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February / 2020
Valentine’s Day while budgeting doesn’t have to be tricky and unfulfilling. The day is truly for showing love to loved ones, and money doesn’t have to be a major factor in showing affection. Most people go all out, spending far more money than expected, leaving them with a bit of remorse for overspending.

Most romantic activities that involve spending a significant amount of money can have cost-effective alternatives.

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Valentine's Day On A Budget
Hidden Fees Can Derail
Home Equity - What Is It
Student Loan Scams
Clients Speak Out
Company News & Events
The Advantage Challenge
Debt management and debt reduction efforts can be difficult for many people. You may find it challenging to pay your bills on time and reducing debt balances can be even more difficult. If you have researched debt reduction strategies in the past, you have found .... Read more!
Home equity is one of the many benefits that come with owning a home. When a homeowner pays consistently on the mortgage, the equity increases. Home equity is based on the combination of how much of the principal has been paid and the property value. Building up home equity is a great way ....  Read more!
There’s currently more than $1.5 TRILLION dollars in student loan debt owed in the United States today. That means that the average student loan debt is hovering around $31,172 per person. With debt this exorbitant, it’s really no surprise that student loan forgiveness scams are becoming ....  Read more!
" Advantage Credit Counseling was so very helpful and considerate when meeting with me and setting up a payment schedule, and also when communicating with the credit companies holding my accounts. I'm very thankful that I went through the process of paying down my debts through your service! Patricia A .
" The process was very straightforward. Any questions I had were answered in a timely manner. The representatives are knowledgeable, helpful and respectful. Overall, I am satisfied and would recommend to someone else. "  ~ Kevin K .
" Being debt free is wonderful. It was nice just having to pay one bill and all my credit cards paid for the month. "  ~ Heather S .

America Saves Week is fast approaching! As a proud participating organization, we wanted to reach out to encourage you to sign up for America Saves Week as well. This annual national campaign aligns with our mission to help our local communities learn how to save money to better their financial futures
Since 2007, America Saves Week has been an annual celebration, as well as a call to action for everyday Americans to commit to saving successfully . Through the support of thousands of participating organizations, we encourage everyone in our local communities to do a 'gut-check' on their finances and saving behaviors.  
More than 2,000 organizations participate each year, representing a diverse and impressive group of companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, military services, government agencies, and financial institutions. 
During America Saves Week 2019, over 40,000 Americans committed to save $145 million through the America Saves Pledge, and participating banks and credit unions reported 246,677 people deposited $503,574,890 . We're excited to try and reach an even greater impact in 2020! 
Take the America Saves Pledge here:
Are you up for the Advantage Challenge?

Advantage CCS challenges YOU to...sign up for automatic savings!

Each year we take this week to do a financial check-in with our community and focus on the importance of saving. The easiest and most effective way to save is to # SaveAutomatically . Having a “set it and forget it” approach to saving increases your success rate. 

The two best ways to save automatically are:

#1 Split Deposit - Have your employer direct a certain amount from your paycheck each pay period and transfer it to a retirement or savings account (or both). Traditionally, you can set this up using your employer’s direct deposit, ask your HR representative for more details, and set this up today!

#2 Automatic Bank Transfer - Every payday, your bank or credit union transfers a fixed amount from your checking account to a savings or investment account. Talk to your local bank or credit union to set this up!