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For more than 50 years our family has tended our vineyards and grown our own grapes, for our wines, along the lush banks of the Sacramento River. We are striving to perfect the art and science of grape growing, and we’re proud to share the rewards of our labor by creating wines that showcase distinctive grapes perfectly. Bridging all aspects of our Winery from the Vineyard, to the Cellar, Winery Grounds,Tasting Room and beyond.


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Adding Pinot Gris to our Varietal Wines!

Written by Winemaker, David Shattuck

We are very excited to be adding pinot gris to our collection of single varietal wines. This varietal is often sidelined as simplistic, because many people are only familiar with its mass produced box wine called pinot grigio. While these two names apply to the same varietal, the winemaking style and region the grapes are grown in make all the difference. Our pinot gris was hand picked, given skin contact, and fermented partially in barrel. 

We really enjoy this style of pinot gris, as it often has a slightly oily mouthfeel that allows it to pair well with heavier dishes like pork chops, grilled duck breast, and grilled oysters.  

Although the wine isn't finished yet, I thought it would be fun to give you its current fermentation notes. The wine displays a slight coppery hue with marked cloudiness from the fermentation. The aroma is a massive burst of passion fruit and grapefruit pithe. 

As the wine opens, there is an interesting sweetness that is reminiscent of almond liqueur that marries perfectly to the crushed gravel and oyster shell flavor. The finish is sweet with a hint of alcohol and a prolonged flavor of cantaloupe. Please come by and try a few of the whites as they go through fermentation.


Not Ready to Say Goodbye to Summer Yet?

Written by Tasting Room Manager, Tess Jonson

Well we aren't either!

One Last Sumer Night under the stars, dancing & singing along to all of your favorite 80's hits, performed by Northern CA's #1 80's Hair Metal Cover Band, the legendary UNWARRANTED!!! It's what summers were made for! 

Ticket purchase includes your first glass of wine and grass seating unless you purchase a VIP table.

The very tasty Super Doner Kabob Food Truck will be on-site serving Greek and Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Price: $15.00 - $200.00

Duration: 3 hrs 

Group Size: 1 - 10 Guests

You don’t want to miss One Last Summer Night so get your tickets NOW!

Get Tickets!

Wines Are Fermenting, Come Visit Us!

Written by Winemaker, Ed Seikel

Harvest is in full swing for us in the cellar! 

We already have multiple white lots happily fermenting and with the upcoming heat wave, the reds might not be far behind.

So far we have received Chardonnay, Symphony, and Pinot Gris, with our Chenin Blanc coming in by the time this article is out. And yes, that's right, this year we are going to add Pinot Gris to our line up! It is normally early to ripen, and was our first ferment this season, and so far it smells fantastic. One interesting fact about Pinot Gris is that, unlike most white varietals, it has a deep blue-grey colored fruit. As you can see in the pictures, it almost looked like a red wine when it came in!

Now that our white wines are fermenting, it is the perfect time to swing by the tasting room. We always try to have a sample or two available for everyone to taste, and there is nothing like a freshly fermenting white wine!


Harvested Several Varieties Already

Written by Operations Manager, Joe Salman

As stated in the August newsletter, the first day of harvest was August 2nd 2022, just days after finishing the pears. 

The month started slow with harvest, but is really ramping up in the vineyard and in the winery. Day and night, with grapes being sold to other wineries and our small lots coming into GIV. 

If you are curious the varieties that have been harvested so far: Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, with even small lots of Symphony and Fiano.

I have some interesting videos of the night harvest (machine picking) that gets sold to much larger wineries and some photos of the smaller lots for GIV.

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