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February 2019

Dear CTEWC Friends,
This month's First includes regional updates about new member publications and scholarly conferences.
In our Junior Scholars' Forum, María Isabel Gil Espinosa's essay marks the 40th anniversary of the CELAM meeting in Puebla, reminding us that we cannot do moral theology with our backs to the realities of the displaced. From Puerto Rico, Jorge José Ferrer, SJ analyzes persistent global health inequities and the demands of social justice, while Dionius Bismoko Mahamboro warns us about the phenomenon of "fake news" impacting upcoming elections in Indonesia.
Diego Alonso-Lasheras, SJ reflects on the demands of religious freedom in a globalized context, and Teresia Hinga considers the recent celebration of Kwanza and the need to retrieve its Ubuntu ethos. Finally, Ramón Luzárraga weighs in on the U.S. federal shutdown and dangers of anti-government sentiment.
As Pope Francis convenes bishops' conference presidents to meet the challenge of sexual abuse and the protection of minors this month, we rededicate prayers for justice and healing.

Kristin Heyer
Shaji George Kochuthara, CMI
Andrea Vicini, SJ

Featured Forum Articles
Asian Regional Report
Book Announcements :

First is a book containing the papers and articles of Redemptorist Fr. Clement Campos since 1997, through which emerge the theme of combining moral truth and pastoral compassion in the midst of overwhelming poverty and pluriform cultural and religious traditions in India. Along with other theologians of India, Fr. Clement began to see the need for a contextualized moral theology. However, being contextual would not necessarily make combining moral truth with pastoral compassion any easier. As Fr. Clement does require that moral theology be bold enough to prophetically proclaim the truth, yet humble enough to examine its own theory and practice, to listen and search, with the rest of humanity, to find a way through issues of great moral complexity. It must have pastoral sensitivity to enable people who fall short of the ideal to grow through little steps in a dynamic process of conversion.

The second is an offering from Paulachan Kochappilly, CMI, Spectrum of Ethical Imagination and Action. A synopsis of this new text is available  here.

European Regional Report

"Christian Animal Ethics", 8.-11.09.2019 in Brixen, International Association for Moral theology and Christian Social Ethics (Internationale Vereinigung für Moraltheologie und Sozialethik)


From January 3 to 5 in Innsbruck took place the annual meeting of the "Innsbrucker Kreis", a group of about 40 moral theologians and social ethicists mostly from the southern german speaking region. The issue was "A universal ethics in the late modern era?" ("Universale Ethik in der späten Moderne?"). A speaker was invited Dr. Thomas M. Schmidt, professor for philosophy of religion at the Goethe-University of Frankfurt. The general question was concretized by discussing the issue of "marriage for all" on the background of the political development that more and more European states like Germany, Austria etc. legalized same-sex marriages.

New Books

"Unheilige Theologie! Analysen angesichts sexueller gewalt gegen minderjährige durch priester" (Katholizismus im umbruch 9), Edited by Magnus Striet and Rita Werden. 
"Unholy Theology! An Analysis of Sexual Violence against Minors by Priests"

The so-called MHG-study on child abuse within the Catholic Church in Germany raises a number of questions. Are certain theological concepts and positions jointly responsible for the harm inflicted on children and adolescents? How could these abuses be covered-up by the Church for such a long time? This volume is dedicated to these and other related issues and contains contributions from Georg Essen, Stephan Goertz, Hubertus Lutterbach, Magnus Striet, Rita Werden, and Gunda Werner.  For further information click here.

"Reproductive Autonomie. Über das potential eines umstrittenen begriffs" (Studien der Moraltheologie 10) by Caroline Witting. "Reproductive Autonomy. On the Potential of a Controversial Term."

"Autonomy" is one of the most controversial terms in the discourse between Catholic Church and modern societies. This is particularly evident when it comes to procreation and reproductive medicine. Caroline Witting's study analyses the concept of reproductive autonomy and shows its potential. Thus, a more productive dialogue between the Catholic Church and contemporary views within the society might ensue.  For further information click here.

Great Britain

Catherine of Siena College, London, has winter courses which are now available.  Click here for more information.

North American Regional Report
Book Award

Sr. Nuala Kenny has been involved in the medically assisted death issue in Canada. Her book  Rediscovering the Art of Dying (2017 Novalis and Twenty-third Publications) has just gone into a third printing and received an award from the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada this past year. 

Calls For Papers
Societas Ethica 2019
"Digital Humanity - Ethical Analysis and Responses in an Age of Transformation" - The Annual Societas Ethica Conference takes place 27-30 June 2019 in Tutzing, Germany. For thematic areas and submission guidelines, read the full call for papers here

Cuestiones Teológicas  is an official journal of the Department of Theology, Philosophy and Humanities of Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín - Colombia. It covers the areas of scientific research related to theological knowledge and topics directly related to Theology.  The call for articles aims to receive manuscripts in the following academic categories: Scientific Articles, Scientific Reflection Paper, Review Articles or Reviews.  Revista Cuestiones Teológicas receives contributions in Spanish, English or Portuguese.
Guidelines for submitting articles can be found here.
Fellowship Opportunities
The International Fellows Initiative  is a collaboration between the two Jesuit theology centers in the United States of America: the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley.

The IFI hosts post-doctoral international scholars for a six to nine month period of research at either location (applicants will indicate their preference of research site as part of the application process). The IFI provides scholars with space, time, and resources to complete the research set forth in their fellowship proposal.

Applications for Fall 2019 are due March 15, 2019.  More information and application details here.

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