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The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
December 2022
Featured Forum Articles
African Forum:
"Climate Change Advocacy in Africa: Why African Churches Should Do More"
- Stan Chu Ilo

European Forum:
"What Will the Human Being of the Future Be Like?"
- Sigrid Müller and Martina Besler

North American Forum:
"Believing We Should Love the Enemy"
- Jason King
Asian and Oceanian Forum:
"Religion, Cult, and Politics"
- Osamu Takeuchi

Latin American and Caribbean Forum:
"La tierra llama y emergen respuestas"
- Susana Nuin

Junior Scholars Forum:
"Can a Kiss Save the World?"
- Simeiqi He
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In Memoriam
Dr. Shawnee Daniels-Sykes, a noted bioethicist and a highly respected voices in the U.S. Black Catholic community, died on October 31. A registered nurse, she was the only Black Catholic female health care ethicist in the United States. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dr. Daniels-Sykes' work was in service to her community, for which she was honored in 2020 at the 35th Annual Black Excellence Awards. Dr. Daniels-Sykes was an active participant in CTEWC; she was a plenary speaker at Sarajevo in 2018 and a contributor to the North American forum. Her life and work are remembered in the Catholic Herald of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee; to  her funeral service is available also to view on YouTube (Bryan Massingale's homily begins about 1:38).
Virtual Table on the Sexual Abuse Crisis
There is much to report from this Virtual Table, co-chaired by Jim Keenan (USA) and Dan Fleming (Australia), since the last report in March 2022. From its inception, the VT met approximately every 8 weeks, welcoming some new members along the way. The continuity of our process whereby a member provides a provocation and the group engages in constructive discussion following this, has enabled us to deepen and refine our ideas, often hearing from each member two or three times. Fruitful in and of itself for the formation and scholarship of the group, this process is also beginning to have an impact through publication, an example of which is Kate Jackson-Meyer’s recent contribution to the CTEWC Forum.
Our VT has been in a state of pause since May this year for two reasons. The first is the Northern Hemisphere’s summer holidays, at which time it is harder to line up our international time zones for meetings and many of our members are on leave. The second and more substantial reason is the time Jim and Dan have been working to bring together a CTEWC book project, together with Hans Zollner SJ and our partners at the Journal of Moral Theology. The book is entitled: Doing Theology and Theological Ethics in the Face of the Sexual Abuse Crisis, and the volume features contributions from twenty-two scholars from fifteen different countries across Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Oceania. A significant number of these scholars are members of the virtual table whose essays have benefitted from our provocations and discussions. 
Jim and Dan look forward to announcing the publication of this important book to the CTEWC community in coming months, and to reanimating the regular meetings and inviting new membership of the Virtual Table early next year.
Asian-Oceanian Regional Report
Recent Publications

Charles Irudayam, A Call to Shared Responsibility (Mumbai: St Pauls, 2022).

David Kirchhoffer, "Dignity, Conscience, and Religious Pluralism in Healthcare: An Argument for a Presumption in Favour of Respect for Religious Belief" in Bioethics 2022: 1-10 (available open access).
European Regional Report
Honorary Doctorates Conferred
In recent weeks, two of our CTEWC network colleagues have been awarded the prestigious honoris causa doctorates.
On Nov. 19, 2022, Linda Hogan of Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland) received the honorary title of Doctor, from Regis College, Toronto School of Theology, at the University of Toronto, Canada. The citation highlighted Linda Hogan's international stature, her prerogative as a dynamic educator, and a gifted academic leader. As an ethicist and ecumenist, she has published extensively on religion, gender, and human rights thus becoming a global bridge builder between disciplines, peoples, and faith communities.
On November 15, 2022, Marie-Jo Thiel of the University of Strassbourg (France) received the honorary title of Doctor from the theological faculty of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). The citation emphasized the role played by Marie-Jo Thiel in particular for her studies on sexual abuse, with which she appropriately contributes to making the church and theology more credible.

Master's Program, Luzern, Switzerland

In the fall of 2023, a new master's degree program in Ethics will begin. The new program is aimed at all bachelor's graduates from universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education of all disciplines. It lasts 2 years. After a first part on fundamentals, students can choose from three specializations in a second part of the program, all three of which allow them to deepen their scientific knowledge and open up promising perspectives on the job market: Business, Financial and Corporate Ethics; Health ethics; Ethics of digital transformation. Further information:

Pontifical Academy for Life - Public Workshop

At the Vatican City, February 20-21, 2023, the Pontifical Academy of Life will present the public workshop "Converging on the person: Emerging Technologies for the Common Good." As Pope Francis exhorts, "There is a pressing need, then, to understand these epochal changes and new frontiers in order to determine how to place them at the service of the human person, while respecting and promoting the intrinsic dignity of all." Program and registration available here.
Latin American-Caribbean Regional Report

Sexualidade e Pastoral. Aos párocos e agentes de pastoral”, organizado por José Antônio Trasferetti e Ronaldo Zacharias, membros da SBTM. Vários outros membros da sociedade colaboraram com capítulos para o livro.

Thales Martins dos Santos colaborou na organização da obra “Sinodalidade e pastoralidade. Olhares diversos”.

Élio Estanislau Gasda. La era de la inseguridad global. Una mirada etico-teológica. In Otro modo de mirarmos: contemplar para incidir. Puebla, México: Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, 2022 / México: Sistema Universitario Jesuita: Fideicomiso Fernando Bustos Barrena SJ, 2022. ISBN 978-607-8587-60-5

La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana publicó la Tesis Doctoral de Jutta Battenberg. Para ver la presentación YouTube y Facebook.

Agustín Ortega publicó “Ética y pensamiento social desde Francisco”, en Horizontes de pensamiento para enfrentar el Siglo XXI de la mano del Papa Francisco.
North American Regional Report
New Book

The first by a woman of color on Ignatian spirituality in a multicultural and intercultural setting, this book brings a unique voice from a place of diversity that is rich in insights for a global audience. The book will be published on December 6.

Recent Articles

Tobias Winright, "The WCC Document on Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry, after 40 Years," Doctrine & Life 72, no. 9 (November 2022).
Tobias Winright, "A parent's worst nightmare: An active shooter at my daughter’s school," National Catholic Reporter (2 November 2022).