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Message from the Interim Chair

Welcome to our 2020-2022 cohort of residents! We are so thrilled to welcome you to the Department of Family Medicine! Our new academic year started off with DFM’s first ever virtual orientation for all of our new residents on June 29th. This successful event was complete with some entertaining ice breakers and orientation to the residency program. We look forward to continuing this communication with our residents throughout the next two years as you work to complete this next step in your education.

I'd like to wish you a warm welcome to the DFM community, and on behalf of all eight unit directors, Postgraduate Director, Dr. Ed Seale, also extends his greetings. The next two years will be full of hard work and dedication. Remember that in times of struggle, the DFM family is there to support you in various ways. Do not hesitate to reach out to your fellow residents, your chief resident, unit directors, unit coordinators, postgraduate director and manager during these unprecedented times. #DFMstrong

 Despite being apart, the DFM is a tightly knit community and we are proud to have you be a part of our growing family! We wish you all the best as you begin your residency!

In the spirit of social accountability and responsibility initiatives, you will find below the uOttawa Indigenous Action Plan for the University community. In addition to the other upcoming events in this edition of the PULSE, the Faculty of Medicine is hosting a webinar on July 29 on supporting psychological wellbeing during a pandemic as part of its commitment to promoting mental health and wellness in the workplace .

Mark your calendars!   DFM faculty members are invited to attend the Faculty Development Half-Days  scheduled for:

Thursday, September 24, 2020 from 12pm to 5pm: in person OUTDOOR new faculty orientation and Essential Teaching Skills 1
  • “Orientation meets Orienteering” as physically distanced faculty will seek to find the social distancing champion Dr. Sasquatch in an outdoor escape room activity, and help her find her career path (and plan their own career path along the way)
  • Assessment and feedback skills, and competency-based medical education tools)
  • Maximum 20 participants

Friday, September 25, 2020 from 12pm to 4:30pm: Virtual Fall Faculty Development Half-Day
  • Setting the stage for being a mentor with CPD Vice-Dean, Dr. Paul Hendry
  • Mentorship tools: Case-based approach to resident challenges 
  • How to Teach: Gay Men’s Health with Dr. Bing Wu and Dr. Stefan de Laplante
  • How to Teach: Acne care, going beyond the basics with Dr. Rosalind Ashton and Dr. Christine Rivet

The team is busily planning these two exciting sessions as we build on the energy from our successful Annual Faculty Retreat! Stay tuned for more information from facdevdfm@uottawa.ca  in the coming weeks.

Lastly, I'd like to recognize our PGY3 trainee,  Dr. Scott Laing , for his recent publication " Canada’s National Emergency Stockpile System: time for a new long-term strategy " in the CMAJ. Congratulations!

Wishing you all a fantastic rest of your summer!
RIO Day 2020 Success

RIO Day 2020 was a great success, with our PGY2 and PGY3 FMRSP presentations taking place! Thank you to all those involved in making this virtual event a success.

Top 10 Scholarly Projects

  1. Dr. André Richard –“Review of referrals sent to the Montfort Hospital emergency department for management of hypertension during 2016-2017”
  2. Dr. Marco Da Silva and Dr. Mike Wei –“Have opioid prescriptions by emergency physicians significant changed over five years?”
  3. Dr. Reed Morrison –“A health impact analysis of the Canada-United States-Mexico (CUSMA) agreement”
  4. Dr. Sean Haber –“How much to family medicine residents sleep?”
  5. Dr. Alexander Dodd –“A prospective review of the technical and clinical efficacy of the Beaupré method of ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy for the management of greater saphenous vein insufficiency”
  6. Dr. Stephen Humphreys-Mahaffey –“Understanding Voluntary Consent”
  7. Dr. Trevor O’Neill –“Do nurse-led office-hours triage and resident-led after horus call prevent Primrose FHT patients from using the emergency department for non-urgent issues?”
  8. Dr. Brent Patterson –“Effectiveness of cannabis and CBD products as treatments for anxiety: a literature review”
  9. Dr. Valerie Henderson –“The efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of anxiety: a structured review”
  10. Dr. Sitelle Cheskey –“Examining Maternal Healthcare Access Among Refugee Women”

Resident Awards
Dr. André Richard –"Review of referrals sent to the Montfort Hospital emergency department for management of hypertension during 2016-2017"
  • Award for Excellence in Family Medicine Scholarly Projects
  • CFPC Family Medicine Resident Award for Scholarly Achievement nominee

