Disabled American Veterans
East Valley Chapter 8
655 N. Gilbert Rd, Mesa AZ 85203
Ph: 480-890-2424
Fax: 480-615-4900 
Est. Sept 30, 1953
January - March 2018
Quarterly First Edition Vol 10
Chapter 8 General Meeting
Jan 11th; Feb 8th; March 8th, 2018 @ 1830hrs (6:30pm)
Hot dinner served at 1730hrs (5:30pm) 

Location: North East Corner of Gilbert Rd & University Dr.
2024 E University Dr. Mesa AZ 85203
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 2:00pm
Service Officers available:
(No Appointment Needed)
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 2:00pm
Last Saturday each month:
Jan 27, 2018 9:00am - 12:00 noon
Feb 24, 2018 9:00am - 12:00 noon
March 31, 2018 9:00am - 12:00 noon

Welcome to the new year folks! What a year we have been having, as I sit her putting our report together for Midterms I am amazed with all that our awesome volunteers have accomplished these past 6 months; from events/outreaches, to our Rifle Raffle crew, the volunteer crew at the S.E. Clinic that are rocking the popcorn project, there was a total of 5,906.25 volunteer hours from July 1, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017 that all of the volunteers have contributed. Job well done! I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your valuable time in volunteering and helping our fellow veterans community. I am on the road to recovery as I write this note and should be back to full speed soon. Thank you all, for your prayers and keeping the chapter running smoothly in my absents on a daily basis. A quick reminder, we have 2018 Maricopa Stand Down coming January 25-27, see below for complete information.

The parking lot has been resurfaced and is looking sharp! Check out the pictures on the chapters facebook page, make sure to like the page while you are there so you are in the loop of chapter happenings. Beth Tammany keeps us up to date with daily post from job listings to news from National DAV to legislation that needs your support to get passed. . She rocks the Facebook page and our twitter account, a big thank you to her for all her hard work!!

Quote of the month:
"Volunteer like you don't need time,
Love like you've never been hurt,
and dance like no one is watching!"

Peace love & light
Carey Slade

My motto in life is "It's all good"!


Today I finished Service Officer training along with a whole crew of other people. I think Chapter 8 now has more service officers than any other chapter (a total of 20). Now I get OJT, which is where I really learn what to do. Theory is well and good but hands on is better. You can be taught how to hold the hammer but until you try to drive a nail in and find out that they can bend and you can miss, it's all just theory. Carol Ellis and Jim Ellis were raised to CSO II level (That's an honor!) for the quality and quantity of the work they do. Give them a pat on the back when you see either.

We have a building committee looking at this building and the possibly of a bigger one. Jim Ellis is chairman. He's at the Chapter House Tue. - Thur. so call him with suggestions, donations of talent and time, (This old chapter house needs work.) and sources of time and talent and funds. Other members are Dan Cook, Mike Crowe, Howard Doll, and Ted Wagner. Representing the DAVA is Kay Dingman. You can make suggestions or volunteer to help to any of them but better to put it in writing.

We have a source of used computers. Vets please call me if you need one so I can pass the information on.

Shirley Kiolsky is in a group home as she recovers from breaking her second hip. She is desperate for company and Daniel Steel books and easy crosswords (preferably about flowers and animals). Mostly I think she is bored out of her mind as she can't come in here to work. Call me for her address and the code to the gate.

Nutmeg, Barbara Jeters' service dog jumped out of the car and hurt her back. Prayers please as the poor dog is really in pain. (Obviously I love dogs.) One of our members suggested that Nutmeg needs to be voted in as a(semi) official member of the chapter. Wonder how we could get her an official shirt????

Coming up - Golden Corral will be raising money for Camp Corral which serves the children of wounded, injured and deceased veterans. Car show planned at Gold Corral on Power Road on the 27th. Come out to it. Also volunteer to work the table inside to help them raise funds for the kids.

