Welcome from the Vice President for Student Affairs!
Dear Bengal Parent or Friend,

I’m delighted to have this opportunity to welcome you and your family to Idaho State University and the Bengal Parent and Family Network.

We know the vital role parents and family members play in the lives of students. We acknowledge the sacrifices you have made--and the emotional adjustment it takes--to send your student to that new home-away-from-home. We truly believe your student will have their best Bengal experience if we are partners. 

When students come to college, they often experience challenges that may overwhelm or confuse them as they make new friends, adjust to new academic and behavioral expectations, and encounter periods of growth, self-reflection, and independence. By partnering with parents and family members, we are able to offer a unique, student-centered experience as students progress through the ISU and ultimately move on to productive personal and professional lives. While we hope the Bengal Parent & Family Network will be a valuable resource for you and your student--one that helps you adjust to change in your student’s life, provide a source of comfort and support, and make you aware of the services available to your students as they are immersed in the Bengal experience--it’s only the beginning of our connection with you.

One of the best ways to stay informed is through our  Bengal Parent and Family Network page . The site includes information, newsletters, and other news that will help you stay abreast of what’s happening here on campus.

Additionally, we encourage you to visit campus often. Attend athletic and arts events. Participate in Family Weekend. Make Idaho State University your home-away-from-home as well.

Once again, thank you for choosing Idaho State University. We look forward to working with you to give your student a truly memorable Bengal experience.

Go Bengals!

Lyn Redington
Vice President for Student Affairs
Family Weekend 2018
Fall brings many things to campus including football, sweaters, and midterms. However, one of the most exciting events is Family Weekend. Family Weekend is an entertaining, informative, and important Bengal tradition. Idaho State University welcomes parents to campus to interact with the organizations, people, and places that are important to your student. This is also a great chance to spend some quality time with your student.

Family Weekend takes place October 26-28, 2018.There are several events you can choose to attend including a family kick-off dinner, a performance by the Idaho State Civic Symphony, climbing wall activities, and a football tailgate followed by the ISU vs. Montana State football game. Parents can register for this event and view the full schedule  online .
Emotional Wellness and College Students
It’s no secret that college students are under a lot of pressure these days. Balancing school, work, social obligations, family life, and extracurricular activities is no easy feat and can cause even the most dedicated student to feel overwhelmed. Some chief concerns are when the student feels overwhelmed to the point that they start having thoughts of harming themselves, begin to abuse drugs or alcohol, or stop going to their classes.
Not all of the challenges students face can be avoided, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Learning to face and overcome challenges in life is what allows us all to grow. It helps us build that grit, our resilience, which will serve us well for the rest of our lives.
This doesn’t happen automatically. Support is needed as students learn to have the confidence in themselves to continue to endure their struggles and work to overcome difficulties. The support provided by you and ISU’s resources can go a long way to help students stay safe, be emotionally well, and succeed in school. 

With that in mind, here are a few simple tips to help your student as they build their grit at college.
  1. Listen more than you talk. Spend time really listening to what’s going on with them and resist the urge to give advice too quickly. First see what ideas they can come up with.
  2. Be the consultant…not the boss. Don’t tell them what to do. Talk through options with them and make sure they know you have confidence in them.
  3. Foundations matter. Just like your house needs a solid foundation, emotional wellness needs it too. Make sure they’re eating balanced meals, sleeping, and getting exercise. If they aren’t, depression and anxiety are more likely to rear their ugly heads.
  4. Love lots. Some of their challenges may be their own doing. These are opportunities for them to grow and practice humility. Make sure you lead with love, especially in these times.
If you’re worried about how your child is doing, reach out.
Healthy Bengals
A complete listing of health services can be found through the  Healthy Bengal Coalition . The Healthy Bengal Coalition is a collaboration between health and wellness related programs and clinics at Idaho State University that facilitate in student success by addressing the dimensions of wellness. The mission of the Healthy Bengal Coalition is to increase the awareness and practice of behaviors that contribute to lifelong health and wellness for the Bengal Community. 
New Mobile Apps
Encourage your student to download the Idaho State Student Affairs App and the Campus Rave Guardian App.  ISU has implemented these new mobile apps to enhance student engagement and promote safety on campus.
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