The First
The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
July 2020
Featured Forum Articles
African Forum : "COVID-19's WASH Factor: A Solution for the Syndemic?"
- Teresia Hinga

European Forum : "Poetry and Racism"
- Nicholas Postlethwaite

North American Forum : "A Catholic Case for Police Defunding and Abolition"
- Michael Jaycox
Asian Forum : "A Dangerous Law at a Vulnerable Time" - Eric Genilo

Latin American and Caribbean Forum : "Bien Común, después de Laudato Si' , se dice: Tierra-Techo-Trabajo Universal"
- Emilce Cuda

Junior Scholars Forum : "Salvación en tiempos de Pandemia" - Jutta Battenberg

Virtual Tables
New Virtual Table: Reproductive Justice and the Common Good

The first meeting of the Reproductive Justice and the Common Good Virtual Table will be held via Zoom on July 9. The theme for our discussion is “Child Care During a Pandemic.” There are many pressing ethical issues that could be analyzed through a gender-justice lens when thinking about the global disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In our first virtual gathering, we invite participants to share the challenges faced in their context, with a focus on the care of children.

If you are a CTEWC member interested in participating, email before July 5 . We will send you the Zoom meeting ID, password, and time of the meeting by email on July 7 th in preparation for our July 9 th meeting. We will also share a google drive with relevant materials. Please indicate your location and/or time zone when you email us so that we can plan the time of the meeting to accommodate as many participants as possible.
- Emily Reimer-Barry (US) and Simeiqi He (China/US) , Co-Chairs

Virtual Tables Update

We include updates from other Virtual Tables now underway below; updated participant lists appear at the  Virtual Table page .

The discussions of this virtual table center around stepping aside from the theoretical perspective to develop a practical non-hierarchical African model of moral leadership, an approach which Emmanuel Katongole has highlighted. Given the health care dimension involved in this pandemic, we can also appeal to those doctors, nurses, and average people in the frontline who are directly involved in serving others and articulating their pathos. Africa’s contribution, therefore, could consist in challenging and broadening the existing understanding of leadership while also debunking the cultural deference to the “chief-leader” who expects to be served to the Christ-like servant leadership model. This virtual table plans to produce a book on ethical leadership in Africa.
- Toussaint Kafarhire and Odomaro Mubangizi, Co-Chairs

In their first meeting in May, this virtual table discussed existing, constructive efforts of nonviolence on the ground in regions where participants reside. Their next meeting will develop working descriptions of "nonviolence" and "violence" and explore "how nonviolence is a cross-cutting, intersectional theme both in terms of illuminating specific moral issues and generating creative, transformative praxis."
- Jasmin Nario-Galace (Philippines) and Eli McCarthy (US), Co-Chairs

This virtual table focuses on the ethics surrounding migration between Latin America and the United States, a situation whose difficulty and urgency has been compounded by COVID. They are also planning the logistics of hosting a conference between Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, United States.
- Jutta Battenberg (Mexico) and Ramón Luzárraga (US), Co-Chairs

Asian-Australian Region forming a Virtual Table

A small group met to discuss forming an Asian-Australian regional virtual table. Foci of the table include: inviting new representatives to join the virtual table from different countries; inviting new members from the region to join CTEWC, particularly from under-represented countries; providing mentorship and support for women and junior scholars in the region; Virtual Tables for women and junior scholars in the region; and continuing the CTEWC Asian Theological Ethics Books Series.

