CCC Technology for Student Success News
Volume 1, Issue 1 - May 2014
In This Issue
OEI to Help Students
EPI to Produce Portal
CAI to Create Platform

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Welcome to the first issue of the CCC Technology for Student Success News monthly electronic newsletter. It is our goal to keep students, faculty, staff and administrators well informed about the growth and development of the California Community Colleges (CCC) Common Assessment Initiative (CAI), Education Planning Initiative (EPI) and Online Education Initiative (OEI).

The CAI, EPI and OEI combined make up

Joe Moreau

one of the most modern, innovative and comprehensive online education systems in the U.S. The development of this Online Education Ecosystem started in December 2013, and it is backed by millions

of dollars in grants from the California Governor's Office, and fully supported by the CCC Chancellor's Office. Steering committees and work groups representing educational professionals from throughout the state are currently working on numerous objectives related to providing online courses and support services within a single environment that has the overriding goal of increasing the number of students who earn associate degrees as well as transfer to four-year institutions.

The CAI will create test preparation, test delivery,

Tim Calhoon

test administration, data collection and course

placement guidance. The EPI will deliver a systemwide portal for student services and education planning that customizes information
and activities for each student's needs. The OEI will be the comprehensive infrastructure for supporting online instruction and student services.

Please stay tuned to this newsletter for monthly updates on these initiatives, and visit our websites for more information about the CAI, EPI and OEI.

Respectfully yours,

Co-executive sponsors
Joe Moreau and Tim Calhoon  

OEI to Help Students Earn
Associate Degrees 


The Online Education Initiative (OEI) is a far-reaching, state-sponsored project that launched in December 2013. Through a $57 million investment, the California Legislature and the California Governor's Office have outlined some specific requirements the OEI must respond to and meet.


EPI to Produce Systemwide Student Portal


The EPI was allocated up to $8 million in state grant funding for 19 months, beginning in December 2013, and is anticipating another $24 million over four additional years. This initiative entails a collaboration between numerous CCC entities across the state.


CAI to Create Statewide Platform


The Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) has recognized the implications of SB 1456 and is set out to create and carry all of the important elements that will both prepare students academically to meet these standards and deliver the appropriate assessments that can identify how to place students in the right courses once they arrive at their local community colleges.