Miami Beach Senior High PTSA ENewsletter 
August 25, 2016 - Volume 2

Welcome to a new school year!


August 25-26, Picture Days, for school ID and Yearbook.
August 29, 9th Grade Orientation, 8-9 am, (students only)
August 30, no school, Teacher Planning Day
August 31, 11th Grade Orientation, 8-9 am, (students only)
August 31, EESAC meeting, 2:30-4 pm.
September 1, 10th Grade Orientation, 8-9 am, (students only)
September 1, deadline to register for October 1 SAT.
September 2, 12th Grade Orientation, 8-9 am, (students only)
September 5, no school, Labor Day
September 10, ACT test, registered students
September 12-23, EOC's: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Biology, and US History. Eligible students.
September 13, PTSA Board meeting. 7:30 - 9 am, Media Center. Everybody is welcome!
September 14, Junior Parent Night
September 16, registration deadline for October 22 ACT.
September 16-23, Herff Jones Ring Sales during both lunches 
September 21, Senior Parent Night
September 22, AOHT Flea Market
September 23, Club Fair
September 26-30, Senior Breakfast tickets sale
September 29, Early Release, 12:20 pm (after lunch)
September 29, Hispanic Heritage Month Luncheon

2016-2017 MDCPS Calendar

Download the school calendar

Testing Calendar: from the desk of Ms. Sevillanos, Testing Chair.

Please take a moment to check and download the Testing Calendar and mark important dates on your agenda, such as EOC's, AP's and FSA test dates. Please note: dates are tentative.  
SAT - ACT Calendars:

Click on the following links to see the testing dates released by the College Board and ACT for the 2016-2017 PSAT, SAT, and ACT:

The easiest way to register for the SAT is online at and for ACT online at
Miami Beach Senior High School Code is 101140 for both tests.

MBSH is a uniform school and all students should be in compliance from day one.
We are very excited to work with Ibiley Uniform. They will be bringing polo shirts   in red or white to be purchased plain or leave them for embroidery.  
Parking for students is by permit only in the South parking lot in front of the school. Decals can be purchased by seniors   only for the first 2 weeks through the treasurer ' s office.
Drop-off for students is on Prairie Avenue only.
If you are missing anything from your opening of schools packet, please have your first period teacher contact Ms. Sakowicz (Ms. Bowen) in the activities office.
There will be grade level orientation assemblies next week and ID distribution this week.
The Boys Cross Country Team has been practicing and getting ready for the Cross Country season for almost a month now. Anyone who is interested in joining the team, please contact Coach Robby in room 290. Physicals and insurance are needed. Anyone who is part of the team should report to practice by 2:30pm in the wrestling room. Please bring a water bottle and your strong heart and mind! Remember that hard work pays off! Coach Robby hopes to see a large turnout.

Any girls interested in joining Cross Country should speak to Ms. Silveira in room 375. The deadline to join is Friday, September 2.

If you weren ' t able to get a soccer ticket yesterday, we just received more today. You can pick one up at the SGA table during either lunch. 
Anyone interested in SCUBA Diving should see Mr. Salisbury in room 266.
Any boys or girls interested in joining the Golf Team, please see Coach Garcia in room 207 or Coach Perez in room 315.
The Robotics and eSports Club will meet on Monday, August 29 after school in Room 504. All students are welcome.
If there are any students that are NOT signed up for TV and would like to be involved with Beach Film News, they should see Ms. Pierce. We are having our first Beach Film News meeting one week from Monday after school in room   330.

Public health, water, trees, recycling, transformation, Haiti: if you are interested in  any or all of these topics, SOIL@MBSH has some urgent community service opportunities to share with you. SOIL@MBSH will be meet after school
  Thursday, September 1, in Mr. Reese's Room 246. Hope to see you there.
If you're interested in joining Drama Club this year, go to after school  in room 324, the Black Box Theatre. Also if you're interested in finding out how to become a thespian or participate at thespian competitions, the National Thespian Society will be also meet after school in the Black Box Theatre. Hope to see you there!

