The First
The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
November 2020
Featured Forum Articles
African Forum: "Nigeria: A Nation that Kills Her Children" - Stan Chu Ilo

European Forum: "Enduring Change" - Tina Beattie

North American Forum: "An Americanist Confesses and Examines Her Conscience" - Kate Ward
Asia and Oceania Forum: "Stan Swarmy's Arrest: Will Indian Catholic Church Find its Prophetic Voice?" - Stanislaus Alla

Latin America and Caribbean Forum: "Política y Amor al Prójimo: las Elecciones y Fratelli Tutti" - MT Dávila

Junior Scholars Forum: "A Virus More Dangerous than Corona" - Geevarghese Kaithavana

Virtual Tables Report
Reproductive Justice and the Common Good Virtual Table

Our virtual table has 13 participants (from five countries). We come together monthly for shared reflection on themes related to reproductive health and social justice. Our July and August meetings focused on child care in a pandemic. We reviewed the emerging data on escalating cases of domestic violence during lockdown, on the gendered dimensions of child care, and other ethical issues related to child care/family ethics in a pandemic. Our September meeting focused on public scholarship and op-ed writing. Two example pieces published after include Simeiqi He’s “How do you balance parenting and work?” in US Catholic and Emily Reimer-Barry’s RNS op-ed “Winning the hearts and minds of Catholics in a church divided.” Our October meeting focused on contraception in context. In November, we will “workshop” a paper from a member of the group and begin planning for the spring.

For the next First, we will feature another virtual table.
Global Conversations
Call for Student Conversation Partners

Students at Boston College are launching a new ongoing project called Global Conversationswhich connects small groups of students (8-12 total) across contexts for informal one-hour conversations about a range of topics that matter to them. The initial conversation themes for the project include the COVID-19 Pandemic, Racial Justice & Decolonization, Migrants & Refugees, Protests & Social Change, Environmental Justice, and Globalization. Conversations will each have a specific topic and will be facilitated by student leaders from each university, but can range freely as participants see fit. Most conversations will be held in English, but some will also be conducted in other languages. If you would like to learn more about the project or have your students participate, please fill out this general interest form or contact Mariana Ferreira. Please feel free to share this initiative with your fellow colleagues and students.
African Regional Report
Congratulations to Dr. Sr. Marie-Rose Ndimbo!


On the 21st of October 2020, the Centre for Research, Training and Publication (CRTP) of Hekima University College organized a webinar to discuss the gains made by women in promoting issues of peace and security globally and also at continental, regional and national levels since the adoption of the UNSCR 1325. A report is available here.

African Voices and Conversations on Fratelli Tutti

Sr. Mumbi Kigutha, podcast reflection.

Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, Fratelli Tutti is Ubuntu by any Other Name,” National Catholic Reporter, October 6, 2020.

Elias O. Opongo (Ed.), Ethics of War and Peacebuilding: The Unfinished Business. Nairobi: Hekima University College, 2020.This collection of writings analyzes various conflict situations using the centuries old framework of the just war tradition. It reexamines the relevance of the Just War framework and its ability to determine the justness of contemporary wars, the ethics of the warring technologies, and the root causes of conflicts in the 21st Century.
Asian-Oceanian Regional Report

The 30th annual conference and meeting of the Association of Moral Theologians of India
(AMTI) was conducted on 15, 22 and 29 October 2020, on the theme, “COVID-19:
ETHICAL CHALLENGES.” More than 145 people participated in the conference. The
Conference was inaugurated by Bishop Stephen Chirappanath. A report is available here.

Call for Papers

Asian Horizons, Vol. 15, No. 2 (June 2021) invites articles on "Climate Change: Theological Responses." Deadline: April 1, 2021.


David Kirchhoffer and Chi‐Wai Lui, "Public reasoning about voluntary assisted dying: What we found when we analysed submissions to the Queensland Parliamentary Inquiry," ABC Religion & Ethics, October 26, 2020. Original longer article under the same title appears in Bioethics August 19, 2020 (
European Regional Report

„Vom Vorrang der Liebe. Zeitenwende für die katholische Sexualmoral“ by Christof Breitsameter/ Stephan Goertz, Freiburg/Basel/Wien 2020.

The sexual abuse scandal in the Church has rekindled the discussion on Catholic sexual morality, whose official formulation is still stuck in the world of premodern ideas. From the authors’ point of view, it is, therefore, finally time to recognize the primacy of love, equality and freedom which has led them to develop an ethics based on the premises of dignity and love. For further information click here.

Sexueller Missbrauch von Kindern und Jugendlichen im Raum von Kirche. Analysen – Bilanzierungen – Perspektiven, by Konrad Hilpert/Stephan Leimgruber/Jochen

Sautermeister/Gunda Werner (Ed.), Freiburg/Basel/Wien 2020 (Quaestiones disputatae 309).
Ten years ago in Germany the numerous cases of sexual abuse in church premises became public. This volume brings together contributions which analyse the complex phenomenon and the underlying causes and problems, reflect on reactions and attempts at coming to terms with it, and discuss open challenges for prevention and coming to terms with it in various fields of church action. For further information click here.


