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Thank you for subscribing and welcome to our monthly newsletter. This month, we are thinking about planting seeds of health and wellness. Every service and class we offer at Samsara is to help you become self aware, cultivate true self confidence and to help empower you to take control over your mental and physical wellbeing. The choices and actions of today impact us tomorrow. Yoga, meditation, pranayama, massage, community involvement and sacred art
all have a powerful role to play in our daily lives.
We hope that you join us this month and give yourself the best gift of all,
the gift of health.

At the Wellness Center this month you will find small packages full of seeds. These seeds are for you to take and plant anywhere you can:
a desolated field or in your own gardens!
These seeds are what is known as a "cover crop".
They can be planted just about anywhere, and they will spring up to create green beauty. In spring they will being to die off and this is when the true magic begins. As these plants, from stem to root, begin to compost they will leave the soil in which they grew full of nutrients.
Soil, just like our own bodies, needs nutrients to thrive.
Give back to the earth this month and in turn you will be giving back to your self as well. We are only as healthy as the environment we choose to live in. As we enrich the world around us, in ways such as these, we are making a big statement. We are saying we choose health and wellness
and are taking the action to achieve it.
Class Changes
All Level Flow with Lindzee Maroon
Every Sunday 3:00-4:15PM
This yoga class is for new to old practitioners. We will be building strength for all levels in a fun, inspiring atmosphere. 
Student of the month: Dan Contreras
Why did you start yoga?
The question could be be, why did I restart yoga? Combinations of circumstance: job constraints, weight lifting taking its toll on the skeletal frame and ligaments. I'd practiced in my twenties and got pretty good at balance poses. Should have stuck with it, I'd probably be as famous as Rodney what's his name.

What do you enjoy most about the practice or what are the main benefits of your practice?
I enjoy people and the social aspect of the practice. I recall a conversation with a Masters Swimming teammate named Rene; I was contemplating an online practice v. practicing at a local studio .Without hesitation she said "local studio, people are important." Rene was right. Never looked back, never regretted joining a local studio.
The main benefit? Has to be physical tonality and flexibility. I may not be as strong as when I was pumping iron, I feel much better.

3) Any suggestions, or words of advice for new students?
Show up and practice. 
Don't worry that the practitioner next to you has the ability to twist themselves into a pretzel, that's not your body. 
Like Steve says, "Shake it out".
Show up and practice and have FUN .

Love & peace,
Dan Contreras
and on the lighter side....
[5301 Office Park Dr.#420 Bakersfield, CA 93309]