One of our members had to stop working the popcorn booth at the SE clinic. We need help on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:00 to 1:00. They raised almost $500 last month only being open 15 days. Can you say funds to keep us open? Can you learn to use a popcorn machine? If so, call me. Ted Wagner will train you.

God Bless you and yours with health, wealth, love, and patience.

Deb Magish

"This too will pass".

The late author C. S. Lewis wrote in The Problem of Pain: “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain ...” 

Hurricane Harvey has hit Texas and the Gulf Coast with painful, brutal intensity. Record rainfall and flooding have unfortunately disrupted and even claimed lives in and around the vicinity of Houston, eastward to Louisiana and Alabama. Federal and state emergency operations are struggling to meet the demands for their services.

These brothers and sisters of ours are just a couple of states away from here. I am confident we in the Arizona DAV are responding with compassion and care, as we are able, through individual contributions to those regional and national organizations most equipped to give aid, food, temporary housing, and more for those most in need. 

Prayer: O God, life can be painful and dangerous at times. Please bring compassion, consolation, and merciful care to all those struggling and suffering, distressed and despairing. Show us how we can help. Amen.

Your Chaplain,
Paul Soderquist
Rifle Raffle Fundraiser
Current Rifle: M-1 Carbine .30 cal
Drawing to be held June 14th, 2018 @ 6:30pm
Location: 655 N. Gilbert Rd. Mesa, AZ 85203
Raffle tickets available at Chapter 8 and at the
following locations & dates below:

Crossroads of the West Gun Shows
January - March 2018

Maricopa County Fairgrounds, Phoenix:
  • January: 21-22
  • February:24-25

Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson:
  • January: 6-7
  • March: 3-4

Centennial Hall, Mesa:
  • January: 13-14
  • March: 10-11

The Gun show crew is always looking for volunteers,
inquire at the Chapter house.

*Note: Must be over 18 years old & able to pass a back ground check
**All Proceeds donated to DAV East Valley Chapter 8
***Need not be present to win
2018 Maricopa County StandDown (Official Event Page)


(NOTE: Courts and other services open on Saturday, January 27th
for attendees who register on-site on 1/25/18 or 1/26/18 ONLY)

This event is open to ALL United States military veterans, and their families, in the local area who are in need of the following resources:

• NEW THIS YEAR! Dental services provided by Central Arizona Dental Society Mission of Mercy
• VA Benefits Assistance
• DES Benefits Assistance
• Maricopa County & City Municipal Courts
• MVD Services – IDs & driver licenses
• Social Security Administration Services
• Medical, Vision, & Behavioral Health Services 7 remaining!"
• Substance Abuse Assistance
• Housing Assistance
• Employment Services
• Education Services & Opportunities
• Pet Care (all domestic animals welcome)
• Haircuts & Hygiene
• Sleeping area for men, women, and families
• On-site storage for personal items
check out all available shifts by visiting: http://ow.ly/ILny30h4SQU
1st United Methodist Church
15 East 1st Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85210
February 10, 2018
  • Presumptive Illnesses
  • Secondary Conditions
  • How, What, Why - Forms to File
  • Qualifying Health Conditions
  • Camp Lejeune Compassion Act
  • Diseases Linked to Agwent Orange by VA
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom
  • And Many More Topics to be Covered....
Breakout Session:
Women Veteran Panel
Thursday, April 19 th time:1030-1200
Venue: Desert Willow Conference Center – 4340 E. Cotton Center Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85040
  • Moderated by: ADVS Director Wanda Wright.
  • Panelists to be announced.
  • Mark your calendars.

WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced a major milestone, that 100 percent of its more than 1,000 medical facilities across the country now offer same-day services for urgent primary and mental health-care needs. 

