Botanical Gardens, please visit www.rbg.ca
Tourism Burlington Board
Tourism Burlington is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent various sectors of the Tourism, Industry and Business sectors in the City of Burlington. The Board meets September to November and February to May on the 3rd Thursday of the month, with the Annual General Meeting held in May of each year.
For more information on Tourism Burlington, please visit www.tourismburlington.com
Aldershot Village BIA (Business Improvement Area)
The Aldershot Village BIA identifies Aldershot as a distinct community for shopping, dining and for doing business. The BIA contributes to a variety of initiatives including the completion of a full interchange at Waterdown Road and revitalization and development along the Plains Road corridor.
The BIA partners with several other Aldershot groups including the Aldershot Community Honour Roll, Plains Road Village Vision Group, Partnering Aldershot, Alderfest Community Festival and others to build support for approximately 250 retailers and service professionals.
For more information on Aldershot Village BIA, please visit www.aldershotbia.com
Get Involved
You are invited to join the conversation by signing up to register with the Get Involved Burlington site.
Current Topics include:
  • Multi-Year Accessibility Plan
  • Civic Square Renewal
  • Mid-Rise Buildings
  • Better Transit
  • and more!
Sign up today! We want to hear from you!
Stay Connected
I have committed to sharing frequent updates via social media channels. I would love to connect with you there to be able to share day to day information. If there are specific items you would like me to address, send me a note!
You can find me here:
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As always, you can contact my office at any time through email, telephone, social media or by attending neighbourhood and public open house meetings.
City of Burlington & Region of Halton
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