DFM Outstanding Research Article:  â€ś Rates of emergency department visits attributable to alcohol use in Ontario from 2003 to 2016: a retrospective population-level study” by Dr. Daniel Myran, Dr. Amy Hsu, Dr. Glenys Smith and Dr. Peter Tanuseputro

Top 3 RIO Day Scholarly Project Presentations

  1. Dr. André Richard –“Review of referrals sent to the Montfort Hospital emergency department for management of hypertension during 2016-2017”
  2. Dr. Joshua Rempel –“To Rest or Not? A literature review of the evidence behind cognitive and physical rest following pediatric concussions”
  3. Dr. Kate Trebuss & Dr. Laura Woo –“Enhancing the use of treatment agreements for opioid prescribing in primary care: a quality improvement project within a Family Health Team”
2019-20 Resident Quality Improvement (QI) Project

On behalf of Dr. Kheira Jolin-Dahel , Director of Quality Improvement, a heart-felt thank you goes out to our Quality Improvement Leads who are instrumental in supporting the QI program, and to primary preceptors and allied health workers who are involved in supporting residents with their projects!

Congratulations to the following PGY1 residents who were nominated for the top QI Project within their academic teaching sites

  • Bruyère: Dr. Roderick MacPhee and Dr. Avneet Morsara
  • Primrose: Dr. Anurita Ghosh, Dr. Evan Batten and Dr. Eric Liang
  • Community teaching site: Dr. Shady Piedra Abusharar
  • Montfort : Dr. Alexandre Pelletier and Dr. Matthieu Amalric
  • Pembroke: Dr. Erin Murray
  • Winchester : Dr. Shelby Allison
  • Riverside: Dr. Yolanda Ma, Dr. Dayna Austin, Dr. Ellen Wong and Dr. Paul Abraham
  • Civic: Dr. Zina Younes

The Quality Improvement Committee selected Dr. Shady Piedra Abushara 's project as the winner of the CT Lamonte Award for Excellence in Evidence Based Medicine . His project was titled "Improving Pneumovax 23 vaccination rates among adults aged 19-64 with DM".
Important updates in UG

We hope you are enjoying the sunshine we have had in the last few weeks! Our third year medical students have restarted their rotations on July 6th. Many thanks to all the supervisors who have agreed to take on students during this summer and the upcoming academic year.  

We will be offering a bootcamp for incoming medical students in order to introduce them to family medicine at the end of August. If you are a physician or resident and would like to get involved, we would be happy to have you join us !  We have many lectures and workshops to offer. All the sessions will be offered virtually.

Seeking preceptors
We are looking for preceptors for our third-year medical students starting their core rotations in family medicine. These students would work with you for three of four weeks and would come in with their own PPE for the rotation. We are mainly looking for preceptors for our Francophone students. If you are able to help out, please don't hesitate to e-mail Dr. Lina Shoppoff at lina.shoppoff@uottawa.ca.

We are proud to share with you the  This is Family Medicine (TIFM) medical student-led campaign (Adam Payne and Emily Seale), in collaboration with the DFM and the uOttawa Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)! The TIFM objective is to redefine the perception of Family Medicine by acknowledging its importance and celebrating the contributions made by family physicians. Reach out to thisisfamilymedicine@gmail.com to share your achievements and/or experiences as a trainee or current family physician. List of topics of interest.
Alyena Fredette, recipient of one of 16 CNFS Awards, formerly National Excellence Scholarships

  By:  Affaires francophones , Faculty of Medicine

Congratulations to  Alyena Fredette , student in the MD program of the Faculty of Medicine, Francophone stream, at the University of Ottawa, who won one of 16  CNFS Awards . Given the high quality of all applications, it was difficult for the selection committee to make only one choice. The CNFS—University of Ottawa Chapter—has therefore decided to highlight the excellence of four other students:  Zacchary Fredette, Juliana Choueiry, ValĂ©rie Fecteau and Katherine Lemay .
Action: Digital Self-Defence Training

All Faculty of Medicine faculty members and support staff are required to complete the Digital Self-Defence Training . In light of the phishing attempts on the University’s websites in the last months, it is strongly recommended that all members of the DFM complete the training.
We Are All in This Together: Principles for Supporting Psychological Wellbeing in the Workplace during COVID

