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January 11, 2024

Trees First, Wood Next TM

Welcome to our Urban Wood Network Board of Directors

Please join us in welcoming our newly appointed Urban Wood Network (UWN) Board of Directors (BoD / Board), who were appointed by the current Interim UWN BoD during our Board meeting on January 3, 2024:

Simms Acuff, Jennifer Alger, Jennifer Flynn, Frederik Laleicke, Marisa Repka, Jessica Sanders, Rick Siewert, Daniel Torres and Scott Ward

We'd like to congratulate this core team of leaders who were selected from a group 21 highly qualified applicants who represent the diversity and dedication of the past, present and future of UWN.

This great team was selected for several reasons: they are highly qualified professionals in our industry who represent diversity in industry sectors, skillsets, and the diverse regions across the US; they have exhibited throughout their careers the ability to work together effectively as a team to further the mission of companies, organizations and agencies; they are passionate about the UWN mission and clearly ready to lead this organization forward.

As we welcome on this new Board and begin the process of orienting them to leadership and stewardship of UWN over the course of the next few weeks / months, we'd like to recognize a few of you and encourage everyone to be on the lookout for what promises to be a very active and engaging 2024 for UWN:

  • Thank you to everyone who applied to join the BoD. You made our review and selection process not only exciting, but challenging to select the best team of 9 individuals to lead UWN forward. The fact that we had 21 highly qualified applicants interested in stepping-up to lead, indicates that the future is bright for UWN!
  • We encourage all UWN members (past, present and future) to keep on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer and support this new Board as they take on the task of leading UWN. There is significant work to be done and we will need your help to advance member services, build a robust network of state and regional UWN Chapters, support outreach / education, and advance standards that can support the growth of a healthy and thriving urban wood industry across the US and beyond.
  • We will have our first meeting of the incoming BoD and Interim BoD later this month and the on-boarding process has already begun. We'll keep you all updated via periodic e-blasts, and updates on UWN's various social media platforms.

If you have any questions or are looking for additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out and connect with us via email at

UWN Interim Board of Directors

Lance Davisson (Chair); Andy Trotter (Vice Chair); Paul Morrison (Secretary / Treasurer); Joe Lehnen; Rick Siewert; Jennifer Alger; Dwayne Sperber; Paul Hickman

Interim UWN BOD Advisors

John Melvin, Amanda Egan, Charlie Becker, Scott Altenhoff

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