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The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
June 2021
Featured Forum Articles
African Forum: "Supporting the Church's Promotion of a Culture of Brother/Sisterhood to Heal a Fragmented Ivory Coast" - Bienvenu Mayemba

European Forum: "The Ethics of the Private - How Covid-19 has Reshaped our Private Sphere" - Gusztáv Kovács 

North American Forum: "With Child Care Proposals, US Policymakers Adopt a Catholic Anthropology" - Kate Ward
"Who is to Blame?" - Caroline Ong

Latin American and Caribbean Forum: "El trabajo en tiempos de pandemia:¿Seguridad económica para quién?"
- Élio Gasda

Junior Scholars Forum: "Challenging Covid-19 Stigmatization with Fratelli Tutti Values" - Anne Celestine Achieng Ondigo
New Book Series Collaboration
We are pleased to introduce the newly reimagined CTEWC book series, Global Theological Ethics, in collaboration with the Journal of Moral Theology. This new series will offer free downloads of chapters or entire texts for all books; print copies can be ordered from Wipf & Stock. If you would like to propose a book for the series, please contact James Keenan or Shaji George Kochuthara. Jason King and M. Therese Lysaught serve as the series editors; Suzanne Mulligan is the new liaison between CTEWC and the JMT.

The first volume in this series, Ethical Challenges in Global Public Health: Climate Change, Pollution, and the Health of the Poor, edited by Andrea Vicini and Philip Landrigan, is available now. The volume features chapters by CTEWC members Stanislaus Alla, Jacquineau Azetsop, Lisa Sowle Cahill, Daniel Daly, Alexandre Martins, Andrea Vicini, and many others in the field of public health.
Virtual Tables
Dado el creciente problema migratorio causado por las condiciones de inseguridad, la falta de oportunidades en muchos de los países latinoamericanos, el endurecimiento de políticas migratorias en Estados Unidos, la creciente deportación y el contexto de pandemia, les invitamos a participar de forma directa o a proponer a 12 investigadores para la Mesa Virtual Migración y fronteras en América con el fin de analizar el fenómeno de la migración desde diferentes perspectivas y con la percepción específica de cada región. 

La intención es reunirnos cada seis semanas a través de una plataforma accesible para todos los investigadores incluidos en el Proyecto con el objetivo de lograr en un año una publicación que contenga el análisis del problema no solo desde diferentes y puntuales perspectivas sino desde las percepciones de los países participantes con el fin de informar y sensibilizar a la comunidad para que tomen posturas y acciones, así como para estar listos para un Coloquio presencial o virtual para el 2022 en la frontera México-USA de acuerdo a las posibilidades que permita la emergencia sanitaria. 

Interesados comunicarse con Jutta Battenberg y Ramón Luzárraga.
Asian and Oceanian Regional Report
Call for Papers

Asian Horizons, the Dharmaram Journal of Theology, calls articles for its September 2021 issue on Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding. Contributions are invited to focus on the Catholic theological tradition on conflict resolution and peacebuilding, and various initiatives inspired by faith experience. Themes may include Theology of Reconciliation, Theology of Healing, The Arms Race, Nuclear Weapons, and Peacebuilding, The Relationship between Peace and Justice, Models of Conflict Resolution, etc.

Recent Article

African Regional Report
Book Publication

Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, The Pope and the Pandemic: Lessons in Leadership in a Time of Crisis, (Orbis Books, 2021).

Through an examination of Pope Francis’s words and actions during the coronavirus pandemic, Fr. Orobator finds a model of leadership for a suffering world.

Congratulations on Recent Award

Simon Mary Aihiokhai, Assistant Professor at the University of Portland, was recently awarded his institution's 2021 Outstanding Scholarship Award. Dr. Aihiokhai reflects on his life journey which led to this award, and his provosts' remarks, here.
European Regional Report
Conference and Call for Papers

Zagreb, Croatia, November 11, 2021: "Readers and Reading in the Digital Age."
The development of modern media has influenced not only the traditionally understood reading culture but also the communication processes and the psychology of readers. […] This international interdisciplinary scientific conference will contribute to the promotion of reading and answer many questions we face which are associated in various ways with reading habits and culture. Submission of abstracts by June 25, 2021. Further information available here.


Pope Francis has described his third encyclical Fratelli Tutti as a “modest contribution to continued reflection” and “an invitation to dialogue among all people of good will.” Taking these intentions into account, a considerable number of scholars assess this document from their perspectives and, in doing so, identify its great significance as well as the necessity for further developments and clarifications.
Latin American-Caribbean Regional Report
Congreso Interreligioso

Del 15 al 17 de junio se realizará el Primer Congreso Interreligioso de América Latina y el Caribe por el Cuidado de la Casa Común, los Derechos Humanos y la Paz,  totalmente de manera on line y con la participación de Emilce Cuda y Aníbal Torres, miembros de CTEWC. Informes e inscripciones.


Robson Ribeiro de Oliveira Castro, "Covid-19 E a crise E o Trabalho, cadê," Conselho Nacional do Laicato do Brasil.

North American Regional Report
Book Publication

Nuala Kenny, A Post-Pandemic Church: Prophetic Possibilities, (Novalis, 2021).

Physician and ethicist Sister Nuala Kenny has dedicated over 30 years of her life to helping restore the Church she loves to health in the wake of the clergy sexual abuse crisis. As she delves into the various theological, spiritual and organizational issues, the discussion leads far beyond the abuse crisis and into personal and ecclesial transformation as missionary disciples of Jesus.

Recent Articles

Tobias Winright, "American Policing on Trial" The Tablet, May 6, 2021.
Mission Amendment

From Eli McCarthy: "DePaul University's new Mission Statement explicitly names Nonviolence as a Fundamental Commitment of the Catholic Church and Catholic Education."
Upcoming Event

Tuesday, June 6, 2021, at 7:30 pm ET - New Wine New Wineskins, an association for early-career Catholic moral theologians, has launched a new initiative, "Conversations in Moral Theology." It is a series of online dialogues with authors of books relevant to the Church and society. Our second live conversation features O. Carter Snead and engages with his volume, What It Means to Be Human: The Case for the Body in Public Bioethics. The event is free and open to the public. Register here.