Mental health in the workplace is complicated enough on its own, but what happens when you get a global pandemic and a completely differe nt work environment? Not to mention a different work structure and and a culture shift. ''We Are All in This Together: Principles for Supporting Psy chological Wellbeing in the Workplace during COVID'' is a webinar event presented by Dr. Julie Maggi , Director, Postgraduate Wellness Office (University of Toronto) that w ill go live on Wednesday, July 29, 2020, from 12:00PM to 1:00PM . Don't be shy to sign up for it if you want to better understand how to be a better boss, employee, or coworker for all things related to mental wellness during these changing times.
New strategy for Canada’s national emergency 
stockpile system

By: ScienMag

"The Government of Canada is currently struggling to coordinate timely procurement of new PPE owing to long wait times for order fulfillment, which was also identified in the 2010 audit,” writes  Dr. Scott Laing . “The resulting PPE shortages have hindered provision of some health services, particularly in the community, where many family doctors have had limited access to essential PPE..."
The Code 99 Program

The Code 99 program encourages and facilitates physicians, faculty, students and trainees to obtain a family physician. The term “Code 99” is meant to signal that a physician is in need of urgent assistance. Family physicians interested in providing care to colleagues are invited to   contact the Faculty Wellness Program   to be included as a resource. Pediatricians or other specialists are welcome to join as well.
All uOttawa Faculty of Medicine staff, students, trainees and faculty can also  register at uOttawa Health Services for a family physician . Note: In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, governments and organizations in many locations are taking preventive measures to promote physical distancing as a means of containing the virus. The goal, at the moment, is to contain the virus and keep our patients, providers and staff safe. To that end, and unless otherwise instructed, most appointments (including walk-in clinic appointments) will be conducted virtually.
Specialists on speed-dial

When Dr. Clare Liddy had given her family medicine patient a full workup and tried a variety of approaches to her issue, it was clear she needed advice from an endocrinologist. She referred the patient to specialist Dr. Erin Keely but received a discouraging reply: “Please telephone the patient and let her know that this is very important, and she is going to be seen,” Dr. Liddy remembers as the gist of the response. “And by the way, the appointment will likely be in nine months’ time.” It prompted Dr. Liddy, an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine, to reflect on the way things are done in Ontario—surely there were other ways that primary care providers could access specialist advice in a timely way.
Save the Date: Virtual screening of The Gender Lady: The Fabulous Dr. May Cohen 

Along with McMaster's Department of Family Medicine, the uOttawa DFM is co-sponsoring a virtual summer screening of the award-winning documentary The Gender Lady: The Fabulous Dr. May Cohen , and a Q&A with Dr. Cohen and the directors on August 24, 2020 at 4pm The screening will be available for free to all who register! Participants will receive a 48-hour Vimeo link to the film and a link to the Q&A . The film is directed and produced by two academic family physicians: Dr. Cheryl Levitt (McMaster) and Dr. Barbara Lent (Emerita Western). 

The screening will be a great opportunity for all of us in academic family medicine to celebrate Dr. May Cohen’s story and the impact she has had on family medicine, women’s health, and equity for women physicians. For more information, check out the movie website and movie trailer .

Registration details will be available early August!
2020 Faculty of Medicine Awards of Excellence
In the spirit of recognition of outstanding achievements of our members, the Faculty of Medicine is pleased to announce that the 2020  Faculty of Medicine Awards of Excellence are now open for nominations. New awards this year bring the list to 24, and these reflect the Faculty’s five strategic priorities.  Deadline: July 31, 2020
How Canada is fighting COVID-19, PPE, travel ban and Bonnie Henry

“CNBC is looking at how countries around the world have tackled Covid-19. By talking to a wide range of experts, as well as everyday citizens, we’re taking stock of what’s gone well — and what hasn’t.  Yoni Freedhoff , an associate professor of family medicine at the University of Ottawa, was one of the healthcare professionals that got interviewed. He said that   regions are setting their own guidelines   on wearing masks.”
uOttawa’s Indigenous Action Plan: A guide for our University community

The University of Ottawa recently released the Indigenous Action Plan (IAP), a document presented in four thematic areas that aims to mobilize the university community in creating an environment that reflects, enhances, includes and supports Indigenous culture and peoples on campus.
Call for nomination : Global Young Academy

A call for nominations has been launched for the Global Young Academy (GYA) award. This award is an excellent opportunity for our early career researchers to distinguish themselves on the international stage and confirm their leadership and experience in promoting research.

