MAP Newsletter

August/September 2022

Welcome to (or back to) Wheelock!

Whether you are new to us or coming back to us, we are SO GLAD to have you and your family with us for this upcoming school year! We are excited to get going on another great year here at MAP and we have so much in store for you!

What to Expect from a Typical Day

3pm: MAP Staff will meet MAPsters at school dismissal for attendance, then everyone will have free play outside!

3:30pm: Snack. 

4pm: Choice time! Children will have a choice of either a structured project in the Main MAP room, a structured gym game, or continued free play outside! Club will begin at this time starting in October.

4:30pm: Main Room is open for freeplay, children can also make the choice to free play outdoors or in the gym.

5:15pm: Club ends (Again, starting in October)

5:45: Outside/Gym Closes, MAP room is cleaned up, and remaining MAPsters gather for group games at the Red Table

6pm: MAP closes

  1. If your child is absent from or has a change in plans after school, in addition to updating School Dismissal Manager please email Alex at 
  2. Please plan on bringing your ID in the first few times you pick up! Our staff rotates greeting duties, so we may ask you for ID until we get to know you! If someone else is picking up, please both let us know and let them know to bring ID! We do this for the safety of each child!
  3. Make sure you have set up your email to ensure that MAP related Constant Contacts are not going to spam! We send out sign up information, newsletters, and other important communication out via Constant Contact. Our special sign up days for vacations and non school day openings fill up quick! You want to be aware of the deadlines for those days!
  4. We have lots of growing kids here! Pack some additional snacks for MAP in their bags! We also will be offering snacks, but believe us when we say these kiddos work up quite the appetite! 
  5. We spend lots of time outside, year round! Weather appropriate clothing, water, sunscreen/bug spray to keep in their bags is beneficial. We have so much outdoor space here at Wheelock and we utilize it!

Dates to Know

8/29-8/30 Special Sign-Up Days

8/31 - First Day of School

9/2 - Early Release Day for Gr. 1-12 - all children who are regularly enrolled on Fridays will come to MAP at 11:40. Please send a lunch, water bottle, and extra snacks, and be sure to let us know if your child will not be attending.

9/5 - No School, MAP CLOSED, enjoy the long weekend!

9/26 - No School, MAP OPEN 8am-6pm for families who sign up by 9/7. The link to sign up for the day has been emailed, slots are already filling up.

Meet Your Teachers

Alex Sakash- Program Director

Alex enjoys a variety of sports, and takes great pride in being able to engage kids in the imaginative world of Dungeons and Dragons!

Alex has been at MAP for ~15 years, both as a MAP kid in the 90s and as a teacher since 2013.

Kelly Meisner - Lead Teacher

Kelly enjoys working with the kids on all sorts of hands on science activities!

Kelly has been at MAP since 2020. 

Kim Hepler- Team Teacher

Kim enjoys connecting with kids through both music and minecraft!

Kim has been at MAP since 2019.

Jack Bodozian- Team Teacher

Jack has an extensive athletic background and is an eager participant in the gym with the kids!

Jack was a MAPster as a child, and returned to teach here in 2020.

Maggie McIsaac- Team Teacher

Maggie is currently studying Education at Framingham State. Her projects are always popular with the kids!

Maggie has been with MAP since 2021.

Marie McNeely - Team Teacher

Marie has a background as a Paraprofessional and enjoys building relationships with the MAPsters!

Marie has been with MAP since 2021.

Amy Emerson - Team Teacher

Amy is currently attending Dean College for Education. She is enjoys doing various art projects with the kids and has an affinity for bucket hats!

Amy has been with MAP since 2021, and will be joining us Tuesday and Thursday.

Brian Knott - Team Teacher

Brian enjoys sports of all kinds and was most recently a director at the Medfield Park and Rec Camp!

We are excited for him to begin his MAP career this year!

Annette Gallagher- Executive Director

MAPs main office is here at Wheelock, so Annette is available throughout the day - often times being the most popular person in the room when her friend Marshmellow gets to play on the floor!

Annette has over 25 years here at MAP and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to all the programs!

Marshmallow - Assistant Teacher

Marshmallow enjoys being looked at, talked to quietly, and occassionally gently pet. She is very health conscious and enjoys being a positive role model for a healthy diet of fruit and veggies!

She has been at MAP for 4 years! 

Soon to be Introduced... - Team Teacher

We are in the process of potentially hiring another awesome teacher! 

We are hoping that our team will be rounded out in the near future!

If you know someone who would be a great addition to the MAP team, please speak to Alex. If not here, there may be open positions at our other sites!

Alex Sakash


Billing Questions?


Annette Gallagher