Responses to the Sexual Abuse Virtual Table Restarting

Dan Fleming and James Keenan are restarting the Virtual Table in light of the COVID-19 interruption of the March 2020 conference in Rome. The following members have recently signed up for the newly formed VT in preparation for the rescheduled March 17-21, 2021 Rome Meeting of the Laboratory "Doing Theology in the Face of Sexual Abuse, " co-sponsored by the Centre for the Protection of Children and CTEWC.
African Regional Report
Webinar: Catholic Peacebuilding in the DRC

The webinar Catholic Peacebuilding in the DRC: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons for Sub-Saharan Africa will be held on July 8, 2020 at 10:30-11:30 EST, 14:30-15:30 UTC. A panel will discuss the Congolese Catholic community’s work for peace in the DRC, especially as new challenges like COVID-19 emerge, and examine how the experiences of Catholic peacebuilding in the DRC might provide insights and lessons elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. The webinar will be held in English with a simultaneous French translation. It is free but registration is required to receive the Zoom link.

Reflection on Covid-19

Recent Publications on Racism

Anne Arabome, “ I can’t breathe because God can’t breathe, National Catholic Reporter .
Stan Chu Ilo, “ Racism, the Church, and the Suffering of the people of African descent, La Croix International.  
Asian Regional Report
European Regional Report
J-RaT Issue on Human Dignity

I n July 2020, the interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society (J-RaT) will publish the issue, "Exploring Human Dignity: Foundations and Applications that transform Contemporary Society." This issue has been jointly edited by Sigrid Müller, Nenad Polgar and Katharina Maringer (all University of Vienna) and Todd A. Salzman (Creighton University) and presents the results of the second WOTE workshop (Vienna Workshops on Theological Ethics). Several CTEWC members have contributed: Antonio Autiero, James F. Keenan, Maureen Junker-Kenny, Peter G. Kirchschlaeger, Tina Beattie, Kristin Heyer, Todd A. Salzman and Michael G. Lawler, and Sigrid Müller. The Journal is a peer reviewed open access journal and freely accessible on the homepage of the publishing house Bril l. Once published, you can click on the volume ("Band"): 6 issue 1 for free access.

Volume on Dementia from Bioethicists in Central Europe

The Association of Bioethicists in Central Europe (BCE) has edited the second volume of its practice-oriented book series. The books edited by Sigrid Müller and Piotr Morciniec (University of Opole) offer studies and reflections or interviews with experts in different practical fields, in either German or English, with abstracts in both languages. The first volume "Prenatal diagnosis: Stimuli for further reflection" has been published in 2017 and online in 2018. It is available open access. The second volume "Dementia. Stimuli for further reflection" has been published in January 2020 and will be accessible online (also open access) in February, 2021. A third volume is already in preparation and will address the topic of Sexual Pedagogy.

Publication on Ethics and Church Finances

Kirchliches Vermögen unter christlichem Anspruch “ (Katholizismus im Umbruch 11) by Bernhard Emunds and Stephan Goertz

Scandals involving church finances have repeatedly come to the fore in recent years. It is for this reason that the authors of this book have decided to engage with the question of how the Church can deal with its assets in a Christian way and which ethical and canon law principles have to be taken into account. In addition to more fundamental considerations (e.g. teaching on cooperatio ad malum; ethics of responsibility), concrete asset management organisation proposals are presented.

A Pope Francis Lexicon released in Italian

Francescamente parlando - Un vocabolario di papa Francesco, edited by reporters Joshua McElwee and Cindy Wooden, has now being published in Italian by the Vatican's publishing house, the Libreria Editrice Vaticana (LEV).

Scholarships for Projects in Historical Religious Studies in Main, Germany

The EU funded project “Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies” (ReIReS) offers docs, postdocs and senior scholars the opportunity to carry out their research project in Historical Religious Studies, including projects in Christian Ethics with a historical perspective (e.g. History of Moral Theology). Scholars throughout Europe are invited to apply for a transnational access scholarship to consult the collections of libraries and archives (including digital resources) with the help of local experts, while ReIReS covers the costs for travel and accommodation. ReIReS offers scholarships in outstanding European research centres, libraries and archives in Leuven, Sofia, Paris, Mainz, Hamburg, and Bologna.
The call for applications will be open from January 6 until February 16, 2020; detailed information about research opportunities and the application procedure .
Latin American Regional Report
Coloquio Latinoamericano de Ética Teológica

