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The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
July 2022
Featured Forum Articles
African Forum:
"Faith and Good Governance--Is There a Connection?"
-Anthony Egan

European Forum:
"The Road to Barabás"
- Gusztáv Kovács

North American Forum:
"Avoiding Ethical and Social Conflict About Access to Abortion Care"
- Jeremy Cruz
Asian and Oceanian Forum:
"The Church and the Return of the Marcos Family"
- Agnes Brazal

Latin American and Caribbean Forum:
"Sinodalidad y Creatividad: Pueblo de Dios Como Sujeto: Jurídico Estético Teológico"
- Emilce Cuda

Junior Scholars Forum:
"Infrahumanization of Women in India"
- Ann Mary Madavanakadu
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Virtual Tables
The Reproductive Justice and the Common Good virtual table is currently planning for the 2022-2023 academic year. Participants will share papers-in-progress in workshop meetings during the year, with an aim to publish the papers and roundtable discussions in 2024 in a collected volume. Co-facilitators are Simeiqi He and Emily Reimer-Barry
Asian-Oceanian Regional Report
Upcoming Conference

The Association of Moral Theologians of India (AMTI) organizes its Annual Meeting and Conference on TOWARDS A SYNODAL CHURCH: MORAL IMPLICATIONS. The meeting shall take place on 21, 22 and 23 October 2022, at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore. While the entire Church is engaged in the reflection and discussion on synodality, moral theologians of India, also reflect on synodality with a special focus on its moral implications. View the call for papers and further information here.
European Regional Report
Master's Degree in Social Ethics in Healthcare (Germany)

Applications for the practice-integrated Master's program in Social Ethics in Health Care at Goethe University Frankfurt (Main) are now open until July 15. The lecture period begins in October 2022. Further information (in German).

Job Advertisement (Germany)

The Institute for Theology and Peace ( in Hamburg is seeking the position of a project manager to be filled (as of first November or as soon as possible). The position is limited to 5 years; there is the option of an unlimited extension.


Joseph Selling, “Can the Catholic Church help make abortion unnecessary?" published independently.
Latin American-Caribbean Regional Report

El doctor Agustín Ortega imparte un curso en línea “Las 4 vías de espiritualidad según el Papa Francisco” interesados comunicarse con
Próximo Coloquio
El grupo de investigación en teología moral eTHEOS de la Ibero anuncia el tercer Coloquio de Migración en modalidad híbrida: presencial en Tijuana Baja California y a distancia vía zoom. Informes e inscripciones:
Nuevos miembros

Achtus aceptó como nuevos afiliados a tres mexicanos, entre ellos a Miguel Ángel Márquez Carlos, miembro de CTEWC.

A Sociedade Brasileira de Teologia Moral (SBTM) realizou, nos dias 07, 08 e 09 de junho, o II Simpósio Brasileiro de Teologia Moral e o I Simpósio internacional de Ética Teológica. O evento contou com a participação de três conferencistas que nos ajudaram a refletir sobre o tema central: Educar para a Ética: Repensar as relações em tempos de pluralidade. Na primeira noite contamos com a participação do Prof. Dr. Carlos Mendoza-Álvarez, do Boston College; na segunda, esteve conosco a Profa. Dra. Brígida Queiroz, da Fundação Romi e, fechando nosso evento, contamos com a presença do Prof. Dr. Moisés Sbardelotto, da PUC-Minas. Tivemos 81 pessoas inscritas no Simpósio e 18 comunicações ao longo das três noites. Agora já nos preparamos para nosso congresso anual que acontecerá no mês de setembro.
North American Regional Report
Call for Papers

Mary Jo Iozzio will edit a special issue of Religions, "Catholic Social Ethics: Engaging Pressing Issues," focusing on work in Catholic Social Ethics engaging pressing issues in our diverse contemporary settings. The scope of the volume will retrieve the past, evaluate the 20th-21st centuries’ papal encyclicals, and explore the contributions of our guild members to examine responses to the critical issues of today and those foreseen. The purpose of this Special Issue is to bring a historical-critical methodology to the perplexing issues of our time through the lens of Catholic Social Ethics.
Recent Books

David DeCosse, Created Freedom under the Sign of the Cross: A Catholic Public Theology for the United States, (Wipf and Stock Publishers, June 2022). DeCosse draws on thinkers ranging from Amartya Sen to Shawn Copeland to Karl Rahner in order to reimagine American freedom in light of classic Catholic emphases on embodiment, relationship, history, the good, and God. The result is a Catholic public theology that provides a redemptive path forward in an age of crisis.
James F. Keenan, A History of Catholic Theological Ethics, (Paulist Press, June 2022).

Starting with the Scriptures, and in particular the New Testament, the author looks at the inspiration and foundational values and virtues that emerge from its moral instruction. This is a comprehensive study of every period in the history of the tradition, from the early Patristic period to the history of the Penitentials and Confessionals, to the founding of religious orders and universities, the emergence of scholasticism, the birth of modern casuistry, the Council of Trent and the subsequent moral manuals, to contemporary Reformers within the Global Church.

Andrea Vicini, SJ, Philip J. Landrigan, and Kurt Straif, eds., The Rising Global Cancer Pandemic: Health, Ethics, and Social Justice, CTEWC collaboration with Journal of Moral Theology, July 2022.
Considering that cancer is the first or second cause of death in 134 countries, the leading cause of death in most high-income countries, and that most of the increase will occur in low- and middle-income countries, the authors address the injustices of cancer from an interdisciplinary perspective. Scientific contributions and ethical inquiry aim to help civil society to identify and name inequities related to cancer incidence, access to treatments, and mortality.


David DeCosse, "Justice, self-respect, and the Ukrainian decision to go to war," Political Theology Blog, June 9, 2022. NOTE: This is the first part of a series, for second post see: Jackie Turvey Tait, "Ukraine: Separating Just Defence from Dangerous False Narratives." Future contributors to the symposium include Gerald Beyer of Villanova University; Ramon Luzarraga of St. Martin's University; John Gonzalez of St. John's University, and Ruben Rosario-Rodriguez of St. Louis University (Rosario-Rodriguez organized the symposium). 

Eli McCarthy, “Pope Francis, Ukraine, and an Accompaniment Approach,” National Catholic Reporter, May 30, 2022.
John Heagle, “Could a new Eucharistic Prayer help reclaim the Nonviolent Christ?National Catholic Reporter, June 8, 2022.
Emily Reimer-Barry, "A Queer Reading of Genesis 1-2 for Pride Month," Catholic Moral Theology, June 7, 2022.