The First
The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
May 2021
Featured Forum Articles
African Forum: "Christian Morality Challenged by Cohabitation in Africa"
- Solange Ngah

European Forum: "Assisted Suicide as a Legal and Ethical Challenge: Current Debates in Germany and Austria"
- Martin Lintner

North American Forum: "Demographic Decline and the Constituent Good"
- Jason King
Asian and Oceanic Forum: "A Culture of Hazing" - Eric Marcelo Genilo

Latin American and Caribbean Forum: "Pobreza y Mujer: los rostros de la desigualdad expuestos por el COVID-19"
- Verónica Naranjo Quintero

Junior Scholars Forum: "Introductory Notes on Simone Weil and Paulo Freire's Contributions to Global Health"
- Alexandre Martins
Call for New Virtual Tables
We are happy to report that we have shared with you an update of 6 of our Virtual Tables in CTEWC. There are 3 Regional Virtual Tables: Africa (chaired by Toussaint Kafarhire), Asia (chaired by Shaji George Kochuthara), and Latin America (chaired by Alexandre Martins). There are four thematic ones: “Sexual Abuse in the Church” (chaired by Daniel Fleming and Jim Keenan); “Reproductive Justice and the Common Good (chaired by Emily Reimer-Barry and Simeiqi He); and, “Nonviolence and Peace” (chaired by Jasmin Nario Galace and Eli McCarthy). The fourth one "Migración y fronteras en América: American Borders and Migration" has been interrupted because of the pandemic, but its chairs Jutta Battenberg and Ramon Luzárraga are planning to resume their meetings and we will report on them next month.

But here’s a question for you, dear reader of the First: DO YOU WANT TO START UP A VIRTUAL TABLE? We would love one on Climate Change, Race or Caste, Family, Gender Justice, Public Health, or an emerging topic like AI. For more info, check our website.

It’s fairly simple to start. Get a topic, find a partner from some other part of the world to chair with you, invite some people on to it (Let us know and we will advertise your call for members!), agree to meet virtually and regularly (monthly for 60-90 minutes), and send your plans to me, If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

- James Keenan
African Regional Report
Hekima University College Bids Farewell to Laurenti Magesa as He Retires

Emmanuel Bueya offers a reflection on Laurenti Magesa's scholarship and collegiality on the occasion of his retirement from teaching. Though retiring from the classroom, Bueya remarks that "Magesa, the scholar, can never stop searching, learning, discovering, and talking about the newness of this life with God."
Recent Article

Toussaint Kafarhire Murhula, “The Vatican’s Foreign Policy: Avoiding Confrontation, Accommodating Interests” for Contending Modernities.
European Regional Report

Gusztáv Kovács, Thought Experiments in Ethics (Episcopal Theological College of Pécs, 2021).
In this book, Kovács looks at the role of thought experiments and intuition in ethical reasoning through examples from fiction, biblical parables, and academic philosophy. The volume provides professors of ethics with a practical toolkit to discuss abstract moral questions through stories and imaginary scenarios in lecture halls, and to reach out not only to the minds, but also to the hearts of their students.

Alain Thomasset et Oranne de Mautort, Familles, belles et fragiles! Mettre en œuvre l’exhortation Amoris Laetitia dans l’Église, avec une préface de Mgr Feillet, (Éditions jésuites, 2020) 204 p.
The aim of this book is to explain the theological reasons of this new pastoral stance of Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia and to review the concrete experiences in this area, in order to facilitate their appropriation by those who are involved, from near or far, in family ministry. The book covers marriage preparation, encouragement and support for couples and families, and the accompaniment and discernment of complex family situations with a view to their greater integration within the Church.

Jack Mahoney, The Holy Spirit and Moral Action in Thomas Aquinas (Fortress-Lexington 2021).
Mahoney offers a detailed study of how God's Holy Spirit is continuously at work in and through humanity's moral activity. It documents, notably from Aquinas's commentaries on scripture, how 'the grace of the Holy Spirit' prompts and influences people's minds, as well as their decisions to act, occasionally in unexpected ways. Through the internal gift of connatural wisdom, the Spirit empowers humans to appreciate God's wise and loving design for the whole of creation, and enables them to cooperate freely in fulfilling their unique part in it.

Kurt Remele, »Es geht uns allen besser, wenn es allen besser geht« Die ethische Wiederentdeckung des Gemeinwohls (Grünewald 2021).
Gemeinwohl bedeutet: Das Wohlergehen des Individuums und die Beschaffenheit von
Gemeinschaften sind aufeinander bezogen. Soll mein eigenes Leben gelingen, bin ich
auf andere Menschen, auf nichtmenschliche Lebewesen, auf intakte Ökosysteme
angewiesen. »Es geht uns allen besser, wenn es allen besser geht«, so der US-Politiker
Paul Wellstone. Kurt Remele greift diese Kurzformel auf, sie ist leitend für dieses Buch. Ausgehend vom Niedergang Liverpools in der Ära Thatcher und dem Einsatz zweier Bischöfe für das Gemeinwohl der Stadt, führt er eine vielfältige, spannende und zugleich ethisch fundierte Auseinandersetzung über die Grundlagen des Gemeinwohls.

