You will track your mileage using a fitness app on your smartphone ( Runkeeper, Mapmywalk, Nike+ Fitness, etc) or a wearable fitness device ( Fitbit, Garmin, smart watch, pedometers, etc).  You can also manually track your miles (jogging tracks, known routes and distances, Google Maps, using car to calculate distance, etc.) Note: If you are currently using a fitness app/device, you may use it for the 1000 Mile Challenge.

  Mileage Submission Forms

All  Challengers (both solo and team) will submit the Individual Mileage Form.  Each team will elect a Team Captain and  ONLY  Team Captains will submit the Team Mileage Form (team members will communicate their monthly totals to their Team Captains). Begin submitting the forms on the 1st of each month ( due by the 10th  of each month). Takes 2 minutes to complete the form. Very easy!!  Ranking Reports will be posted (and emailed) on the 15th of each month.

Note:  You will need your March mileage  to complete the April Mileage Forms. Good record keeping is essential. Please only submit the Form ONCE (you will receive an email copy of your submission with the option to edit your submission if necessary).   
Charity Miles App

  Don't forget to download the Charity Miles app.  Earn 25 cents a mile for a charity you choose from a list of 47 courtesy of Corporate Sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, Humana, & Chobani (Note: you must wear your smartphone during your activity and t here is now an "indoor" option ).  You can choose a different charity for each activity.   Just start the app, do your activity, then stop the app.  Your charity will automatically get the money you earned for them!!   Visit for more info or to download the app.  

Note:   DO NOT use the Charity Miles app to track your miles. You will run your regular Fitness Tracking App at the SAME TIME as Charity Miles app.  There have been reports that the Charity Miles App sometimes inaccurately calculates mileage.

Woof Trax

Earn money every time you walk for your local animal organizations.
Visit for more information or to download the app.

Shareable Spotify Playlist

Need some rockin' 80's tunes to get those feet moving?  Check out the super awesome 80's Spotify playlist custom built by our Challengers.  Visit to download Spotify for FREE to your computer or visit the App Store to download to your mobile device.

Certificate of Completion

You can request to receive your free Certificate of Completion when you reach 1000 miles OR you can wait till December 20th, 2019 and have your total mileage listed on the Certificate.  If you are on a team, and you complete 1000 miles on your own, you will receive TWO certificates (solo and team)!!  Send your request to  Include your full name (or team name), finish date, mileage, and optional picture!!

Make sure you add to your email contacts so our emails won't land in your spam/junk folder.  If you are using Gmail, our  emails may land in your "Promotions" tab.

Have questions or need help?  Contact us at

Have an awesome Challenge and we'll see you all at the finish line!!


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