August 11, 2020

Dear Scouter

Welcome to another recharter year!

Every year, every unit in the Boy Scouts of America “BSA” goes through the process of renewing the charter that authorizes a community organization to operate the Scouting program through a Troop, Pack, Crew, Ship, or Post. The charter certifies the agreement between the chartered organization–an organization that agrees to utilize Scouting as a part of its service to youth–and the BSA. The annual charter agreement sets expectations and defines the roles that Scouting and our chartered partner will play in creating quality programs. If you haven’t read the Annual Charter Agreement recently, please do: it’s one of the oldest and most fundamental traditions in Scouting.

Charters are usually issued for a period of one year; hence, each chartered organization submits an application to the Council to “recharter” every year. We do this annually because this process:
  • Fosters a formal, timely plan for regular dialogue between Scouting and its charter organizations, and
  • Ensures membership, training, insurance, and records are all accurate so that Scouts can fully and safely participate in activities and earn advancement.

Last year there were a number of changes in the usual recharter process that made it very challenging; recurring background check authorizations, the introduction of the council’s program service fee, and the very late national fee increase. Still, we in GLAAC rechartered more of our units on time than ever. We’re going to have some big changes this year, too, because of the impact of COVID-19; half of the Council staff is furloughed, and we don’t want anyone to come into the office unless absolutely necessary.

Here is what your Council is doing to make this year’s changes easier to manage, and ultimately simplify the recharter process and the amount of paperwork involved.
  • We are making information timelier and more targeted to the people who need it. We start that process by asking you to tell us who your unit Recharter Processor is, so we know to whom to send the internet recharter access code. Please do this now. Click here.
  • We are providing instructions tailored to your program level which lay out a clear, concise process so you know exactly what’s needed and when. This will be distributed to the Recharter Processor you designate in the form above in a few weeks.
  • We’re going to issue a 9-month (instead of the traditional 12-month) charter. We’re doing this to cut your cost from $132 to $99 for ongoing youth. Also, this brings our charter cycle into the fall next year, so that it will match better with the school year and with most units’ calendars. The full price structure can be found at
  • This online form has replaced the multiple pages that used to collect unit contact and meeting information. This survey will help your District volunteers support your unit throughout the year. Please collaborate with the other members of the Key 3 so you know who will answer this survey. When you are ready, please click the link above and fill the form out prior to starting your online recharter.

We live in interesting times and Scouting is changing quickly to adapt. If you need help, please contact your unit or district commissioner. Our recharter team, Darin Sorrels and Gary Carroll, are also here to assist you. All recharter information will be posted at Best wishes to all for a successful charter renewal season!

Council Commissioner