A letter from our PTSA President
Greeting to parents, teachers and students at Miami Beach Senior High School.
It is a   distinct pleasure for me to serve as your PTSA President for the school year 2016-2017.   We are all connected to Beach High through our children and each of us wants what is best for each child.
My daughter is entering 12th grade and I think that I speak for the entire PTSA when I express gratefulness to teachers,   administrators and staff for training and   taking care of our children while they grow and learn during their Hi-Tide years. We especially appreciate the teachers and staff who make it possible for students to participate in a wealth of extracurricular activities which helps to build bonds for a lifetime.
The PTSA is here to support and serve the entire student body. We are accessible and we welcome parents, students   and teachers to both our executive board meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the month as well as to quarterly general body meetings. Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed.   We always need volunteers for the work we do for our school and your membership is the first step in that process. PTSA membership really does have its privileges and it starts with   our award winning comprehensive newsletter. This publication is packed with school events, including dates, times, locations   as well as   test deadlines that will keep you informed and on task all throughout the year. Additionally, through the newsletter you will keep abreast of what is going on all around the campus. Staying informed is priceless.
In my opinion, high school is not a time to let go of our children (as they nudge us away) but a time to help them   when they need it the most.   They are all preparing for "real life" after high school whether that means college, work, or the military.
I look forward to meeting both new and returning parents. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call at 305-494-0872.
I look forward to working with you this year.

Amelia Gowdy 

From Your PTSA  
Four Great Reasons to Become a PTSA Membe r Now

The PTSA Distributes an E-Newsletter:  
Keep in the loop with our monthly E-Newsletter and keep up to date on PTSA and other events, advocacy efforts, student achievements, scholarships notifications, calendar of events, college info, community events and much more.  
The PTSA Supports and Advocates for Beach High join pta Students and Provides Other Benefits:  
The PTSA coordinates and provides volunteer opportunities for community service hours; opportunities to apply for PTSA scholarships for entrepreneurial ventures and graduating seniors; pizza lunches; academic recognition/trophy programs and much more.   
The PTSA Provides Numerous Teacher and Staff Benefits:  
In addition to grants from our fundraisers, the PTSA coordinates and provides for teachers and staff a "Welcome Back Breakfast" and "Appreciation Luncheon"; special training opportunities.
The PTSA Provides Significant Parent Member Benefits:  
The PTSA coordinates or provides volunteer opportunities for you and your student; planned seminars with our college advisor and leaders in our community; assistance from experienced parent-members and much more.
We offer the convenient Paypal payment to join the Beach High PTSA for 2015-2016.

Pay by credit card via PayPal (you don't need to be a member of PayPal).

Download a PTSA Membership Form and drop off the completed form and membership dues - cash or checks payable to "Miami Beach Sr. High PTSA" at the Parent Resource Center in the Beach High office, Attn: PTSA.

Photos above: the 1st PTSA Board Meeting of the school year, held in the Media Center on August 23.

Next PTSA Meeting : Tuesday, September 13, at 7:30am in the Media Center. Open  to everybody!

PTSA Welcomes Back the Faculty and Staff

On Thursday morning, August 18, the PTSA sponsored the dessert table at the Back to School Breakfast for the faculty and staff to welcome them back to school and help them start the year off on the right foot. We would like to thank all the volunteers who baked and donated desserts, and who helped out. We also would like to thank our PTSA Hospitality Chair Hillary Frankel for another successful event, together with the teachers who joined the PTSA at the breakfast.

Let's Stay in Touch throughout the Year
Dear PTSA Friends and Families,

Join a growing community of more than 800 people and stay in touch with us to learn about important dates and events, the work we do at Beach High, as well as to share your comments and concerns with us about the important issues facing our students today.

STAY CONNECTED with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
Like us on FACEBOOK: Miami Beach Senior High PTSA
Follow us on TWITTER: @MBSHPTSA 

Check out our photographs on Instagram: Miami Beach Senior High PTSA  

Please like the MBSH PTSA Facebook page and invite all of your FB friends to like it as well.