Upcoming courses at Catherine of Siena College

09 November - 18 December 2020
Asian Theology
Course Creator: Anupama Ranawana
This six-week course provides the student with an introduction to Asian theology, with a specific focus on the conversations occurring within Catholic spaces.

09 November - 18 December 2020
Migration Matters
Course Creators: Dr Susanna Snyder & Dr Anna Cantelmi
In this introductory course, we will explore migrant stories (particularly those of women), key types and causes of migration and policy approaches, and analyse pertinent biblical narratives and theological themes.

These are taught exclusively online, allowing you to work through course material at your own pace and at times convenient for you. Discussion boards and scheduled live discussion times provide important opportunities for conversation with other students and course tutors. Course are available for purchase here. We have generous bursaries available for students on a low income. To request a bursary form and for more info, email
Latin American-Caribbean Regional Report

El Departamento de Ciencias Religiosas de la Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México invita a participar en el diálogo global “Fraternidad y amistad social” acerca de la encíclica Fratelli Tutti, del papa Francisco con la participación ponentes de cinco países y tres continentes, el viernes 13 de noviembre a las 9.00 h. (hora de Ciudad de México; las 16.00 h., hora de Madrid). Acceso libre a Zoom:
Se desarrolló el 43º Congreso Brasilero de Teología Moral bajo el título "La moral del Papa Francisco: un proyecto a partir de los descartados/A moral do Papa Francisco: um projeto moral a partir dos descartados". El congreso contó con sesiones virtuales en vivo de los expositores, entre los cuales estuvieron: Maria Inés Castro Millen, Alexandre Martins, Ronaldo Zacharias, Pablo A. Blanco y Jose A. Trasferetti de la CTEWC Latinoamérica.


Claudia Leal Luna (CTEWC Latinoamérica) comparte la publicación de su artículo en la revista de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, que se titula: "Desde la esperanza: amor y justicia".
Alexandre Martins (CTEWC Latinoamérica) publicó el libro virtual de carácter popular “Covid-19, Política y fe: bioética en diálogo con la realidad enloquecida.” Para descargar el libro  
North American Regional Report
Employment Opportunities

Villanova University announces two searches: 1) Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies. Successful candidates should have expertise in the field of Latinx theology and competency in systematic theology or constructive theology. 2) The Catherine of Sienna Teaching Fellowship, which is a one year contract, renewable up to a total of 4 years. Find details of both positions here.
On October 28, Gonzaga University hosted the annual Flannery Lecture in Catholic Theology with a panel, “Perspectives on Public Health and Theology: COVID-19. The panel included two CTEWC members, Shawnee Daniels-Sykes and Teresia Hinga. 

Call for Submissions and Proposals

The College Theology Society’s annual call for papers has posted. Proposals are due on December 15, 2020.
The Journal of Moral Theology is calling for submissions for three upcoming editions of the JMT: Guns in US American Life, Teaching Catholic Social Thought and Doing Moral Theology Intersectionally. The intersectionality issue will be co-edited by three CTEWC members, Meg Clark, Emily Reimer-Barry, and Anna Perkins.

Commentary on Fratelli Tutti

Meghan Clark, “Fratelli Tutti Shares Practical Wisdom but Lacks Insights of Women,” National Catholic Reporter, October 5, 2020.
David Cloutier, Three Quick Takeaways from Fratelli Tutti,Catholic Moral Theology, October 5, 2020.
Vincent Miller, Kate Ward, Drew Christiansen, Kevin Ahern, and C. Vanessa White, “Five Theologians on the Biggest Take Aways from ‘Fratelli Tutti,” America, October 8, 2020.
The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown forum, “Fratelli Tutti and the Future of the Catholic Churchincludes commentaries by Lisa Sowle Cahill, Drew Christiansen, Craig Ford, Kristin Heyer, David Hollenbach, Laurie Johnston, Julie Hanlon Rubio and Andrea Vicini.

2020 U.S. Elections

Watch "Voting, Catholicism, and the 2020 Election: A Conversation with San Diego Catholic Bishop Robert McElroy" held at Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara on University October 21, 2020
David DeCosse “Catholics, voting, and abortion: Time to correct the record,” National Catholic Reporter, September 14, 2020; Spanish Translation by Teresa Lefranc also available Catolicos, el voto y el aborto: Hora de corregir el record”
The “Conscience at the Polls” series continues this month at the Catholic Moral Theology blog:
Emily Reimer-Barry, Fratelli Tutti and the Discerning Voter
Emily Reimer-Barry, Abortion and the Election”


Tobias Winright, “Don’t Abolish the Police. Reimagine Law Enforcement,” America, October 15, 2020

Tobias Winright and Nathaniel Hibner, “The Costs of Jus ante Bellum and Jus post Bellum” in The Business of War: Theological and Ethical Reflections on the Military-Industrial Complex, Matthew A. Tapie, James W. McCarty III, and Justin Bronson Barringer, eds.. Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2020.


Meg Clark participated via Zoom as a panelist for “Women, Peace and Security: Commemorating UNSCR 1325 the 20th Anniversary,” at the Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations in Nairobi. CTEWC member Elias Opongo was an organizer of the event and also participated as a panelist.