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December 2016
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
What's New at NCSM-Equity and Social Justice Corner
The December readings in the  Call for a Collective Action to Develop Awareness of  Equity & Social Justice in Mathematics Education  start with   Martin's exploration of mathematics as a gatekeeper, opening and closing access to higher-level mathematics education based on performance on standardized mathematics assessments and subsequent placement in math courses.

From the  NCSM/TODOS Position Statement  section on Eradicating mathematics as gatekeeper: "Research documents that tracking institutionalizes a fixed mindset about students and their capacities to learn mathematics (Boaler, 2015). The detrimental effects of tracking start early in elementary school with readiness labels and ability grouping structures that provide vastly different mathematical experiences. In practice, children placed in "low" groups experience mathematics as an isolating act consisting of fact-driven low cognitive demand tasks and an absence of mathematics discourse opportunities. This is because of a pervasive misguided belief that students must "master the basics" (e.g., know the times tables or "basic facts") prior to engaging with complex problems solving." The conversation continues with a response from  Confrey  reminding us of the importance of keeping our focus on both the mathematics and on equity for all students. The final reading from  Battista  asks us to remember that there is far more to learn about how all students learn mathematics.
Suggested questions for reflection are:
  • How might the larger mathematics education community achieve a "Both And"-approach?
  • How might the larger mathematics education community begin to respect the different perspectives of doing science employed when rigorously examining the critical issues of "diversity" and "equity" in mathematics education research?
Participate in the conversation on Twitter #EQSJMATH  @mathedleaders and on Facebook (mathedleadership).

What's Happening in Mathematics Education
The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) 2017 Annual Conference will be held February 9-11, 2017, in Orlando, Florida at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. The General Session will feature a panel moderated by Ed Silver entitled, "Enhancing the Mathematics of K-12 Teacher Preparation: Multiple Perspectives Across the Mathematical Sciences," and the Judith Jacobs lecture will be given by Marilyn Strutchens.

Registration is available thru January 20 (no onsite registration).

Welcome to the December 2016

The NCSM eNews is published monthly. Our goal is to provide the NCSM community with current happenings for both the NCSM organization and mathematics education. Please consider forwarding this eNews to a colleague-let's get everyone involved in the conversation! Enjoy your well-deserved break and holiday!

Babette M. Benken, eNews Editor 
Message from the NCSM President, John Staley 

Greetings to all,

Winter break is just around the corner for many of us and it is hard to believe that a new year is around the corner. As I pause to reflect on the school year and my travels around the country, I am excited about the work that many are doing to support teachers in their work to make mathematics meaningful, relevant, and accessible for their students. Here are just a few questions/hot topics from leaders and teachers,
  • How do I make sure that mathematics is "really" involved in the STEM activities?
  • Where does "coding" fit in to my classroom? What should I do?
  • Do you have mathematics ideas for Makerspaces?  
  • How do I infuse topics of social justice into my mathematics class?
So, I invite the NCSM community to share their knowledge and expertise. Take a moment and complete the survey, NCSM Community Sharing, to let others know about a great resource, tool, website....

Happy holidays to all and have a great winter break!

NCSM Board of Directors Election Results!

The results are in! The two-year terms of the newly elected board members will begin at the April 2017 NCSM Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX. Election results for the NCSM Board of Directors are as follows:
Bill Barnes
Second Vice President

Sharon Rendon
Regional Director, Central 2

Susan Vohrer
Regional Director, Eastern 2

Kathlan Latimer
Regional Director, Western 2

Registration is now open!

Join us at the 49th NCSM Annual Conference, April 3-5, 2017. All sessions will be in the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, Texas. This is your opportunity to hear speakers such as Eli Luberoff, Jo Boaler, Graham Fletcher, and Donna Leak.

Already registered? The registration site is ready! The pre-registration deadline is March 15. Also, please consider volunteering. See you in San Antonio!
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