Summer 2020
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At Akron Community Foundation, we want to equip you with resources that will help you accomplish your clients’ financial and philanthropic goals in a uniquely meaningful way.

That's why we're pleased to introduce Advisor Insights, a new charitable giving newsletter created for Greater Akron's professional advisor community. Each quarter, you'll receive news and strategies you can use to help your clients achieve their philanthropic and financial goals.

We encourage you to share this newsletter with your colleagues and use it to spark conversations with your clients. Whether your clients are facing a liquidity event, inheriting an estate gift, or considering their own charitable legacy, you'll find smart giving solutions that bring a fresh perspective to your work.

We welcome your thoughts on how we can best serve you through this publication. Feel free to contact us with suggestions for future content or to set up a meeting to discuss these topics in more depth.

As always, we’re available to answer your questions about philanthropy or to schedule a personal consultation with you and your clients – all at no cost.
Laura Fink
Senior Director of Development & Advisor Relations
Akron Community Foundation
Historically low interest rates make this an ideal time to use Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts to simultaneously satisfy your clients' philanthropic goals and transfer wealth to the next generation. With this strategy, you can help your clients pass significant wealth to their heirs tax-free.

By Don Laubacher, CFP®, CPA, AEP®

Because IRA distributions are taxable income to beneficiaries, leaving part or all of them to charity is a great choice. The SECURE Act's elimination of the stretch provision makes this option even more attractive.

Community foundations and their donor-advised funds have been a lifeline for nonprofits affected by COVID-19. Indeed, the global health crisis is precisely the reason many people establish donor-advised funds in the first place: to be ready to give when needs are the highest. 

By Michael G. Riley

The CARES Act presents an excellent opportunity to help your clients save taxes and benefit their favorite charities in a big way. The increased deduction only applies in 2020, so now is the time to run the analysis.

Embedded at the intersection of donors, nonprofits, civic leaders and citizens, community foundations are a hub for impact investing. Learn how your clients can use donor-advised funds to address racial inequities and support the nonprofits on the front lines of this important cause.

Taxpayers have until Monday, Aug. 31, to replace the distributions they have taken this year, including funds from an inherited IRA. But for some clients, it could still be more advantageous to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution instead of forgoing the RMD or replacing the funds.

Recent developments in the economic and legal landscape have had a profound effect on nonprofit groups and charitable giving. This webinar will offer a discussion on the major changes impacting this space, including strategies to maximize the value of your gifts in today’s new environment.

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