We look forward to starting the year off right by KEEPING IN TOUCH with you! 

School News
Wear Mosquito Repellent

In light of recent Zika virus concerns, Miami-Dade County Public Schools is focused on preventive and protective measures. The Florida Department of Health is strongly suggesting that all students wear protective clothing to include long sleeved shirts and long pants. It is also suggested that students apply repellent prior to coming to school. 

Join the TV/Film Program 
Ms. Pierce, Beach High Producer and TV/film Instructor, has been working with the Florida Film Institute to bring an after school film program,
funded by the Children's Trust,
at Beach High. It was an amazing after school program that developed great friendships, leadership skills, creativity, and positive benefits for every student. The program was very successful last year and Beach High did very well in the end of the year competition.  
Any student that is dedicated and interested is allowed to be part of this very exciting offer. I t will be an experience of a lifetime. Please see Ms. Pierce in room 330 if you are interested.
Watch the
More info:
FFI's after school CINEMA program will provide a creative and educational outlet for students that need to focus on their potential and also help them plan for their future careers. In addition, the vision of this program is to provide a fun, captivating and necessary environment that allows students to be involved in something that will event ually lead them to productivity in life.
Through hands-on instruction and coaching from working film and broadcasting professionals, students learn about film industry/careers, script writing, pre-production, sound, camera, editing, directing, and acting as they plan for, and they produce. The workshops consist of a short lecture with a Q & A session followed by hands-on experience working in teams with professional film equipment.
The program takes place on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30pm to 5:30pm every week for the duration of the school year.
The 1st Quarter, 12 weeks: Silent Film
The 2nd Quarter, 16 weeks: Narrative Film
The 3rd Quarter, 8 weeks: TV Commercial/Spot
Total 65 Session plus one Full Film Day
Through this program students will enjoy:
Homework Assistance
Learning Film Studies
Critical Thinking
Team Work
Writing Skills
Technical Skills
Production/Deadline Skills

In Memoriam

Hundreds of people gathered at Fisher Park in Miami Beach to mourn Rudra Bhatt, a student at Beach High. The vigil honored the 14 year old student hit by a pick up truck on July 30. Yesterday it was his birthday.

Watch the videos of the vigil:   

2016-2017 Informational Guide
Uniforms are mandatory this year.  
Students are to wear red or white crew or collared shirts. They must be plain or carry the MBSH logo. If a student is out of uniform, he/she will need to purchase a $5 red shirt that morning.
Have your student ready for the upcoming school year! Click here for the full Uniform Policy at Beach High: 
Schedule changes
Forms have been distributed to students by 1st period teachers. Forms must be filled up and dropped off at main office. Download a form here.
Meet Your Counselors 
Ms. Clarke (Dept. Chair) - 9 grade, room 163,
Mr. S. Ellis - 10 grade, room 157,
Ms. Echemendia - 11 grade, room 164,
Ms. Nunez - 12 grade, room 160,
Ms.   Williams, Scholars-IB Counselor, room 156, (available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30am to 3pm)
Special Education Dept. Chair: Ms. Maggie Guenin
Drop off Rules
To avoid the morning traffic, please make sure that you drop off your child between the hours of 6:45 - 7 am only on Prairie Avenue (northbound) on the side of the school. Students are not allowed to get dropped off inside the school ' s parking lot! Also, please do not enter in the Bus Loop (Dr. Sidener ' s Way), nor drop off your child along Dade Boulevard. Please refer to the drawing below where an arrow indicates the drop off location -
police will be monitoring the traffic and you can get a ticket. drop off map  
Parking for students is by permit only in the South parking lot in the student designated spaces (yellow spaces). Decals can be purchased by seniors
only for the first 2 weeks through the Treasurer ' s office (Ms. Desronvil, every day 7 am - 12:30 pm). The cost is #30. Please bring a copy of your driving license, of the car registration and insurance, together with the parking permit application form signed by both a parent and the student. Download the form from here: miamibeachhigh.schoolwires

