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October 2019

Dear CTEWC Friends,
We are pleased to announce the release of Building Bridges in Sarajevo: The Plenary Papers from CTEWC 2018 . Network members receive a 40% discount: enter "CTEWC" in the shopping cart area of, beginning October 10. Thank you to its more than 40 international contributors who revised papers from last July's gathering; the volume also includes the welcome message from Pope Francis and homily text from Cardinal Cupich.

Next week, a small group drawn from each of our regions will convene in Munich to help shape CTEWC's agenda as the network moves into its next generation. We look forward to updating you on its developments in the months to come.

In this month's Forum, Eric Genilo outlines new threats to juvenile welfare posed by a pending Philippine bill drastically lowering the age of criminal liability. From Brazil, Maria Inês de Castro Millen reflects on ethical roots of authority and power, and in the Junior Scholars' forum, Alexandre Martins addresses methodology in global public health. In the African Forum, Teresia Hinga's narratives of accompaniment help us navigate the gifts and challenges of neurodiversity, while in the European Forum, Anna Abram invites a renewal of ecclesial ethics in light of secular professional ethics and the Catholic moral tradition alike. Finally, North American Forum guest contributor Gerald Beyer poignantly conveys the impact of the context and experience of Sarajevo on his vocation.
Finally, we regret to report the sudden death of Gerard Mannion, CTEWC member and President of the International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology (INSeCT) , whose work and presence Joshua McElwee profiles in a recent tribute . We join our prayers with those mourning this loss.
Kristin Heyer
Shaji George Kochuthara, CMI
Andrea Vicini, SJ
Featured Forum Articles
Asian Regional Report
The annual meeting of the Association of Moral Theologians of India (AMTI) will take place  18-20 October 2019. The topic is Crisis in the Church: Ethical Perspectives. See more about the conference and view a list of presenters here.
European Regional Report

1.  European Society for Catholic Society
From 28th to 31st of August the European Society for Catholic Society  (ESCT) held its biannual conference  in Bratislava, Slovakia. This year the members have gathered to  discuss the topic of hope or, more specifically, to reflect on the  question "Where does our hope lie?" In pursuit of answers the main  lectures, congress sections and workshops explored the central theme  of hope in relation to philosophy, bible, politics, pedagogy, ethics,  etc. Attendants profited from the wide variety of perspectives offered 
by both senior and emerging scholars from all over Europe. At the 
end of the conference, Milos Lichner (Slovakia) became the new 
president of the society for the period of two years and Margit 
Eckholt (Germany) was elected as the vice-president with the task of  organizing the next conference in Osnabrück in 2021. The ESCT has also  presented the young curatorium, an advisory board consisting of five  members, whose purpose is to help the society reach out to the new  generation of theologians by better understanding and addressing their  concerns. Further information on the ESCT here.

2. International Association for Moral Theology and Social Ethics
From September 8 to 11, 2019, the Biennial Congress of the German  speaking International Association for Moral Theology and Social  Ethics took place at the Philosophical-Theological College of Brixen,  Italy. It was dedicated to the topic "Christian animal ethics". 85  theologians and ethicists from the entire German-speaking area took  part. It was the first time in the German-speaking area that a  theological congress dedicated itself exclusively to the topic of  animal ethics. The congress was organized by the former chairman  Martin M. Lintner.  The general meeting of the association on September 10, 2019, elected  Marc Feix, Strasbourg, as its new chairman. The next congress of the 
association will take place in 2021 from September 5 to 8 in 
Strasbourg on the topic "The universality of human rights". It will be  organized in cooperation with ATEM (Association des Théologiens pour  l'Étude de la Morale), the French speaking ecumenical association of  moral theologians and social ethicists. The last time that both  associations have held a conference together was in 1975.


Throughout the history of Catholic moral teaching, Church authority  has always played a special function with regard to ethical questions.  Under the auspices of moral autonomy, however, this claim of authority  was massively questioned after the Second Vatican Council. Against  this background, the volume tackles the topic of authority within the  area of morality from two perspectives: In the first part, historical  developments and typologies of Church authority are unfolded. The  second part deals with the question of which instances can  legitimately claim moral authority. The book contains contributions  from Christian Hornung, Stephan Ernst, Peter Walter, Klaus  Unterburger, Stephan Knops/Florian Bock, Karl Gabriel, Jochen  Sautermeister, Katharina Klöcker, Ludwig Siep, Karl-Wilhelm Merks and  Alexander Filipović.
For further information click here.

Standards are highly relevant within marriages and partnerships. As  individual conceptions, they want to be realized within relationships  and, therefore, shape the everyday life of many couples. However,  these attempts at realisation can take a destructive form and become  so urgent that if they are not fulfilled, separation or divorce seem  inevitable. Starting from this observation, the study aims to develop  an outline for fulfilling relationships. The outline takes into  account cognitive-psychological insights and rethinks their  implications from a theological-ethical perspective. Hence, the study  engages with the following key questions: (1) What are inflated  standards?, (2) Where do inflated standards come from? and (3) How can  marriage and partnership turn out well in the face of inflated  standards?
New courses from Catherine of Siena College
Catherine of Siena College has a number of exciting short courses starting in fall of 2019 and spring of 2020- course offerings available here.

Taught entirely online by an international team of specialists in 
their respective fields, our courses on gender, theology and social 
justice are intended for all who want to enlarge their understanding 
of these vital issues whether for reasons of personal interest or 
professional and vocational development. You will study alongside a  diverse group of students from all over the world, and weekly 
discussion forums and live chat sessions enable you to feel part of a  dynamic and lively learning community. Students who successfully  complete the course receive a Certificate of Continuing Professional  Development from the University of Roehampton. We have a generous  bursary scheme for those who need financial assistance.
Latin American Regional Report
El Prof. Pablo A. Blanco (miembro del comité de planificación para América Latina de la CTEWC) participó como panelista en el 14º Congreso Nacional de Ciencia Política, que  se realizó en la sede de la Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM).
Integró el panel especial sobre "La geopolítica del Papa Francisco", y su disertación fue sobre lo que el Prof. Blanco ha dado en llamar la "Teología del fin del mundo". 

La presentación abordó ciertos aspectos e interrogantes, a saber: ¿Cómo puede encuadrarse el actual papado respecto a la línea planteada por sus predecesores? (continuidades y discontinuidades); ¿Cuál es el enfoque teológico, pastoral y político del Papa Francisco (visión sobre el rol de Dios y la Iglesia en el mundo actual)?; ¿Qué nuevo estilo de compromiso situado propone a los fieles laicos frente a los desafíos de la cultura postmoderna (posturas, opciones y acciones)?  Enlace.
North American Regional Report

On September 16, 2019, at Boston College, the conference "Ethical Challenges in Global Public Health: Climate Change, Pollution, and the Health of the Poor" gathered a distinguished group of scholars-from Boston College, across the United States, and internationally-in ethics, law, public policy, economics, and global public health to examine ethical challenges facing global public health in the 21st  century. At the conference, CTEWC scholars were a strong presence (see the picture, from left to right): Daniel Daly; James Keenan, SJ; Stan Alla, SJ; Alexandre Martins, MI; Jacquineau Azetsop, SJ; Antonio Autiero; Andrea Vicini, SJ; John Paris, SJ; Lisa Sowle Cahill; and Cathy Kaveny. The conference was co-organized by Andrea Vicini, SJ.

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