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The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
January 2022
Featured Forum Articles
African Forum: "Cultivating a Transformative Faith that Drives the Common Good for Everyone" - Reginald Nalugala

European Forum: "Creation and Nonviolence: Reflections in Light of COP26"
- Anna Blackman

North American Forum: "How the CTSA is Keeping Focus on the Call to Racial Justice Amidst the Pandemic"
- Meghan Clark
Asian and Oceanian Forum: "What's Natural in Natural Disasters?"
- Sharon Bong

Latin American and Caribbean Forum: "Acompañamiento y liderazgo político democrático: una propuesta para la implementación de Fratelli Tutti"
- Aníbal Torres

Junior Scholars Forum: "Too Poor to Pay for Treatment: Government Corruption and Mismanagement Indirectly 'Euthanizing' Nigeria's Poor" - Henry Omeike
Virtual Tables
The Pursuing Health Virtual Table met for the second time on November 10, 2021 and gathered seven of the approximately 15 members. Participants shared stories of accompaniment in the contexts of health, illness, injury, and disability. Narratives attuned us to the challenges and rewards of accompanying family members at the end of their lives, accompanying members of the deaf community who resist medical models of their lives, accompanying those who struggle for healthcare justice, and, as we neared the end of an academic semester in the U.S., accompanying our students whose levels of depression and anxiety were palpably on the rise. It is telling that several members of the table were unable to join that day as they accompanied friends and relatives through the arduous routines of aging, illness, and parenting young children. We are scheduling the next table for later in January 2022 and encourage anyone interested to join us! Please contact Mary Roche ( for the schedule and the zoom link. That meeting will include time for continued reflection on accompaniment, and a discussion of health through lenses of self-care, fidelity, justice, and mercy. One of the short-term goals of the group is to provide access to resources and syllabi for teaching medical, bio-, and healthcare ethics. So, bring your own story, resource, syllabus, etc. We also draw your attention to a recent post by our member Sr. Teresa Kiragu of CUEA on Holistic Healthcare Ethics in Kenya.
African Regional Report
In Memoriam Podcast Episode

This month, Stan Chu Ilo pays tribute to Jacquineau Azetsóp, S.J. on the podcast "African Catholic Voices." Ilo highlights Azetsóp's remarkable legacy with CTEWC colleagues Jim Keenan and Meghan Clark.
Asian-Oceanian Regional Report
Report of the 31st Annual Conference of the AMTI

The 31st Annual Conference of the Association of Moral Theologians of India (AMTI) was held virtually in November 2021 on the theme "Five Years of Amoris Laetitia: Developments in Moral Theology and Challenges in Pastoral Practices." Read a report on the conference here.
Call for Papers

Asian Horizons, Dharmaram Journal of Theology, calls for articles for its March 2022 issue on Eastern Catholic Churches. Papers are invited to address themes such as Eastern Catholic Churches since Vatican II, Implementation of Orientalium Ecclesiarum and Challenges Ahead, Synodality in Eastern Churches, Liturgical Renewal in Eastern Churches, Eastern Catholic Churches: Contributions to Theological Developments etc. Contributions may be submitted at the latest by 01 March 2022. View the call for papers here.

Jed Martin Tingson and Agnes M. Brazal, "Spirituality of hopeful risk-taking (Bahala na) among Filipino healthcare workers," Journal of Public Health, December 2, 2021. This article is available via open access.
European Regional Report

Stephan Goertz, Who am I to judge? Homosexuality and the Catholic Church (De Gruyter, 2022).

The Catholic Church still takes an ambivalent stance toward homosexuality, declaring that homosexuals should be respected and not discriminated against while morally condemning their intimate relationships. This volume presents exegetical, theological, and ethical arguments as well as evidence from the human sciences to advocate for the recognition of homosexuality as a natural variant of the human capacities to love and to form relationships.

Job Openings, Austria

The Vienna Doctoral School of Theology and Research on Religion VDTR, a structured PhD programme offered jointly by the Faculty of Protestant Theology, the Faculty of Catholic Theology and the Research Centre "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society RaT", is looking to fill four university assistant positions (prae-doc) as of 01 April 2022.
Conference Announcement and CfP, Germany

Conference, Frankfurt, March, 30th – April 1st: "The Mission of the Church in the Era of Global Public Health." This conference wants to bring out some of the current health challenges in public and global health. By connecting experts from different fields of research and practice we hope to stimulate further reflection and exchange concerning the possibilities of Church engagement in this field. Call for papers and further information available here.
Latin American-Caribbean Regional Report

Nuestro compañero Pablo Alberto Blanco fue nombrado Director del Instituto de Cultura Universitaria de la Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). El Instituto de Cultura Universitaria (ICU) tiene a su cargo los docentes y materias filosófico-teológicas que integran el ciclo de formación Humanista Cristiano, y a su vez desarrolla actividades de extensión y diálogo con la cultura a través del ciclo de Diálogos con la Cultura.


Nuestro compañero Agustín Ortega nos comparte su último artículo “Lacuestión social y ética del trabajoen el 40aniversario de Laborem exercens”. Para el artículo completo.
North American Regional Report
Recent Articles

Tom Massaro, translated from The First: Stati Uniti: la fragile fiducia nelle istituzioni governative, December 2021.
Call for Papers

Catholicism, Challenges to Democracy, and the Legacy of Jacques Maritain
2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Jacques Maritain. Maritain was a key shaper of modern Catholic Social Teaching on politics, human rights, and democracy, and had a significant influence on Vatican II, Populorum Progressio and more. The Journal of Moral Theology invites submissions of papers on the topic of “Catholicism, Challenges to Democracy, and the legacy of Jacques Maritain.” The guest editors of the volume, CTEWC members Laurie Johnston and Grégoire Catta, welcome any questions regarding topics you are considering. While they are particularly interested in papers that deal specifically with Maritain’s thought, other topics related to Catholicism and contemporary challenges to democracy are also welcome. For a full description of the CFP, click here and here.Submissions will be accepted through January 1, 2023.