Although institutional support is not required for nominations, the uOttawa Office of the Vice-President Research intends to support candidates who stand out based on the identified assessment criteria. We invite you to send us the names of candidates for whom you would like to obtain institutional support (2-3 max/faculty) by July 30 for internal selection. Documents required: CV and short text that demonstrates that the researcher stands out based on the assessment criteria. (Note: it is possible to provide a document that you already have if it clearly addresses the criteria.) Questions ? Marie-Claude.Tremblay@uottawa.ca
Courageous Conversations: Shining a light on racism in medical education

The CFPC hosted a webinar on July 22, 2020 with a panel discussion featuring various perspectives on how family medicine teachers, preceptors, and educational leaders can talk about and address racism in medical education. The webinar is now available on their YouTube page .
Here is the PGME 2020-2021 Religious Observances Calendar
Family Medicine Grand Rounds

We're happy to launch the new Family Medicine Grand Rounds (FMGR) in September (previously known as Research Grand Rounds). We've redesigned the FMGR to provide an online forum to share and discuss scholarly, clinical teaching, quality improvement and research activities as well as practical work pertaining to family medicine. The sessions will run completely online (via Zoom) from 8:00 am to 9:00 am every fourth Thursday of the month (except December, July and August). The sessions will bring together family medicine professionals, researchers, academics and individuals working within a family medicine environment to discuss topics of importance to family medicine and primary health care broadly.

Faculty members, staff, residents, medical students, including researchers, clinician investigators, community physicians and learners from other medical and allied health specialties are more than welcome to attend.

Save the date! The inaugural Family Medicine Grand Rounds series will take place on September 24 from 8:00am to 9:00am . The recipients of the 2020 DFM Innovator Award will be leading this session.
Survey: Clinical Threshold for a Patient to have a Reasonably Foreseeable Natural Death for the Purposes of Eligibility for MAiD
Our former DFM resident, Dr. Kim Colangelo , invites all healthcare professionals to participate in a 5-minute anonymous survey that is part of her research study to determine the clinical threshold for a patient to have a reasonably foreseeable natural death for the purposes of eligibility for MAiD . Your participation   will help explore patients' access to MAiD and potentially lead to a standardization of eligibility.
The purpose of the research is to inform clinicians who will make determinations about eligibility for a patient to receive MAiD, specifically whether or not the patient’s medical situation would make their natural death be reasonably foreseeable. The research study is conducted by Dr. Kim Colangelo, Sarah Baillie (MA), and Dr. Caleb Zelenietz (approved by the University of Manitoba Health Research Ethics Board). If you have any questions or concerns about this study, do not hesitate to contact the Primary Investigator, Dr. Kim Colangelo.
Call for Proposals: BAMO Innovation Funding competition 2020-2021

This fall, Bruyère Academic Medical Organization (BAMO) will be accepting applications for the Innovation Funding Competition.
  • Following internal approval, these grants are approved by a Provincial Oversight Committee
  • Submissions must be reviewed by the BRI Method Centre prior to submission
  • No limit on individual grants 
  • Innovation funding supports a maximum of two years of funding according to Innovation Funding Application Timelines

Physicians must be the Principal Investigator (PI) or the Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) to apply.

Faculty members who are seeking the DFM's support are asked to submit their intention to Dr. Doug Archibald at darchiba@uottawa.ca by August 15, 2020.
Call for Proposals: TOHAMO Innovation Funding competition 2020-2021

TOHAMO is pleased to announce the call for applications for the 13 th  year of the Innovation Fund Competition. Innovation Funds are awarded to TOHAMO physicians to support the development of new and innovative approaches to healthcare delivery and to provide leadership in the dissemination of new knowledge across the healthcare system.  
The submission documents and instructions are all available on the TOHAMO SharePoint site. Access the TOHAMO SharePoint site for more information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at  ccolasante@toh.ca .

Physicians must be the Principal Investigator (PI) or the Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) to apply.

