As you have all hopefully seen, there is an assessment that was agreed to during last year’s shareholder meeting. The board wants to make sure there is clarity around why we need this assessment. Please click on the following link to get further details VHP 2018 Assessment

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at

I also want to inform all members that as an incentive to get your dues and assessment paid early we are offering the following:

  • If you submit your payment in full (dues & assessment) by March 1st you will be given 5 guest passes for 2018.
  • If you pay in full by April 1 you will be given 3 guest passes for 2018. 

Please know that the startup of the pool season is the most costly part of the year and is when our bank balance is the lowest. Paying your dues as early as possible definitely helps the club out.