Volume #1 | January 2019
Audiology Resources
Monthly News & Updates
For the first time in 18 years, I am introducing a newsletter! Welcome to the first edition!

The profession of audiology is being faced with many challenges on many fronts. My goal is to provide viable, practical solutions to these challenges. I am constantly changing my educational and training offerings to meet the changing landscape and the needs of audiologists.

The 2019 Boot Camps have been modified, based upon feedback from attendees. All of the material has been updated, with more examples and scripts for handling specific, challenging situations. I have added information about telehealth, Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and managing third-party administrators and provider networks. There will ne a HUGE focus on monetization and reimbursement. I want participants to walk away with the strategies and tools necessary to immediately increase revenue, compliance and productivity. I want the monies paid to attend to be seen as solid return on investment.

The live stream boot camp again allows participants to view the material, ask questions, and earn CEUs from the comfort of their own home or office. In 2019, you can also purchase, separately, access to the recorded version of the live stream event, as well as flash drives or booklets that contain the slides and additional resources. All attendees will have also have the ability to download all of the slides for real-tome later viewing.

My 2019 face to face boot camps, which will be in Newark/NYC, Tempe/Phoenix and Chicago, are also undergoing some changes. Participants will be broken into small groups during the ethics, coding and insurance discussions, where we will work through guided, real-world case scenarios. 

After each boot camp, I will create will a closed group for the course attendees on both Linkedin and Facebook. I will proctor this group and it will allow for continued group discussion following the event. These groups will be functional for the entirety of the six month guidance window. 

Finally, every boot camp participant has access to six months of no-charge, one on one (email or telephone) guidance. This level of guidance is also available, at no charge, for ADA and Michigan Audiology Coalition members, as a value added benefit of membership.

If you want more information on my training events, please visit the Training Events section of my website.

I hope everyone has a prosperous and happy 2019!!!


Monthly Coding and Reimbursement Tips
Audiologists became eligible for the Medicare Merit Based Incentive Payment System Program on January 1, 2019. It is important for audiologists to determine if they are exempt or required to report, to avoid a penalty. Audiologists can learn more through their national associations and at MIPS Information.

New CROS and BICROS HCPCS codes went into effect on January 1, 2019. You can learn more at CROS and BICROS Coding Information.

Both of these topics are addressed, in detail, in the 2019 Boot Camp events.

Research Spotlight

Every month I am going to share an a link or an article that influenced me and changed my perception of audiology, business, consumer behaviors, leadership, or marketing.

In this first issue, I am going to share a link to an amazing site from the Hearing Aid Research Lab (HARL) at the University of Memphis. Their research and the resulting publications and presentations helped me see how much we can help people improve their hearing without fitting them with the highest cost device. They helped me see past the "buzz' and "spin". This helped me embrace disruptive technologies as a means to increase adoption of amplification and, subsequently, grow the hearing aid market.

Owning the Audiology Space
Owning Audiology
We all have goals for 2019. Some audiologists want to explore going out of network.  Others want to evaluate unbundling.  Still others are going to investigate telehealth. For me, my #1 priority for 2019 is for audiologists to own audiology and to promote audiology to the masses. It’s not going to focus on why we believe are the best providers of amplification.  Nope, for me, it’s going to solely be about AUDIOLOGY. 

In my mind, audiology is much more than hearing aids. Instead, audiology consists of: 

·       Hearing loss and falls prevention
·       Hearing protection
·       Industrial hearing assessment, prevention, and protection programs 
·       Adult and pediatric diagnostic audiologic screenings and assessments 
·       Auditory processing evaluation and management
·       Tinnitus/hyperacusis/misophonia evaluation and management
·       Vestibular evaluation and rehabilitation 
·       Amplification and assistive technology evaluation, fitting, and management 
·       Implantable technology evaluation, programming and management 
·       Aural rehabilitation and auditory training 
·       Cerumen removal
·       Intraoperative monitoring 

Many of these services above are completely underserved in the United States. Many drive physician engagement and referrals.  Individuals in need of care often have to drive hours to find a qualified provider. There are also often long wait times, as a result, to get appointments. We have relegated to others, in many cases individuals who are less trained and capable than audiologists, a skillset that is unique, in many ways, to us. Why? How did we lose sight of our identity? 

The practice of comprehensive audiology, provided in accordance with the evidence, is the path forward for the growth and success of our profession and its professionals. This is what consumers can never receive over the counter or from big box retailers. For too many years, we have focused too much of our attention on the delivery of a product and not enough on the delivery of care and service.  How are consumers supposed to be aware of our profession and what we do if we do not promote and practice it? How do we help consumers experience AUDIOLOGY and its overwhelmingly positive influence on quality of life? 

I know what someone is going to say next: “You cannot make a living providing these services!”. To that I will say, why can’t you? You can and I know folks, across the US, who do. It is first about understanding and monetizing the value of YOU, your experience, your training and you. It’s about illustrating that value to consumers and patients. It’s about accepting the realization that insurance and third-parties do not cover everything and about communicating that to in your community. Patients will be responsible for many out of pocket costs.  Straightforward communications and price transparency will go a long way in setting the stage for your financial policies and actions and for monetizing the unique care you provide. This is the care they cannot get by other means! 

I want to bring audiology to the masses! I want consumers to #thinkaudiology! Who is onboard?