Faculty members who are seeking the DFM's support are asked to submit their intention to Dr. Doug Archibald at darchiba@uottawa.ca by August 15, 2020.
Seeking membership on the Curriculum Renewal Leadership Committee

UGME is seeking a Program Director to serve on their Curriculum Renewal Leadership Committee. This is a great opportunity for PGME to be able to assist our UGME colleagues in helping to best prepare our students for life in the PGME world. If interested, Dr. Craig Campbell at  ccampbe2@uottawa.ca  would love to hear from you!
Ottawa program recognized for bringing virtual specialists to long-term care residents

By: the Ottawa Citizen

When Dr. Clare Liddy was told that one of her patients would have to wait nine months to see a specialist, she began wondering whether there was a better way — especially for elderly patients. That was the impetus behind eConsult BASE (Building Access to Specialists through eConsultation). The growing program, developed by Liddy and endocrinologist Dr. Erin Keely, helps patients in long-term care get faster answers from specialists. Dr. Celeste Fung , who is medical director at St. Patrick’s long-term care home in Ottawa, is the long-term care lead on the project.
Toxic medical culture needs to end


“For a healthy society, we need healthy doctors, says Dr. Ferrukh Faruqui . We need to begin a national conversation to revolutionize health care, and to say goodbye to toxic medical culture. It's time to care for the doctors who care for us. If not for their sake, then for our own.”
Student union creates fund for students during COVID-19

The University of Ottawa Students’ Union has created the   COVID-19 Hardship Fund (CHF) to help students who “demonstrate urgent financial need”. The fund is designed as a last resort for students who are in dire need of financial support due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. The fund aims to especially alleviate the financial strain on international students who are ineligible for either the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) or the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB).
For Faculty Members: Research Opportunities for Students
The uOttawa   Centre for Research Opportunities   (CRO) provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to do research at uOttawa and internationally. As a faculty member,  you can maximize your research endeavours  by utilizing the resources and programs facilitated through the Centre.
In order to effectively identify the right services and programs for you, please email the Director of the CRO, Arturo Segura, at   asegura@uottawa.ca , indicating whether you are interested in any of the following options:
· Option 1: Conduct research with external students (Canadian and international) 
· Option 2: Internationally mobilize your students for funded research collaborations
· Option 3: Receive external funding for research collaborations with non-academic external organizations in Canada (industry/non-profit) 
· Option 4: Receive external funding for research collaborations with non-academic external organizations abroad (industry/non-profit)
Lastly, we would appreciate it if you could  list all the countries  where you have collaborations:
· [Name of Institution, Country: Brief description of type of collaboration]
French as a Second Language (FSL) courses

Looking to learn or improve your medical French?
Are you a student of the Faculty of Medicine or a physician working in one of the hospitals affiliated with uOttawa? Whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level, we offer an FSL course to suit your needs. These FSL courses are designed for students, researchers and physicians studying or working in the hospitals affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa.
Graduate program in health education in French planned for September 2021

By: Daniel Hubert
A graduate studies program in health education in French will be jointly offered by the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. This program is scheduled to begin in September 2021, pending approval by the University of Ottawa Senate.
Management of Chronic Pain in 2020

The Faculty's Office of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are proud to present Management of Chronic Pain in 2020 , a virtual 1-day course designed to provide family physicians and other primary health care professionals with relevant and up-to-date information about management of chronic pain.
Save the Date! Faculty of Medicine’s Homecoming Weekend 2020

This October 2–4, we invite you to join us to celebrate the Faculty of Medicine’s Homecoming Weekend. Be sure to save the date for this nostalgic weekend celebrating your special class anniversary. The weekend will be filled with wonderful reunion celebrations for everyone to enjoy, including the 75 th  Anniversary celebration gala. For more information or if you’d like to help with planning these special events for your class, please send us an email at  advancement.med@uOttawa.ca. Details to come!
Share your story!

Learners, faculty and staff: Do you have a story of success, a tale of recovery or any other experience you’d like to share?  We'd love to hear from you!

As our learners, professors, clinicians, researchers and investigators, you wear many hats and represent several institutions. A  gentle reminder to mention your affiliation with us when speaking with the media to facilitate us picking up your media mention. It brings us much pride to advertise your great work and support of the FM community!
Read more for updates from the Undergraduate Program, Postgraduate Program and Faculty Development.
Did you read our first issue of INNOVATION? We hope you enjoyed it -  Please share your feedback. All issues will be posted to our website.
DFM job board

Visit our website  for part-time and full-time positions available for physicians at external and affiliated clinics, as well as locum opportunities in Ottawa and across Canada. 
For details on each event, please access the Virtual Campus . 

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Monday, September 14 to Tuesday, September 15: 69th Annual Refresher Course for Family Physicians

Monday, September 21: Management of Chronic Pain in 2020

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