El próximo 5 de septiembre de 8-12 horas (CST) se llevará a cabo vía zoom el Coloquio Latinoamericano de Ética Teológica – CTEWC con el tema COVID-19 y los retos éticos de la región: haciendo puentes entre ética teológica, iglesia y sociedad. Para informes e inscripciones .
Coloquio sobre Migración

El grupo de Investigación en ética teológica de eTHEOS de la Universidad Iberoamericana CDMX en conjunto con la Universidad Iberoamericana Tijuana están organizando un Coloquio sobre Migración que se llevará a cabo vía zoom el 23 y 24 de octubre próximo. Informes e inscripciones fronteras t eoló .

Conferencia internacional en Buenos Aires por la "Semana Laudato Si"
El Prof. Pablo A. Blanco (CTEWC) nos comparte la noticia sobre la conferencia internacional online que tuvo lugar el pasado sábado 23 de mayo, bajo el título: "Laudato Si, en movimiento. Experiencias desde una ecología integral". La conferencia contó con las exposiciones de: Roberto Bubas (Área Natural Protegida Península de Valdés), declarada Patrimonio Natural de la Humanidad en 1999 (Argentina); de Mónica Manolio, de la Reserva Patrimonio Natural de Pilar (Argentina); de Cristian Romero, del Centro Pastoral Sol y Verde de José C. Paz (Argentina) y de Mauricio López, Secretario Ejecutivo de la Red Eclesial Panamazónica – REPAM. La conferencia fue transmitida de manera online y hubo más de 23 puntos de conexión en todo el mundo siguiendo atentamente su desarrollo.  Se puede acceder a la conferencia y a todo el material en el siguiente enlace .

Reflexiones humanísticas 

En el libro “ Reflexiones humanísticas desde la filosofía, teología, arte y cultura Guayaquil ”, 08 Junio 2020 le han publicado a Verónica Naranjo un capítulo de libro, titulado “El ciclo menstrual femenino: ¿derecho o exclusión laboral? Una interpretación desde el DSM5”, un texto necesario para este tiempo de pandemia donde pueden crear pacientes falsos desde la psiquiatría.

Reflexiones sobre Covid-19

Verónica Naranjo Quintero, " Rito religioso y Covid-19 ."
North American Regional Report
Publications in response to Anti-Black Racism in the United States

As U.S. ethicists attend to critical issues in racial justice and policing, we draw your attention to a few essays and articles by CTEWC members. For The Tablet , Bryan Massingale wrote " The only thing that matters " about anti-Black racism, and Tobias Winright wrote " White privilege- a confession in response to the Black Lives Matter protests ." In addition, Eli McCarthy endeavors at Catholic Moral Theology to help us better understand the nature of police violence to better calibrate our response with " Police violence: we need to name it and go deeper ."

Journal of Moral Theology

The latest edition of the  Journal of Moral Theology on " Living the Gospel ," edited by CTEWC member Jason King along with M. Therese Lysaught includes articles by several CTEWC members including Meghan Clark, Daniel Fleming, and Marcus Mescher. The journal is available open access.

Additionally, the journal  invites submissions for its  upcoming themed volumes   or proposals  for open issues .

Recent Book Publications

Voting and Faithfulness: Catholic Perspectives on Holiness edited by Nicholas Cafardi has recently been published by Paulist Press. This volume, released just in time for thinking through the upcoming U.S. national elections, includes essays by numerous CTEWC members including: Christina Astorga, Jerry Beyer, Lisa Sowle Cahill, David DeCosse, Cathy Kaveny, and Toby Winright.  

CTEWC member Christine Firer Hinze edited, along with John Seitz, Working Alternatives: Studies of Economic Experiment and the Human Person , recently released by Fordham University Press. The book includes essays by CTEWC members Jerry Beyer and Sandra Sullivan Dunbar.