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Welcome to our new YouTube Channel
Welcome to Summit Victim Assistance Academy’s YouTube Channel, a place for professionals to enhance their knowledge about supporting victims of crime and trauma while working remotely. As victim service agencies are adapting to social distancing, so are we. Our Summit Victim Assistance Academy in-class trainings have been paused….but that isn’t stopping us! Now more than ever we need to help others adjust their skills and administrative practices to ensure victims are receiving the best care possible.
Our Academy and expert training staff stand apart from other training institutes. Please subscribe to stay abreast of our weekly uploaded videos, presented by actual staff who continue to provide direct service 24/7/365 during these trying times. If you have a suggestion about a training topic, send us a message and we’ll see what we can do.
Summit Victim Assistance Academy is a program of Victim Assistance Program Inc, a nonprofit organization located in Akron, Ohio whose mission is to empower our community to restore lives of victim impacted by crisis, violence, and tragedy. Since 1972 our purpose has been to provide crisis intervention, advocacy, and education to victims of crime and trauma and the professional community who serves this population. Our vision is to live in a world where all victims are healed.