At the Treasurer's office, all grade level students will also be able to pay for any
student obligations - even from middle school (such as unpaid class fees or lost textbooks).
All absences are considered unexcused until students bring proof of an excused absence to the office of Ms. Mendoza (the Parent Resource Center, first door on your right in main school office, room 131). The office is open every day 8am - 1pm. Students have 3 days ' time to bring a note from their parents and have the absence excused. Students then will receive an " admit slip " with a determination by the attendance office as to whether the absence is excused, or remains unexcused. Students then present this admit slip to each teacher in order to change their attendance. Students should keep the admit after all teachers sign it for their records, in case there are any disputes. Only for 3 or more consecutive days of absence a doctor ' s note is required.
Please note: students might get low grades for assignments not turned in during unexcused absences.
How to Save Thousands of $ on SAT, ACT and College Application Fees
Apply for Free or Reduced Price Lunch Benefits!
Many benefits come with the program, beyond the free or reduced meals at school. free lunch  
Beach High CAP Advisor, Ms. Sahwell, has calculated that students on the Free and Reduced Lunch can save up to $2,000 in tests and applications fee. In fact, SAT, ACT or PSAT waivers will be issued to qualifying students. You will also save on college application fees, which run from $65 to $80 each, depending on the college. Without the waivers, you can easily spend $600 and up.
The easiest way to apply is online at available in English, Spanish or Creole. It is fast and easy; you can even apply
on your smart phone.
Even if your student does not eat in the school cafeteria, please  review the requirements to qualify for the program, and if you do, do not hesitate to enroll.
Apply online at  or on the school home page. You can also fill up the form that your student brought home, or pick one up at school, in the Parent Resource Center, room 131. If your child was eligible last year, now you need to re-apply. 

The Beach High Clinic  
Where: the Clinic is located in the Attendance office - entrance from the courtyard.
When: Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm.  
Who: Nurses Antonia Suarez-Porro and Darline Metayer work at our Clinic.
What: the nurses will provide basic first aid, address stomachache, small injuries, and will administer hot and cold compresses. They can administer medications only with parents' and physician's consent. No over the counter medications will be dispensed unless a medical consent is obtained (it can be obtained at the Clinic, or download it from here). In case of a serious emergency, parents and rescue services will be called. The Clinic works with the school psychologist and the Social Worker to address psychological and emotional issues.
Beach High clinic is dedicated to beloved former principal Dr. Solomon S. Lichter, who was Beach High principal from 1967 to 1977.
Info: 305-576.6611 ext. 9002.  
Community Service Hours
Our school counselors, Cap Advisor, Activity Director, and other school resources often state the importance for students to turn in their community service hours. Whether they are applying for colleges or scholarships, or simply want to participate in Senior activities, students must be in compliance. Many clubs and student activities in school will help you reach your goal of service hours.
You are still in time to turn in last year service hours. Please log on to download forms and to get help with researching volunteering opportunities.
If your hours were completed outside school, you need to get a letter from the organization in letterhead paper, signed by the responsible person in blue ink. Then bring the forms and the reporting form to your first period teacher. Keep photocopies of everything.
Don't wait till senior year! Turn your hours in every year. Freshmen can only turn in hours completed after the summer.
Safety & Security
A dedicated School Resource Officer (SRO) is at school every day, full time. Detective Rubiales is assigned to our school.
For any question or concern about Safety & Security, please contact Assistant Principal Mr. Barker at or call him at ext. 2314.

No Parent Left Behind

Are You a New Parent to Beach High? Read on!
Here are a few suggestions from your PTSA to get involved and follow your child's progress.

- Set up an account on the Parent Portal. If you haven't done so already, you can obtain a pin number and instructions in the Parent Resource Center (located in the main office, to the right as you enter, room 131). Ms. Nashely Mendoza, Community Involvement Specialist ( , or 305-532-4515, extension 2007) is available 8am - 1pm, Monday to Friday.  

