The First
The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
March 2020
Announcing Junior Scholars Mentoring Program
CTEWC is launching the  Junior Scholars  Mentoring  Program this month . This program aims to foster and support young theological ethicists who are at the beginning of their careers or finishing their doctorate. All junior ethicists who feel the nee d for support and advice are encouraged to apply for this program, and the CTEWC mentoring co mmittee will match you with a senior scholar member of the network to work with you. Check the  mentoring  webpage to  find further information and to  submit  your application We are grateful to begin with a small group of senior scholars who have made themselves  available to be a mentor, and if you are a senior scholar and want to join this team,  please  submit  this form .
Visiting Professors Program
The CTEWC Visiting Professor Program is open to receiving applications from academic institutions that are interested in offering a CTEWC Visiting Professor opportunity to scholars from other countries and continents. We encourage interactions among institutions in the Global South, between the Global North and the Global South, as well as between the West and the East. The hosting institutions will welcome theological ethicists for a period of one to five months for collaborative research or teaching. To specify the characteristics of the Visiting Professor opportunity that is offered, we ask the host institution to fill out  this form . Applications for CTEWC Visiting Professor programs will be available in a forthcoming edition of the First .
Virtual Tables
The Nonviolence and Just Peace Virtual Table is inviting additional participants. C o-chairs Jasmin Nario Galace (Philippines) and Eli McCarthy (US) invite colleagues to join them in a bridge-building virtual table focused on nonviolence and just peace. The purpose of this table is to generate deeper reflection and strategic ways forward concerning the cross-cutting, intersectional theme of nonviolence. We will particularly attend to specific ethical issues related to engaging conflict constructively, breaking cycles of violence, and building sustainable peace. Our world is facing significant challenges of structural, cultural, and direct violence in various forms and as a global network of Catholic ethicists we have a great opportunity to break through and transform these challenges, as well as our Church. Interested scholars can apply to the co-chairs by March 20.
Featured Forum Articles
Asian Forum : "Crises in Hong Kong and the Ethics of Governance"
- Mary Min-Yee Yuen

European Forum : "Drug Trials on Children in Institutional Care" - Katharina Klöcker

North American Forum : "Dealing with Coronavirus"
- Ramón Luzárraga
Latin American and Caribbean Forum : "Las Caravanas de migrantes centroamericanos os hacia Estado Unidos de Norteamérica: un desafío oportuno"
- Miguel Ángel Sánchez Carlos

Junior Scholars Forum : "The Sanctity of Human Life in the Context of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Amendment in India" - Geevarghese Kaithavana
African Regional Report
Jesuit Institute of Theology, Abidjan

The Center for African Studies and Intercultural Dialogue (CETADI) of the Jesuit Institute of Theology in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, is organizing a public conference-debate on " Major Political Issues, Dynamics, and Mutations in Africa Today ."
Speaker: Dr. Emmanuel Bueya, SJ, Visiting Associate Professor at ITCJ
Date: Wednesday, March. 4, 2020, 2:30-5:00pm.

The Jesuit Institute of Theology will also organize a three-day colloquium on "New Christian Catholic Communities within the New Evangelization Era:  Their Pastoral Innovations and Their Social, Spiritual and Ecclesial Impact ."
Date: March 27-29, 2020

The Institute has recently co-sponsored and co-organized a 2-day colloquium with the Catholic Missionary Institute of Abidjan.
Topic:  The Church in the face of Inter-community conflicts in Africa
Date: Feb. 13-14, 2020

Asian Regional Report
EWA Book Publication

Foodscapes: Beyond the Food Environment – A Feminist Theological Take on Food Issues in Asia , edited by Kristine Meneses and Christine Burke, is the publication of the 8 th conference of Ecclesia of Women in Asia. This anthology, containing 10 articles, are the revised papers presented at the conference held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in January 2018. In dialogue with Laudato Si ', the foodscapes in this volume is beyond the discussion of food environments or geographies and is marked by the re-engagement of Asian feminist theologians from their contextual realities of varied food issues such as safety, insecurity, inadequacy, and waste in the region. Thus, the authors bring to life the main thrust of the Ecclesia of Women in Asia – “gathering the voices of the silenced” and let the world hear their cry, struggles and triumphs. Authors of this book are from different parts of Asia, including Sharon Bong, Rachel Sanchez, Mary Yuen, Kristine Meneses, Shalini Mulackal, Rasika Pieris, Kochurani Abraham, Stephanie Puen, Jean Peracullo and Heejung Adele Cho.

