Issue #3 | November 2017

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PTSD Team Makes a Difference for Veteran's Day!
On Thursday, November 9th, the Venture Team known as PTSD from Oakmont Regional High School hosted a Veteran's Day - themed fundraiser Trivia Night at the Tavern on Central in Ashburnham, MA.

Harmonic Heroes Steal the Show at Texas Roadhouse!
Another fundraiser that took place on Thursday, November 9th, was Venture Team, Harmonic Heroes ' restaurant and raffle event at Texas Roadhouse in Leominster, MA!

UWYV Alumni, Luke Cardwell, Zayna Basma, and Lauren Wilkins, made a special appearance at the 2017 Fall Kick-Off to share their insights on an Alumni Panel and present the Emerging Leaders and Changemaker of the Year awards to the next generation of Venture Teams.

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