Vincenzo Paglia and Renzo Pegoraro, Editors. Proceedings of the XXVI General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Life, "The 'Good' Algorithm? Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Law, Health."
The volume reports the talks given and posters presented at the February 2020 conference, covering major issues in Artificial Intelligence and Christian ethics, medicine/health, and law. The conference volume includes a DVD of the signing of "Rome Call for AI Ethics," a document of intention for an ethical approach to Artificial Intelligence.

Italy. 21.05.2021, Rome: Invisible Labour Migrants: “LAVORATORI MIGRANTI INVISIBILI E DIRITTI UMANI VISIBILI” – per il progetto CRISIS 2020/2 chiamato Solidarietà Sociale in Europa: Lavoratori migranti dell’Europa orientale per i lavoratori migranti dell’Europa occidentale. Further information.
Germany. 14.-16.07.2021, Münster: Christian social ethics. Symposium on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Institute for Christian Social Sciences. Christliche Sozialethik – zugleich eine sozial-wissenschaftliche und theologische Disziplin. Further information.

U.K. 02.-04.06.2021, Oxford: "Women, Solidarity, and Ecology" multidisciplinary conference, focusing on the disproportionate impact of environmental degradation on women. At the Laudato Si' Research Institute. Further information.
Latin American-Caribbean Regional Report
Seminario Internacional "Fratelli Tutti: Caminos de Fraternidad"

La Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) lanza un seminario internacional destinado a profundizar los alcances de la carta Encíclica del Papa Francisco Fratelli Tutti. Con la presencia de miembros de la red de eticistas de la CTEWC: Maria Clara Bingemer (PUC Brasil), Pablo A. Blanco (UCA Argentina), Cecilia Di Lascio (CLAdeES), Tony Misfud (UAU Chile) y Augusto Zampini Davies (Dicasterio para el Desarrollo Humano Integral).

Los lunes 10 de Mayo, 14 de junio, 13 septiembre y 18 de octubre de 18.30 a 20.30 (hora local de Argentina) 
Se podrá seguir la transmisión de los encuentros gratuitamente desde la página ICUVIVO. Previa inscripción por medio del siguiente formulario. Se expiden certificados de asistencia. Para mayor información pueden visitar la página web del Instituto de Cultura Universitaria o enviar un mail a

North American Regional Report
Recent Articles

Bryan Massingale, “The Chauvin verdict: Relief, vindication but not celebration," NCR, April 22, 2021.
Tobias Winright, “A former cop reckons with unending police killings of Black Americans,” NCR, April 23, 2021.
Recent CTEWC Collaboration

As part of his doctoral seminar in ecological ethics at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Dr. Dan Scheid reached out to Catholic ethicists in the Amazon region through the CTEWC network to discuss Querida Amazonia and issues involving ecological ethics, economics, and politics in South America. Students prepared questions ahead of time based on the document and on issues raised in the seminar throughout the semester, since this was the culminating event of the class. On April 14, Fr. Felipe Sardinha Bueno, Assistant Professor of Ethical and Practical Theology at Catholic University of Santos and ITESP (São Paulo), presented a wonderful 45 minute presentation that introduced students to some geographical and historical features of the Amazon rainforest and his city of Santos. He then answered each of the ten students' questions, using passages from Querida Amazonia to illustrate his points. With Fr. Felipe from Brazil and students coming from the USA, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, and India, it was truly an international dialogue on contemporary Catholic ecological ethics.

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Jointly by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at SCU and the California Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the Catholic bishops of California, (there are approximately 11 million Catholics in California out of a population of 40 million) has collected materials regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine. Click here for the materials. The materials include a webinar (in English and simultaneous Spanish translation) called "Love Your Neighbor and Get Vaccinated: Science, Ethics, and Covid-19 Vaccines" and a flyer (in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese) with key Catholic arguments on vaccination. 
Upcoming Events

The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies hosts a Summer Institute every year for colleges interested in developing or starting peace studies programs, either as stand alone programs or as something integrated into other curriculum or programs. Many theology-oriented programs have participated in the past, like Marquette, St. Thomas More in Saskatchewan, Seattle University, and some others. It is usually in-person and can be kind of expensive, but it is fully virtual and free this year! Click here for more info.

New Wine New Wineskins, an association for early-career Catholic moral theologians, is launching a new initiative, "Conversations in Moral Theology." It is a series of online dialogues with authors of books relevant to the Church and society. The inaugural conversation features CTEWC's members Julie Hanlon Rubio and Jason King and engages with their edited volume Sex, Love, and Families: Catholic Perspectives. The event is on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 7:30 pm ET and is free and open to the public. You can register here.
Memorial/Death Announcement

Rev. Dr. Melissa Browning died on April 8 after a courageous battle with cancer. Her ecumenical, feminist, postcolonial, participatory scholarship was a model of collaboration and empathetic listening. You can read her full obituary here. Submitted by Emily Reimer-Barry, who offered a memorial reflection on the Catholic Moral Theology Blog, April 22, 2021.
Job Posting
The Boston College Theology Department and the International Studies Program announce a full-time joint tenure-track faculty opening at the rank of assistant professor. Doctoral training in religious/theological ethics is required; expertise in environmental justice in an international or global context is preferred. Areas of specialty may also include international relations theory, racial justice, decolonization, economic justice, or peacebuilding in global contexts. Job information and application are available here.