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A New Approach to Live Education
Looking back, 2020 wasn’t all bad. COVID forced us to stay home, and it simplified our calendars. Communication and events were (and still are) solely online. And, we all had time to reflect on what’s most important in our lives. What do we really want to add back into our world? What’s working and what can we improve?

When it comes to architect education, the live webcasts last year allowed us to collect invaluable feedback from our participants. The same questions were asked consistently. Some include:

Does this product have a fire rating?

What’s the life of the product? How long is the warranty?

Would you describe the proper installation to prevent moisture penetration?

What STC rating is most appropriate for my project?

Is this course valid for USGBC credit? Does it contribute to LEED credit?

With such tremendous feedback, we realized that our course delivery could be refined. Why not organize our full-day, live seminars around those subjects that are most important to architects? Attendees should want to attend the seminar based on the building solution or building type…not just to complete the credits for their license.

With COVID, we were given the gift of reflection, and we’re excited to kick-off our new approach to architect education. And, we hope to continue our in-person, city-based seminars later in the year too (fingers crossed).

Make sure to check out the complete calendar of 75 live seminars featuring those hot topics, building types, and mixed topics. Click HERE to see all events.

Happy New Year!  
The "Fold House" in Hamilton, Ontario.
Partisans, an architecture firm in Toronto, designed this high-end residence to blend into its natural surrounds. Made of bent wood and steel, this home features an 80-foot wide and 10-foot tall sliding glass facade. Click HERE to see this architectural marvel.
Did You Know
Inspiration by nature is the 2021 design trend.
According to 1stdibs and AD PRO, earth tones, natural elements, and the 1970s will be prominent this year.
Learn and Earn
An All-New CE Schedule for 2021.
  • Live, online seminars including 6 CE courses.
  • Seminars focused on a hot topic or building type.
  • Virtual events based in regions, time-zone, or states.
  • In-person learning in late 2021 (fingers crossed).
Click on the image to learn more or to register.
Hot Topic:Building Envelope
Region: Eastern Time Zone
January 26, 2021
Valid for 7 AIA HSW, 7 USGBC
Project Type: Education
Regions: NE and MidAtlantic
February 4, 2021
Valid for 6 AIA HSW, 5 USGBC
Project Type: Commercial
Region: East and South East
February 16, 2021
Valid for 6 AIA HSW, 3 USGBC
Hot Topic: Acoustic
Region: Central Time Zone
February 17, 2021
Valid Up to 6 AIA HSW & USGBC
Hot Topic: Fire-Rated
Region: Mountain Time Zone
February 18, 2021
Valid Up to 6 AIA HSW & USGBC
Mixed Topic
Region: Ontario, Canada
February 23, 2021
Valid Up to 6 OAA & OAQ
New Online Courses Available.
Available anytime and at your own pace.
Featured Course:
Specification Strategies to Eliminate Concrete Moisture
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