Welcome to our fall Music Together session. I will be sending out a weekly email with both administrative details and tips about how to make the most of your Music Together experience—and I’d be delighted to hear back from you about how your classes are going.

My most important tip is that your role is essential regardless of your musical ability! Young children learn life skills from their parents and caregivers, the persons with whom they have a strong emotional bond. Both consciously and unconsciously, we create a loving and stimulating environment so that our children can learn how to talk, move, think creatively, live with others—and sing. Yet, we rarely credit ourselves for this amazing achievement.

Children can learn skills from any capable teacher, but they can only learn the disposition or the desire to love music making from you. So, participate fully in class, at whatever level you are comfortable, play the recordings often at home and in your car, observe your child’s response to the music, ask me and/or your teacher questions—and have fun.

AND check out, “ Making the Most of Your Music Together Experience ,” especially if you are new to our program.


Make-Up Classes
Miss a class? You are welcome to make it up any time during the session. To schedule a make-up, go to “Enrolled Families” at MusicTogetherClasses.org . If you have more than one child enrolled, list both/all names on the same registration form. Here is the fall schedule although some classes are already too full to accommodate make-ups.
Take-Home Materials
Did you get two CDs in one jacket with a code inside the jacket that allows you to download the music?

Did you get the new plum-colored booklet “Music and Your Child: A Guide to Parents and Caregivers?" Have you read it? Try scanning it and see what “ah ha!” moments jump out.

If you have a child under one in class, did you get the lavender booklet, “Babies in Mixed-Age Classes Family Guide”?
Bring a Friend Week is November 4-10
Share the fun and bring your friends to class. There’s no need for them to register. If you have friends who are interested in coming sooner, have them register under “Demo Classes” at MusicTogetherClasses.org.
Winter Session Schedule and Song Collection
The ten-week winter session runs January 6 – March 16 with no holidays and we will be working with the wonderful Bells song collection with all-new music and activities. Trust me, you’ll be ready for new music by then.
I’m always happy to hear from you, so if you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Clarice Wilson, Ph.D.
Director, Music Together in the Valley
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