Volume 2 | September 1, 2019
Middle School News
Here we go with week #2 at Roycemore!
School Starts at 8:20am for all Middle School students. Please ensure your child arrives to school no later than 8:15am each morning in order to be ready to START with Homeroom at 8:20am.
Great First Week of School!

We were so pleased to welcome our new students to Roycemore last Monday during our Middle School Orientation. Aside from learning a LOT of important information about what to expect in the Roycemore Middle School, we also had a LOT of fun! Below and to the right are photos of students participating in a Design Challenge. Given a single can of Pringles, work with your team to make a ring out of the Pringles! (The toughest aspect of this STEM challenge is not EATING the building materials!) It was a great team building exercise and ice breaker for our students.

If, for some reason, you were unable to attend the orientation, please be sure to check in with Mrs. Finley Odell to ensure you receive the info highlights. We don't want you to miss ANYTHING!
Don't Miss out on Miniature School Night this Thursday!
Make sure you or someone in your family can attend Miniature School night this Thursday beginning at 5:45pm. What is Miniature School? In some schools this is referred to as "Back to School Night." At Roycemore, we call it Miniature School because parents or guardians have the opportunity to experience what a day in the life of school is like for their child.

You will follow a shortened schedule for your child over the course of the evening, hearing from each of your child's teachers about the class they are teaching your child. For many families, they get so excited that their response is, "Wow, I wish I could go back to school!" Even if you have attended previously, be sure you come this year as there have been changes you will want to be sure to understand-- such as our new morning Homeroom routine!!

See you there!!
After School Clubs & Activities
We have some GREAT new clubs and activities offered this year including Lego Robotics, Fencing, Guitar, Violin, Improv, Board/ Game Club and, as always, our inter-scholastic sports. Please complete the attached registration form.

Congratulations to Griffindor!

For winning the first House competition of the 2019-2020 school year, Tug-of-War! We were graced with a gorgeous day for it and the students had a great time outside socializing with the other members of their House, which include a mix of 5th through 8th grade.

Mr. Stanley met with the 8th grade class to provide their thoughts on what other House events we should have this year. Some of the future competitions will include: Volleyball, Pumpkin Carving, 8th grade baby picture contest, Trivia Contest, and Gaga. And as we think about the community around us and service, there will be a canned food drive and a beach clean up!!
Opportunity at Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development (CTD) in Human Rights & Advocacy
Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development is offering a new hybrid class for kids interested in human rights and youth advocacy, and there are still a few “seats” available---I’m attaching a flyer for it in case you have students who might be interested. If you have any questions, please email Amy at  a-gyamathy@northwestern.edu .
They will take registrations until Sept 9.
Sports and Clubs this coming week!!
  • Drama/ Improv 3:30-4:30pm- even if you haven't signed up yet, all are welcome at no charge this week to try it out!! (normally $10 per class)
  • Volleyball Practice 3:30-4:30pm
  • Soccer Practice 3:30-5:30pm
  • Cross Country Practice 3:30-3:30pm
  • Volleyball Practice 3:
  • Soccer Practice 3:30-5:30pm

  • Cross Country Practice 3:30-4:30pm*
  • Volleyball Practice 3:00-3:45pm*
  • Soccer Practice TBA
*On Thursday all volleyball players and xc runners will come to the gym. Both teams will practice in the gym.

  • Drama Improv 3:30-4:30pm(again no charge this week- students may try it out!!)
  • Soccer Practice 3:30-5:30pm
  • Middle School Cross Country MEET! Depaul Ram Cup at Homer Park Times TBD
Upcoming Dates
Thursday, Sept. 5
-After School Clubs & Activities Sign Up Forms Due
-First day of advisory
-Miniature School 5:45pm-8:30pm- All parents requested to attend
Thurs- Fri. Sept. 19-20    
-MS Overnight to Camp Henry Horner
Medical Forms

Please be sure to send in your child's medical forms: Certificate of Child Health Exam, Proof of School Dental Exam and Eye Exam Report forms by the first day of school. 
These forms are available on our website at  https://roycemoreschool.org/parents/roycemore-school-parent-resources/ .   State law requires these forms be on file by the first day of school and your child cannot attend school without them.

Student-Parent Handbook
Please be sure that you and your child are familiar with what you can expect from the school and what we expect of the members of our community by reading the Student-Parent Handbook. The handbook includes guidelines for student behavior, attendance, dress code and more! It can be found in the Parents pull down menu bar of the website under "Quick Links and Resources" and also HERE!
Please visit our online store at    www.roycemoreschool.org/schoolstore    to get   wonderful items to wear and use. I know you will all love what the RFA has chosen.  There are COOL NEW items available that you will love!!