What's in a logo? Turns out, quite a bit
Our new logo depicts our unity as a diocese and features a powerful, new tagline – To Serve & To Lift.
This tagline encapsulates exactly how Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph interfaces with clients and differs from all other charitable organizations. Here's why...
Why we need to 'extend the welcome.' Urgency is everywhere
Every day, our volunteers meet and help dozens of veterans, single moms, ex-offenders, seniors and homeless persons in our Kansas City and St. Joseph offices. But what about those who we are called to serve beyond our urban locations? Here's why we need to “extend the welcome” to meet similar needs in all 27 counties of our diocese.
Why adoption is still in the heritage of Catholic Charities
We have witnessed a host of transformative changes in adoption in the past decades. It's become big business for some. But at Catholic Charities, we remain committed to serving children and families not as business, but as a ministry.
What do employers really need? You may be surprised
Today, Kansas City's 4.1 percent unemployment rate is nearly half what it was five years ago. St. Joseph's is even lower, at 3.5 percent. You might think that statistic suggests local employers are satisfied, having their needs met by the current crop of job candidates.
Not so fast...
A recent Workforce Survey in partnership with the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce polled the top 100 employers in the St. Joseph area and revealed some eye-opening statistics.
Factors that interfere with stable housing
When a past criminal conviction has caused everything in a person’s life to come off the rails, when that person can’t find housing because of a criminal background and then winds up facing homelessness, when lack of a home address makes it hard to find a job, which in turn makes it even harder to find housing, when all that misery has piled up, it is uniquely Catholic Charities who can step in and help.  In part one of a series, Housing Services Executive Director Jarrod Sanderson discusses this first of four important contributors to housing instability.
Go forth, and laugh
Stand-up comic Jim Gaffigan talks about the joys of birth-coaching, diapers, endless bed-time, and other under-appreciated aspects of having a large family.
Gala 2018
Nov. 9, Muehlebach Hotel
Click here to reserve your tickets or become a sponsor for the annual Gala, featuring this year's theme "One Human Family."

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