Welcome to clOUDi!
We anticipate the clOUDi community will comprise patients, families, care providers and leaders of hospital, clinic and payer organizations from across the state. This initiative will focus on care of moms and babies beginning in the prenatal period with follow up for 6 months after discharge. The aim of clOUDi is to make the care delivered these moms and babies the best it can be.

It is our belief that all will teach and all will learn in clOUDi. If you are receiving this email it is because you have been designated an integral member of the clOUDi team at your facility. We are grateful for your willingness to commit to this project and look forward to supporting your team’s journey to make your hospital the best it can be in caring for mon’ and babies affected by opioid use disorder.

--Marty McCaffrey

What's Next?
Over the coming weeks these emails will help guide you through the needed prework to prepare your team for the January kickoff of clOUDi. As Marty mentioned above you are receiving this email as you have been designated a member of the clOUDi team for your facility - if this is in error, please respond to this email and let me know.

The focus for right now is working to fill any gaps in your team and most importantly, if your team has not already done so, designating the individual who will be serving as your project team lead - the person who will be primarily responsible for coordinating the work of the team and will be liaising most directly with PQCNC.

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Keith M Cochran

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