Call for Papers for Asian Horizons

The June 2020 issue of Asian Horizons invites articles on “Crisis in the Church: Asian Context and Responses.” 

The recent crisis in the Church due to sexual abuse by the clergy, according to many, is the biggest crisis in the history of the Church. Some others would say that it should be considered at least as the biggest crisis since Reformation. Although the sexual abuse crisis began as an issue in the Western countries, it is becoming clear that no part of the world is immune to this. Reports, especially in the last few years, indicate that cases of sexual abuse of minors and women by the clergy are on the increase in Asia as well. However, it is doubtful how the Asian Church has acknowledge this as a serious issue affecting it.

Besides the seriousness of the sex abuse scandal itself, it also raises concerns about the administrative system and structure of the Church and ecclesial life. Many have pointed out that clericalism, abuse of power, a system that lacks transparency and accountability, etc. are the real reasons behind the abuse scandal. There is also the need of reconsidering some of the traditional theological issues and developing a theology for our times.

Submissions are due by 15 May, 2020. View the full call for papers and a list of upcoming edition themes here.

European Regional Report
Conference Report, Berlin

The annual conference of German-speaking social ethicists took place in Berlin from 17-19 February 2020 with around 60 participants. The topic was: Critique of identity politics.
When putative majorities assert their collective identity against minorities and defend their rights and privileges in the name of their identity, exclusion and discrimination are pursued by means of collective identity constructions. This form of politics is destructive to democratic debate. Against this background, the Berlin workshop took up the criticism of right-wing identity politics and the social order projected in it. In this context, the theological social ethics itself is also examined, whether and how it resists the collectivization of identities and the sorting order of societies. The contributions will be published in the online journal Ethik und Gesellschaft (1/2020) in July.

Summer School in Pècs, Hungary

The 5th Annual PPHF International Summer School in Pècs is happening this March, featuring the topic "Africa - Bioethical Approaches to a Continent." View the invited speakers here.

Meeting of Moral Theologians, Oxford
May I bring your attention to a meeting of the Association of Moral Theologians on Catholic social thought and practice? It will take place 19-21 June 2020 at Campion Hall, Oxford.
Please spread the word to anyone who may be interested, including any doctoral students, who may be eligible for modest bursaries to help them attend. The group meets annually.

Call for Papers, Lucerne

An international conference celebrating 40 years of the Institute of Social Ethics on the topic "Identities: Narratives between determination and plurality from an ethical perspective" will take place 1-2 March 2021 at the University of Lucerne. View the call for papers here (the deadline has been extended into mid-March).

Catherine of Siena College
Entirely taught online for 6 weeks the courses "Women, Faith and Community Development" & "Theology of Disability " will run 02 March - 10 April 2020. Our online courses allow you to work through materials at your own pace and at times convenient for you. Generous bursaries are available for students of low income, please email to request an application form. Further course information here.
(Anna Cantelmi)
North American Regional Report
Book Publications
Marcus Mescher announces the publication of his first book, The Ethics of Encounter: Christian Neighbor Love as a Practice of Solidarity , (Orbis, 2020). Marcus offers a creative and constructive proposal for what it would take to build what Pope Francis has called a “culture of encounter,” in an American context marked by rising individualism, racial tensions, class segregation, hyperpartisanship, and online echo chambers.

Eli McCarthy announces the publication of an edited volume of essays on just peace.  A Just Peace Ethics Primer: Building a Just Peace and Breaking Cycles of Violence (Georgetown, 2020). The essays in the book demonstrate and revise the norms of a just peace ethic through conflict cases involving US immigration, racial and environmental justice, and the death penalty, as well as gang violence in El Salvador, civil war in South Sudan, ISIS in Iraq, gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, women-led activism in the Philippines, and ethnic violence in Kenya. 

Peacebuilding Summer School in Sarajevo

Finally, Jerry Beyer writes that Villanova will send students and faculty over the next two years to the Interreligious Studies and Peacebuilding Summer School   hosted by the Faculty of Catholic Theology of the University of Sarajevo. Beyer and two doctoral students from Villanova’s theology program will attend this summer’s session.
Post-Doc Listing
The University of Durham (U.K.) seeks a postdoctoral researcher on the topic "Boundary Breaking: The ecclesial-cultural implications of the sex abuse crisis within the Catholic Church." View the full job description here.