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The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
May 2020
COVID-19 Resources
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, theological ethicists around the globe have published on the various ethical dimensions of the virus, from political policies to bioethical guidelines. We have begun to compile a list of these publications as a resource for all in the network. Please add to our growing list of resources by emailing a link or PDF of your article to We do ask that everyone included register in our membership directory .
Virtual Tables
The current Covid-19 global pandemic clearly reveals not only the cracks in global health but also poses some challenges to the existing leadership models in their various incarnations in Africa and the rest of the world. A new virtual table, " Ethical Leadership in Africa: Beyond the Covid-19 Global Health Crisis, " seeks to explore this crisis in leadership in Africa with the goal outcome of an African book publication. Those interested in participating in this virtual table should be in touch with the co-chairs by May 20.

-Co-chairs Toussaint Kafarhire and Odomaro Mubangizi
Featured Forum Articles
African Forum : "An Alternate View on the COVID-19 Pandemic"
- Laurenti Magesa

European Forum : "COVID-19 and Triage: A Medical Challenge, but Not Only That"
- Martin Lintner

North American Forum : "Puzzles, Family Ethics, and the Coronavirus"
- Jason King
Asian Forum : "New Normal, Old Gender Norms in the Time of Coronavirus"
- Sharon Bong

Latin American and Caribbean Forum : "Theological Education and the Non-Religious Believer" - Anna Kasafi Perkins

Junior Scholars Forum : "Helping People Die with 'The Heart in the Hands' "
- Alexandre Martins

Asian Regional Report

Book Announcement

Bong presents a broad spectrum of queer strategies emerging from participants' narratives of 'becoming' queer and religious that provide counterpoints to nationhood narratives of becoming Asian or postcolonial, which are still mired in religious-sponsored and colonial-inherited sexual regulations.

Reflections on COVID-19

European Regional Report
Report: Network Meeting, Würzburg

From 28th of February to 1st of March, the members of the “Netzwerk Moraltheologie” (network moraltheology) held a meeting at the Domschule in Würzburg, Germany, where they meet annually in order to engage in a lively exchange on their research and current theological issues. Through these meetings, the network offers a platform for emerging scholars in the German-speaking area, who work on doctoral or postdoctoral projects in the field of moral theology. This year, the theme of the network's meeting was “Erkenntnisquellen zeitgemäßer theologischer Ethik” (Sources of Knowledge in Contemporary Theological Ethics). Following the lectures held by two established scholars, Prof. Elmar Kos (Vechhta/Osnabrück) and Prof. Dietmar Mieth (Tübingen), about 20 participants discussed the sources and methods of their discipline and tried to explore further issues through presentations by members of the network itself, namely Martina Besler (Wien), Jonas Klur (Höxter), Jakob Ohm (Paderborn) and Noemi Honegger (Luzern). The next meeting of the “Netzwerk Moraltheologie” in March, 2021 will deal with the topic of authority and power (the exact title will be specified in the upcoming weeks). Further information can be found here.

Reflections on COVID-19

Roman Globokar, " Integrity in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic ," (17 April 2020).

Katharina Klöcker (forthcoming): Gott in der Krise finden.Theologische Antworten auf die Solidaritätsfrage in der Pandemie, in: Herder Korrespondenz 5/2020, 30-32.

Michelle Becka, Blog "Ethical reflections" on coronavirus . (Note: written from the German context and in German)

Carlo Calleja, " Lessons from the Past: Renewing Solidarity During the Current Pandemic," La Croix International (16 April 2020).

Andrea Vicini, " Life in the Time of Coronavirus"/" Vivere ai Tempi del Coronavirus" La Civilità Cattolica (6 April 2020).

Latin American Regional Report
Conferencia internacional en Buenos Aires por los 5 años de la publicación de la encíclica Laudato Si'

El Prof. Pablo A. Blanco (CTEWC) nos comparte la noticia sobre la conferencia internacional online que tuvo lugar el pasado sábado 18 de abril. Fue organizada por el Centro Latinoamericano de Evangelización Social (CLAdeES) de Argentina, y tuvo por título “Laudato Si y el cuidado de la Casa Común”. El encuentro contó con la participación de más de 1.500 personas conectadas en 23 puntos distintos puntos del mundo y de la propia Argentina. 
Fueron expositores: Mons. Carlos J. Tissera (Obispo de Quilmes, Arg.), quien resaltó la continuidad de los 3 elementos inspiradores de la Laudato Si: integralidad, fraternidad y solidaridad, vinculándolo con el proceso de sinodalidad eclesial; la Lic. Silvia Alonso (Movimiento Católico Mundial por el Clima y coordinadora de la Red Argentina de Ambiente y el Desarrollo), quien resaltó que hay una sola crisis: ambiental y social; y finalmente la Lic. Martha Arriola (Movimiento cuidadores de la Casa Común), quien hizo presente la experiencia de los "Cuidadores de la Casa común" en sus distintos ejes como ser el trabajo de la tierra, el reciclado, alimentación saludable y la formación integral de los agentes territoriales.
Publicaciones de COVID-19

Maria Clara L. Bingemer, " Todas as vidas valem ," Jornal do Brasil  (Brazil), (April 24, 2020).
Maria Clara L. Bingemer, " Páscoa: um caminho em meio à pandemia ,"  Jornal do Brasil  (Brazil), (April 09, 2020).
Maria Clara L. Bingemer, " Relacionalidade: as lições da pandemia ,"  Jornal do Brasil  (Brazil), (March 26, 2020).

Emilce Cuda, " Estamos sitiados entre dos frentes: el viral y el liberal ," Religión Digital (Argentina), (April 05, 2020).
Emilce Cuda, " El Papa y el Presidente em sintonía: la unidad o la nada ," Página 12 (Argentina), (March 29, 2020).

