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Findley Lake

New York

Welcome to The Tapestry!


Many of you may remember when the Tapestry was distributed throughout Findley Lake. The Tapestry was a locally published newsletter with articles about Findley Lake. Today we launch the online version of The Tapestry. A way to weave together all of us who have an interest in Mina and Findley Lake. A shortcut to learn about and connect to the hardworking organizations that dedicate much time and energy keeping our town "The Coolest Little Town Around."

We are a unique community, full-time for some of us, vacation home for others. Long term and short term rental properties, farms, businesses, restaurants and manufacturing make up our town. We host many visitors to our lake, to our shopping and dining district, and our rental properties. Often events and news can't get to all the property owners, business owners and renters due to this unique population. The Tapestry will be a way to get news, events and calendars to our subscribers.

Findley Lake residents and business owners realize the beauty of their town. Just recently a new community development organization was formed, Findley Lake Forward. Findley Lake Forward will be working together with the Findley Lake Community Foundation and the Town of Mina to look at ways to enhance, preserve and protect our beautiful town and lake. More exciting information to follow in future Tapestry newsletters!


The Tapestry will ...


  • become a way to communicate with anyone who is interested in the events, facts, and future of Findley Lake.
  • provide links to websites or social media of local organizations.
  • publish a monthly calendar of events shareable with short-term and long-term renters, property and business owners, and visitors.
  • invite personal stories, photos, and memories of Findley Lake.
  • provide facts from local organizations’ meetings, plans and actions.
  • highlight all the potential, growth and community spirit Findley Lake has known for generations.



Let us weave all our town has to offer into one beautiful Tapestry!

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