- Once set up on the Parent Portal, sign up for email notifications. This is crucial to stay involved in your child's education. You will get daily or weekly emails with their current grades and instant email notifications for absences and grade changes. You can sign up to have alerts on cell phones for grade changes and absences. Or you can bookmark it and check it regularly - sometimes even your student is not aware of a "Z' on a missing assignment or an "F' in a test, and he/she might have a chance to make it up if acting quickly. On the Portal you can also check their report card, FSA and EOC results, schedule and more.
- Get familiar with the school website at . Check available resources and info. For example, under the upper tab 'Students' you will find the Uniform Policy; under 'Teachers' you will find their email address and other info about their classes; under 'Student Activities' you will find a list of Clubs and under 'Athletics' the sports offered at Beach High.
- We urge you to join the PTSA. Not only will you be part of the Beach High  community and have a chance to improve our students' experience at Beach High, but also you will receive the PTSA newsletter and be informed of events, clubs, tests, awards and activities happening at Beach High and in our community. Our school has over 2,400 students; it is not always easy for students and parents to get information and learn about options and opportunities that are offered. Don't miss the date of a test or the chance to participate in a meeting - follow the PTSA. Log on miamibeachhigh.schoolwires to learn more.
The PTSA is trying hard to communicate with you and pass you valuable information, through the e-newsletter, meetings, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can learn ways to get help and to help your student and the whole school community to improve and succeed.
- Attend the Open House in September (date to be announced). Bring your child's schedule as you will be meeting with his/her teachers in their classrooms according to your child's regular schedule. During these very important meetings, the teachers will advise you what is expected of students, how they will be receiving their assignments, how to contact them, etc. All teachers have email accounts and they are very responsive to parental inquiry. Teachers' email addresses are available on the school website under "Teachers" (miamibeachhigh.schoolwires).
- Find out about the resources offered at school for support, such as tutors and peer tutoring (older students) available in the Media Center after school, to provide assistance to all students. SAT, ACT and AP tutoring will be offered throughout the year at designated times. Dates and tutoring opportunities will be posted on the newsletter. Also find out about online resources that provide electronic tutoring. One such site is Khan Academy ( ). It is a free service with thousands of online tutoring videos and free practice for the SAT.

- Help your child manage his/her time. High school is a transition period for kids. Now, every grade matters for their future. This can be overwhelming especially for 9th graders. Have frequent discussions with your child about their workload and offer suggestions on how to manage their time. This is not something that comes naturally to all students. Support their efforts by providing routines and an environment that is conducive to studying. It is important to note that several classes at Beach High are college level classes (AP, IB or dual enrollment). While teachers can cover much of the material required for the course in class, independent review of course materials and books are necessary to be successful on these college level exams. You should actually see your child reading their textbooks daily. A general rule of thumb is one hour per college level class.
- If your child is put into a Florida Virtual School class, sign up for a Parent Account at All students are required to take at least one online course prior to graduating. If your child is assigned to an online class, you are entitled to monitor their progress, receive email notifications and have parent conferences with their virtual teachers.  


School Dictionary For Beginners (Acronyms)
AP: Advanced Placement; college level courses that allow students to receive a college credit if they pass the test at the end of the year; boosts weighted GPA if you do well in the courses.
AP*: Assistant Principal.
ACT: National exam taken usually during junior or senior year to assess your college readiness; SAT or ACT required by almost all colleges; ACT is 1/2 hours shorter than SAT but is done at a faster pace.
AOHT: Academy of Hospitality and Tourism.
AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination. An award-winnng program at Beach High.
CAP Advisor: College Assistance Program; counselor that will help you through the college application/admission process.
EESAC: Educational Excellence School Advisory Committee.
ELA: English Language Arts (part of the FSA test).
EOC: End of Course exam (Algebra I and II, Geometry, Biology, and US History).
ESE: Exceptional Students Education.
ESOL: English as a Second Language; program for non native English speakers.
FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (for college).
FLVS: Florida Virtual School.
FSA: Florida Standards Assessment; the new FCAT. IB
IB: International Baccalaureate; educational program during junior and senior year that allows you to pursue an international and well rounded education. You receive an IB diploma if you pass the final tests.
MDCPS: Miami - Dade County Public Schools. 
MBSH: Miami Beach Senior High
NJROTC: Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.
OJT: On-the-Job Training; course offered to juniors and seniors to leave the last hour of the day to go to work.
PSAT: practice SAT (taken in 9th, 10th and 11th grade).
PTSA: Parent Teacher Student Association.
SAT: National exam taken usually during junior or senior year to assess your college readiness; SAT or ACT are required by most of the colleges.
SAT Subject Test: 1-hour college readiness exam to test your knowledge in a specific subject. 
SPED: Special Education.
PERT: Program Evaluation and Review Technique; a college readiness exam.
QEC: Quality Education Committee at the City of Miami Beach
USDOE: US Department of Education.
V & JV: Varsity & Junior Varsity Teams.