To read the full article click "here"
ADVS State Veterans/Military Legislation Update
53rd Arizona Legislature, Second Regular Session
Friday, 12 January 2018

Inclusion of any legislation in this report does not constitute endorsement of that legislation by the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services.
(Notations in Red represent new information or final action.)
SB = Senate Bill                                              HB = House Bill
SCM = Senate Concurrent Memorial               HCM = House Concurrent Memorial   
SCR = Senate Concurrent Resolution             HCR = House Concurrent Resolution
SR = Senate Resolution                                  HJR= House Joint Resolution
HR = House Resolution
To view bills go to:  http://www.azleg.gov/bills/  
Senate Bills
  • SB 1088- children; veterans; disabilities; tuition waivers
Would provide a State university or community college tuition waiver to children under the age of 30 of veterans of the U. S. Armed Forces who are rated as 30% or more disabled by the federal VA and who were residents of Arizona or stationed in Arizona at the time of the injury that resulted in the disability rating.
Primary Sponsor(s): Sen. Sonny Borrelli, R-Dist. 5
Major Actions:  10 Jan 2018-First Read and assigned to Senate Education Committee, Senate Appropriations Committee, and Senate Rules Committee.
  • SB 1089- purple heart day
Would make each 7 August “Purple Heart Day” in Arizona. Not a legal holiday.
Primary Sponsor(s): Sen. Sonny Borrelli, R-Dist. 5
Major Actions: 10 Jan 2018-First Read and assigned to Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee and Senate Rules Committee.
  • SB 1090- Beirut barracks bombing remembrance day
Would make each 23 October in Arizona “Beirut Barracks Bombing Remembrance Day” to commemorate the terrorist bombing of the U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon on 23 October 1983. Not a legal holiday.
Primary Sponsor(s): Sen. Sonny Borrelli, R-Dist. 5
Major Actions: 10 Jan 2018-First Read and assigned to Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee and Senate Rules Committee.

  • SB 1128- voter identification; veterans
Would allow valid health identification cards issued by the federal VA to be used for voter registration
Primary Sponsor(s): Sen. Martin Quezada, D-Dist. 29
Major Actions: 11 Jan 2018-First Read and assigned to Senate Government Committee, Senate Judiciary Committee, and Senate Rules Committee.

  • SB 1167- veterans; increased income tax subtraction
The current Arizona tax deduction for military retirement is $2,500 per year. SB 1167 would increase that deduction over the next two years to $10,000.
Primary Sponsor(s): Sen. Gail Griffin, R-Dist. 14
Major Actions:

A concurrent resolution to honor the victims of the 1983 bombing of the United States Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon and to proclaim October 23, 2018 as Beirut Bombing Remembrance Day in Arizona.
Primary Sponsor(s): Sen. Sonny Borrelli, R-Dist. 5
Major Actions: 11 Jan 2018-First Read and assigned to Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee and Senate Rules Committee.
  House Bill
  • HB 2015- tax credits; exemptions; sunset repeal
Among other things, would remove the annual $1-mil. Military Family Relief Fund tax credit from statutory review by the Joint Legislative Income Tax Credit Review Committee.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Mark Cardenas, D-Dist. 19
Major Actions: 9 Jan 2018-First Read and assigned to House Ways and Means Committee and House Rules Committee.
Would allow the owner of a qualified alternative fuel vehicle with veteran special license plates to be issued the diamond shaped alternative fuel sticker for placement on the vehicle’s plate. This would allow that vehicle to use high occupancy vehicle lanes at any time regardless of the number of people in the vehicle.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Randy Friese, D-Dist. 9, et al.

Major Actions: 9 Jan 2018-First Read and assigned to House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and House Rules Committee. Weds, 17 Jan 2018-Hearing scheduled in House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, 2 pm, HHR 3.