Élio Gasda, " Coveiros da democracia ," Dom Total (Brazil), (April 23, 2020).
Élio Gasda, " Guerra contra coronavírus revela inimigo ignorado ," Dom Total (Brazil), (April 2, 2020).
Élio Gasda, " Não se esqueçam dos pobres (Gl 2, 10) ," Dom Total (Brazil), (March 26, 2020).
Élio Gasda, " A peste: papa e Bolsonaro frente ao coronavírus ," Dom Total (Brazil), (March, 19, 2020).

Cesar Kuzma, " O Covid-19 e a vulnerabilidade social ," Instituto Humanitas Unisinos (Brazil), (March 20, 2020).

Alexandre A. Martins, " Em Busca de Humildade: Que os Nosso Olhos se Abram! " Dom Total (Brazil), (April 11, 2020).
Alexandre A. Martins, " Ética no Desenvolvimento Rápido de uma Vacina contra a Covid-19 , " Dom Total (Brazil), (April 07, 2020).
Alexandre A. Martins, " Ressuscitação Cardiopulmonar e Covid-19 , " Instituto Humanitas Unisinos (Brazil), (April 04, 2020).
Alexandre A. Martins, " Quatro Questões Bioéticas Diante da Pandemia do Coronavírus (Covid-19) , " Dom Total (Brazil), (March 31, 2020).
Alexandre A. Martins, " Três Obrigações Éticas na Resposta à Covid-19 e à Escassez de Recursos , " Instituto Humanitas Unisinos (Brazil), (March 28, 2020).
Alexandre A. Martins, " Coronavirus Challenges the US Market-Based Health Care ," Polis and Hope (Brazil), (March 23, 2020).
North American Regional Report
Humanity In Crisis Event

All are welcome to join the online discussion of  David Hollenbach's   Humanity in Crisis: Ethical and Religious Response to Refugees.  It will feature Anne Richard (former US Asst. Sec. of State for Population, Refugees and Migration), Clemens Sedmak (theologian at U. of Notre Dame), and Alex Aleinikoff (former Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva and former Dean of Georgetown Law) in conversation with  Hollenbach . The full details of the event can be found on the  event page . If you want to participate in the event, please  RSVP .  

Theo-Ethical Reflections from North Americans on COVID-19  

CTEWC network members David Hollenbach and Lisa Sowle Cahill participated in the Berkley Center at Georgetown University’s video conversation on how COVID-19 highlights new challenges for the common good.  You can view the conversation here.

Jana Bennet and Mary Jo Iozzio participated in the Berkley Center’s online forum, Religion and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Vulnerable Populations . In " Disabilities in Hiding: How the Pandemic Might Shape Justice for All of Us ," Jana discusses questions raised by Americans’ “habit of assuming that most people able-bodied” and worries that the pandemic may function to hid disability even more, and thus compound injustices. In " Concerns for People with Disabilities During COVID-19 ," Mary Jo challenges the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the U.S. to develop plans for action that take into consideration the differentiated needs of disabled people.

At the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, David DeCosse offers " Five Ethical Basics about Hard Healthcare Choices in a Time of Pandemic." David focuses on helping people understand practices of triage, and the criteria by which hospitals make the decisions they make during the pandemic.

At Responsible Statecraft, Eli McCarthy writes that " We Need a Public Health approach to National Security Strategy."  Eli observes that the pandemic highlights “our cross-border interconnectedness but also our deep interdependence. We are deeply interdependent on our health care workers, adequate medical supplies, how others choose to prevent the transmission or not, and how other states and countries respond.” 
David Cloutier’s " The Future of Today when Tomorrow is Uncertain" appears in Notre Dame University’s Church Life Journal . David applies the work of Oliver O’Donovan's work on the theological virtue of hope shaping action to the disorientation and sense of flailing many of us are experiencing during the pandemic and lockdown.

Catholic Moral Theology continues to provide reflections on the COVID-19 pandemic, including Matthew Gaudet's " COVID 19, Shelter-in-Place, and Just War Reasoning " and Julie Rubio's " Belonging, Sacrifice, and COVID19."

Journalist Joshua McElwee, who has participated in multiple CTEWC events, writes at National Catholic Reporter about how “ Grace Comes through Three Bishops Ministering during Pandemic. ” Among those featured is Chicago’s Archbishop Cardinal Blase Cupich, who joined CTEWC in Sarajevo. McElwee details Cupich’s efforts to develop a fund for those effected by COVID-19, to minister to the sick, and to work with Chicago city officials to slow the virus’ spread.

The National Catholic Reporter coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here and includes reflections and interviews with many North American systematic theologians and theological ethicists.
Call for Papers
Journal for Religious Ethics

In 2023, the Journal of Religious Ethics will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. This is an opportunity to review the work of the journal, to consider the shape of the field of religious ethics, and to identify challenges and opportunities for scholars interested in religion and ethics from a variety of perspectives. Building on the model used for the twenty-fifth-anniversary supplementary issue, the editors of the JRE (together with a subcommittee selected from the editorial board) have decided to devote a substantial portion of each of the four issues appearing in the anniversary year to consider the following question: Why study religious ethics? Abstracts are due September 1, 2020. View the full call for papers and details on themed issues here.
Job Posting
Within the framework of the Odysseus program the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at KU Leuven (Belgium) is actively looking for junior and senior candidates with an excellent research profile and track record for a research-oriented appointment in one of the following three research fields:
- Theological Ethics with a special focus on sexual/relational ethics and/or environmental ethics
- Islamic Theology
- Eastern Religions (esp. Hinduism and Buddhism).
More information about this call, KU Leuven research and living in Leuven is available here . The deadline for the pre-application is June, 1, 2020.