Congratulations to...
Beach High Senior and Student Council President Alex Radick was recognized at the City of Miami Beach for being the 2016 Miami Beach Bar Association Law Day Essay Contest Winner.  The essay topic was looking at the ethical, practical, unique and legal issues around the Miranda Rights. 

Alex Radick is in the first row, third from left.

Help your School - It Is Free to You!
Free School Supplies to Beach High

Support your school while
shopping for school supplies - it doesn't cost you a penny!
Office Depot and Office Max run a charity program to support all schools. It gives 5% of your purchase to the school you designate, in free school supplies, without any additional cost to you. At the register, before paying, please ask the cashier to add the Beach High ID to your purchase in the "Give Back to Schools" program. The Beach High ID is 70022680. If you don't remember this ID number, ask the cashier to check it out for you - they have a book listing all schools. Keep in mind that new employees are not familiar with the program; in that case, please ask for a a supervisor's help. Thank you for your support of our students and teachers!
Support Your PTSA through

Please shop via AmazonSmile and a percentage of proceeds will go to Beach High PTSA.
It won't cost you a penny! Just remember to start your shopping at AmazonSmile. Click here to join:


From Our Community
Making It Easier for Students to Get around

In an effort to increase the ease and accessibility of public transportation for students, the Department of Transportation and Public Works announced the new online application for the K-12 EASY Card student discounted fare program.
Students attending public or private schools in Miami-Dade County can now apply online for a K-12 EASY Card discounted fare and ride Miami-Dade Transit to school at a discounted fare for half off every ride on Metrobus and Metrorail. The $2 cost of an EASY Card for new applicants is also waived as part of this program. 
Applications for the K-12 EASY Card are accepted all year round by visiting:   

Be the Artist of the Art Deco Weekend

The 40th Annual Art Deco Weekend will take place on January 13 - 15, 2017 on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. The theme of the 3-day festival is " The Colors of Miami Beach, 40 Years of Fabulous " . Art Deco Weekend is now accepting submissions from South Florida student artists and professional artists for the official poster art. There will be one winner from each category. The official poster art will be chosen from the category (elementary, middle, high school, and college) winners.

Contest Details:
- Submission deadline is September 15, 2016
- The entries will be judged by a jury including: M-DPL's   Resident Artist, Iris Chase, Chair of Art Deco Weekend,   Lori Bakkum, along with selected professional art   curators.
- The winning poster and artist will be chosen and announced in October 2016.
You can also visit  
to see the full information and upload designs.

Gather at the Peace Pole

Photo Gallery

First day of school: seniors wear their crowns.

Photo on the left: Superintendent of M-DCPS Alberto Carvalho visited our school on the first day (pictured on the left with Principal John Donohue). Photo on the right: Mr. Donohue interviewed by Channel 6.


Beach High New Student and Families Orientation packs the auditorium to hear about all the Hi-Tide opportunities on Saturday, August 20.

Fall sports have begun. Listen to the morning announcements, read flyers around school, and check social media for meetings and try outs.

Miami Beach Senior High PTSA
2231 Prairie Avenue 
Instagram and Twitter: MBSHPTSA
Facebook: Miami Beach Senior High PTSA 
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