  • HB 2057- state guard; composition; firearms; equipment
Outlines what weapons members of the Arizona State Guard, if established, may purchase including, “any other small arms weapons system, ammunition, accessory or equipment that is in use by the Armed Forces of the United States or that is authorized for use by any law enforcement agency in this state.”
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. David Stringer, R-Dist. 1

  • HB 2058- state guard; firearms; training program
Would establish the Arizona Citizens Marksmanship Program under the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) to provide firearms training to citizens and residents who are eligible to be members of the Arizona State Guard. DEMA would also be permitted to sell firearms to promote marksmanship skills.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. David Stringer, R-Dist. 1
Major Actions: 9 Jan 2018-First Read and assigned to House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee and House Rules Committee.
  • HB 2087- family caregiver income tax credit
Would give a tax credit after December 31, 2018 for a taxpayer who incurs qualifying expenses during the taxable year for the care and support of a qualifying family member in the taxpayer’s home. The amount of the credit is 50% of the qualifying expenses but not more than $1,000. Taxpayers must file a residential Arizona tax return and the taxpayer’s Arizona gross income may not exceed $75,000 single/married filing separately or $150,000 married filing jointly.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Heather Carter, R-Dist. 15
Major Actions: 9 Jan 2018-First Read and assigned to House Ways and Means Committee and House Rules Committee. Weds, 17 Jan 2018-Hearing scheduled in House Ways and Means Committee, 10 am, HHR 1.

  • HB 2091- military families; assistance; sub-accounts
Extends the existing Military Family Relief Fund to 2026 and creates another separate sub account like the Military Family Relief Fund for the assistance of “Pre-9/11” veterans and their families who qualify.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Heather Carter, R-Dist. 15
Major Actions:
  • HB 2092- military family relief fund; extension
Simply extends the existing Military Family Relief Fund to 2026.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Heather Carter, R-Dist. 15
Major Actions:

  • HB 2234- veterans; mental health courts; establishment
Would mandate the establishment of a special court in each county to oversee cases of veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder who are charged with aggravated DUI.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Ray Martinez, D-Dist. 30, et al
Major Actions:

  • HB 2236- military pensions; increase; tax subtraction
The current Arizona tax deduction for military retirement is $2,500 per year. HB 2236 would increase that deduction over the next ten years to $15,000.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. David Livingston, R-Dist. 22, et al
Major Actions:
  • HB 2310- game and fish; licenses; fees
Among other things, would allow Arizona Game and Fish to provide reduced fee licenses to U. S. Armed Forces veterans who receives compensation for a service-connected disability who has been an Arizona resident for at least one year prior to applying for the license.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Russell Bowers, R-Dist. 25
Major Actions:
  • HB 2317- disability plates; permanent placards
Under this bill, an Arizona veteran with a VA certified 100% disability can obtain a permanent disability windshield placard for the automobile that will not expire as long as the veteran’s certified 100% disability exists. Currently, the placards are only good for five years.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Drew John, R-Dist. 14
Major Actions:
  • HB 2395- service animals; identification cards
Would allow Arizona Department of Transportation to issue a “Service Animal Identification Card” to the handler of a service animal. Lack of such a license does not create a presumption that the animal is not a service animal or that the animal and handler are not entitled to the protections afforded to a bona fide service animal.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. Bob Thorpe, R-Dist. 6
Major Actions:
  • HCR 2002- state militia; age requirement
Under Arizona’s Constitution, the State Militia consists of “all capable citizens of the state between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years.” This would ask voters to amend that to “all capable citizens of this state who are at least eighteen years of age and who are capable of acting in concert for the common defense”. Basically, it does away with the upper age limit for people capable of fighting.
Primary Sponsor(s): Rep. David Stringer, R-Dist. 1

Major Actions:
East Valley Unit 8
655 N. Gilbert Rd Mesa AZ 85203
Ph: 480-890-2424

Unit 8 Meeting: Jan 13; Feb 10; March 10, 2018
Time: 10:00am
Location: East Valley Chapter 8
655 N. Gilbert Road, Mesa, AZ 85203
Unit 8 strives to be active in:
Community Service 
hospital visitations
VAVS projects

other areas as needed. 

Our goal is to help our disabled veterans in any way we can. 

We are a small group of people with
caring hearts. 
Volunteers Needed
  • Donating to the Women Veterans
Disabled American Veterans
Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to a single purpose: Empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. We accomplish this by ensuring that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them; fighting for the interests of America's injured heroes on Capitol Hill; and educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life.