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Charlotte: Lead Teacher
Is your child absent, ill, or changing plans?

Please do remember that if your child is absent or changing their plans, that you need to let us know! 

Please let us know via email or phone as soon as possible if there are any changes!!

Open House:
We made a quick video of the space, and introduce ourselves quick, if you want to get a feel for the program before you come!

Got Questions?

Don't be shy! Call or email! We will be happy to help!

Welcome Aboard!

Greetings everyone! The past few months have been different for all of us - and like all of you we are looking forward to the school year! We have been spending the time away to re-imagine the our program to meet the needs of our current world. Don't worry - all the fun things you know and love about MAP are still very much here! We can't wait to share the fun with all of you, while staying safe!

What you need to know:

You are in Group 1 (we will be letting the kids rename their groups once we all get together!) Your drop off time is 8am-8:15am, and pick up time is 5pm-5:15pm. These groups were made by both Wheelock Classroom, and floor of the building. 

Please try not to be early or late for these times. We are staggering drop-offs and pick-ups and it is imperative that everyone is here at the scheduled time. If you have more than one MAPster and have a hard time getting to both at your specified time, please mention it to your Program Director - we will work something out!

Please follow the red route for pick up and drop off. This route is what the school has requested MAP families use.

MAP is required to have a parent or guardian screen each child daily for symptoms of COVID or any other illness. It is a quick Google Form, and should only take a minute or two. We will provide the link to the form a few times - please save it, bookmark it, or find some way to get back to the link each day. Every response is time-stamped, and we will not be able to accept forms that were filled out the night before. Please fill out the form for each MAPster before 7:30am every day.
Completing the form after 7:30 will cause a delay at drop-off time, which will already be a busy time for staff and families. If the form has not been filled out prior to drop-off, we will not be able to allow your child out of the vehicle.
We will have paper copies available - we will ask you to park while you fill one out and get back in line. Thank you for your cooperation in making the process go as smoothly as possible!

There are many changes that we have made...here is a quick look at the approximate schedule of the day*:

7-7:30am: Parents complete the health screening google doc.
8-8:45am: Staggered drop off. You will be met at your car by a teacher at your assigned time who will take your child.
8:45-9: All students in the building for their synchronous remote learning meeting with their teachers.
9-930am: Students will begin their asynchronous learning, with their MAP teacher available for assistance.
9:30-10:15: MAP time (free play, project, activity, etc)
10:15-10:30 Morning snack, mask break OUTSIDE
10:30-11: Asynchronous learning supported by MAP teachers
11-12pm: MAP time
12-12:30pm: Lunch and mask break OUTSIDE
12:30-1: MAP time
1:1:30: Final asynchronous learning
1:30-2:45: MAP Time (free play, project, activity, etc.)
2:45-3: Snack and mask break OUTSIDE
3:-5:00: MAP Time (free play, project, activity, etc)
5:00-5:30: Straggered pick up. You will be met by teacher at your assigned time to pick up your child.

*This schedule is based on the best guess we have on what the remote school day looks like, and is subject to change as we navigate the new system the school is using!
What to BRING:
  • A charged, unlocked device for school work - we will be using them this week and next week before school starts to make sure we can all get online and have access to the school materials
  • School and art supplies - if your child's school supplies were sent to the school, please send a small box/bag with crayons, markers, scissors, and pencils for them to use before school starts - just gather things around the house, please don't go buy anything new yet! We will let families know if we end up needing a separate set of supplies for MAP (if they are leaving their supplies at school each day)
  • Lunch - each item needs to be wrapped individually, as all food must beconsumed or disposed of once open. Please pack food that is ready to eat - teachers will not handle food to re-heat, cut, or prepare. MAP is NOT nut-free, we're just very careful!
  • At least 2 snacks (more is better, in case they get hungry)
  • Refillable water bottle, labeled with name
  • At least 2 masks, labeled with name
  • A towel or small blanket to sit on outside for lunch, snack, or other activities

Meet Your Teachers!

Alex Sakash - Program Director

Alex has been at MAP since 2013, and is going into his 4th year as Director. Alex went to the program as a child, and enjoys paying forward his experiences with the kids!

Charlotte Cassidy - Lead Teacher

Charlotte has been at MAP since 2014! Charlotte loves arts, crafts, and dressing up as characters to teach!

Joe Davanage - Team Teacher

Joe has been at MAP since 2017! Joe loves being outside and being active with the kids, and aspires to be an elementary school teacher one day!

Kimmy Hepler - Team Teacher

Kimmy has been at MAP since 2019! Kimmy takes the time to get to know what the kids are in to - and shares their enthusiasm for those things!

Nate Bazinet - Team Teacher
Nate joined us last year! Nate has traveled the world and loves to share his experiences!

Contact Us:
Alex Sakash                                               Annette Gallagher                      
2nd-3rd Grade Program Director               Executive Director                 
508.359.8513                                             508.359.0003                        
alex.23map@gmail.com                            annette.map@comcast.net   
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